Olympic Trials Updates-Lewy Boulet Takes the Lead!


The beautiful day in Boston, 20,000 plus running fans, and one hundred plus marathoners are all there for the 2008 Olympic Trials for women. Magdelena Lewy-Boulet greeted the fans with taking an early lead and she is just building and building her lead.....

April 20, 2008

Put on a race, and they will come......Miles 1-6

As I headed to the start of the Olympic Trials this morning, I noticed that I would have alot of company. Runners of all shapes and sizes with their spouses, kids were heading to the start. I walked down the middle of the Boylston (the start is 400 yards from the official finish of the BAA Boston marathon).

As I walked up Boylston street, I noticed the crowds on both sides of the street, two to three people thick, the closer and closer one gets to the start. The fans here will be able to see the runners here, staying stationary at 8 miles, 14 miles, 20 miles and the finish. The more adventuresome will be able to see the marathoners ten to twelve times on this very well organized criterium course. The first loop was 2.25 miles, and there are many of the major tourist attractions on this loop. The large loop, about six miles, run four times, goes down Commonwealth avenue and gives the fans a real chance to view the developments of the race.

The weather is about 48 degrees, sun is out, on this wonderfully clear day! Perfect day for marathoning. I kept walking up the to the starting line, with my media credential turned backwards and made it up to the athletes tent. I said hello to Coach Joe Vigil, and Dr. David Martin, one of the real experts on the marathon.

The women are getting their final warmups, and the starting line is filling up. The estimated twenty thousand fans at this start are screaming for the marathoners.

The race has started!

The day that these marathoners were all waiting for has come. And, taking the lead right away is March/April Cal Track cover athlete Magdelena Lewy-Boulet. Magdelena is our spoiler pick for the team.

Magdelena is the wife of Ritchie Boulet, a 3:52 miler. Magdelena is the mother of a three year old, Owen and manager at the Transports adidas team in San Francisco. Lewy-Boulet lead thorugh miles one in 6:03, two miles in 11:48 and three miles in 17:27.

In the second pack is Blake Russell, Deena Kastor, Mary Akor, Kate O'Neil, with about seventeen other marathoners. Also in here is Elva Dryer, Melissa White, Zoila Gomez and Samia Akbar.

Magdelena is not running out of her mind, remember, her personal best is 2:30:50, from her fifth place in St. Louis, Missouri at the 2004 Olympic Trials. Lewy-Boulet is advised by Dr. Jack Daniels, one of the true deities in the distance coaching food chain. Lewy-Boulet has won one marathon, Long Beach from 2006. In the Bay Area, Magdelena is well known for her racing.

The chase pack is letting Magdelena Lewy-Boulet go. Lewy-Boulet hits four miles in 23:05, five miles in 28:48, six miles in 34:25 and the 10k in 35:35. This is well within
Magdelena's abiity. With the conditions as they are, Magdelena, looking strong and running with an amazing stride, has taken the lead of this race, and does not look like she will be giving it up soon...

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