Reebok Boston Indoor Games: Update 3

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The race to Beijing..begins in Boston...that is what it said on the posters and that is the way many are racing. The signage on the track promotes the two major sponsors, Reebok and Nutrilite. The facility was set up to show off the brand, but most of all to promote the sport.

The boy's high school mile was a crowd pleaser!

Best point about RBIG: the meet is orchestrated perfectly. Wetmore and Kenah both take their teams and get the job done-the site is dressed up and the event runs like a charm. And the fans, both inside and on TV, or on the web, will be entertained.

Men's 60 Meter Dash

Blanton wins battle of false starts

Dabryan Blanton of the US ran 6.65 to take the win. But what all of the sprinters had to vercome was the two false starts, which were not called until most the field was past the halfway point!

Demi Omole took second in 6.67 and Leonard Scott was third in 6.681 to Leroy Dixon's 6.684. Jason Smoots was in fifth in 6.72.

The fans pretty well yawn through the sprint races here.

Women's 60 Meter Dash

Miki Barber on road to Valencia

Miki Barber, the winner from the Moscow indoor, looked fab here as she ran 7.27 for the win. Brianna Glenn ran 7.34 for second in the 60 and Oludamola Osayomi of Nigeria ran 7.36 for third.

Reebok Boys Mile Run

Luke Puskedra and Colby Lowe make the race!

What a race! Colby Lowe and Luke Puskedra traded leads in this race, hitting 61 for the 400 meters, 2:04 for the 800 meters, and then Lowe took over again, hitting the 1200 meters in 3:07.8 and the race was on. Colby Lowe of Southlake, Texas, about six inches shorter than Puskedra, of Ogden, Utah, took the lead. LUke Puskedra took the lead from Lowe with one lap to go, and then Colby Lowe took the lead back with less than 150 meters to go.

Coming off the final turn, Colby Lowe was pushing very hard, and Luke Puskedra took over with less than fifty meters to go. Lowe did not let go without a fight!

Luke Puskedra of Ogden, Utah took the win in a fast 4:08.77 with Colby Lowe in 4:08.99. Kyle Merber of Dix Hills, New York was third in 4:12.42 and Charles White of Colorado fourth in 4:13.33! Cory Leslie of Sandusky, Ohio was fifth in 4:13.76! Tenth place was 4:15.03 for one of the deepest races ever at the RBIG.

Men's One Mile Run

Myers looses to Solares in a snoorer

In a mile slower than nearly any mile race ever in Boston history, the race came down to one hundredth of a second!

The 400 was hit in 60 and the 800 in two flat. And the pace just did not pick up! Pablo Solares, Rob Myers and James Nolan were up near the front most of the way. Chris Lukesic drifted from the middle to the back of the pack. First through tenth was differentiated by 2.4 seconds!

Rob Myers, former winner here and former indoor champion over 1,500 meters, took over the lead after 800 meters and pushed the pace. He broke everybody but one. Leading at 1,500 meters, in 3:44.60, Pablo Solares went by Myers just prior to the finish, taking the win in 4:00.34 to 4:00.35. James Nolan of Ireland was third in 4:01.06.

Myers afterwards, was looking to the Trials and Beijing, " I am working on my finishing speed, that is what it is all about. We ran two flat for the second half, not that fast, but I think I am working the right way and this is what I will focus on this season."

Womens Long Jump

Lela Nelson Wins in 6.50 over Kluft

Lela Nelson of hte US hit her winner in the fifth round, with a fine 21-04 or 6.50 meters. Elva Goulbourne of Jamaica was second in 6.40 meters or 21 feet even and Carolina Kluft came down to earth tonight, as she placed third in 6.34 meters or 20 feet, 9.75 inches.

" I am disappointed," noted Kluft. " It is early in the season and since I have not jumped much, this happens."

Women's 200 meter Dash

Kidd takes 200 meters

One lap around the track, simple and sweet. Ashlee Kidd ran 23.55 for the win, taking Shalonda Salomon, who ran 23.98. Moushaumi Robinson was third in 24.17.

Men's 60 meter hurdles

Antwon Hicks takes the race!

Antwon Hicks, running a fast and smart race, took the lead and kept it to win the hurdles in 7.59. In second was Joel Brown in 7.61 and in third was Aries Merritt in 7.65.

Women's 2 Mile Run

World Record for Defar! Kim Smith Astounds!

Meseret Defar, the 2007 IAAF Athlete of the year, destroyed the world record for two miles tonight, set in 2002 by disgraced Regina Jacobs, by over thirteen seconds with a fine 9:10.50!

Running on her shoulder the entire race, New Zealander Kim Smith, coached by Ray Treacy, ran the most brilliant race of her career, running a Kiwi National record of 9:13.94, also eclipsing the former world record.

In third, Jenn Rhines, the most dangerous middle and long distance women runner in the U.S, ran a gutty personal best of 9:35.29.

Defar has run 8:58 outdoors, and can bring this record down alot more! The crowd loved it!

Men's 3000 meters

Mottram Sets All Comers record!

Running like a man possessed, Craig Mottram got a big boost to his 2008 season with a superb win over 3,000 meters. Taking the lead from Christian Hesch after a 3:02 for 1200 meters, Mottram hit one mile in 4:04, 2 kilometers in 5:05 and the race was on!
Running 1:34 for the last 600 meters, Mottram opened that huge stride of his and decimated a world class field, running 7:34.50, an Australian national record, and North American all comers record and a fitting end to the best indoor meet in North America!

Markos Geneti was ran 7:41.81 for second, Andrew Baddeley of the UK was third in 7:45.10 and adrian Blinco was fourth, with the Kiwi running 7:48.94!

I will do a commentary on the meet tomorrow, but I have to catch a bus now, grab some dinner and have a beverage with Mr. Mottram!

Thanks for reading and watch the meet Sunday on ESPN!

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I love indoor games. It is only for time pass.

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