Movie You Must see-Lars And the Real Girl


On Friday night, needing a break, I journeyed to Madison, Wisconsin, forty-one miles from my home of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. I wanted to see a movie at the Sundance Movie Theatre, the first of a would be chain of theatres to be built by Mr. Robert Redford. The movie I choose to see was Lars and the Real Girl and I am glad I saw is why...

Lars is a an introvert, who just does not have the social skills that most of us are born with. Played by Ryan Gosling, this gentle soul just does not get it when a young women from his office makes a play for him.

Lars' brother and sister-in law, played by Paul Schroeder and Emily Mortimer, are worried about him. But Lars just avoids them for meals, typical human interaction, until....

Lars comes up to the house of his brother and tells his sister in law that he met a nice girl on the internet, she is Danish and Brazilian, her name is Bianca. The problem is, she is in a wheelchair, and since they live in a small town and are single, would it be okay if Bianca stays with the brother and sister in law? The couple is overjoyed, thinking that Lars has found someone he cares about.

The truth is, he has found someone he cares about, except that she is a blow up, anatomically correct doll. The next 90 minutes are spent, in this wickedly written, funny and sad chronicle of how a family and a town comes together to support Lars, Bianca and his delusion.

The movie is funny, not voyeristic. The relationship between Lars and the town doctor is fascinating. Curing a cold is one thing, helping a person feel, allowing a person to find himself is completely another kettle of fish.

I will not reveal any more of the movie except to say that it is one of my favorite movies of the year. I give it four stars ( out of five).

This is a great movie for teenagers. No one is killed, mutilated or stabbed.

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