adidas track Classic 2008-Hot, Hot, Hot!-Stuczynski Sets New AR, Gay wins 100/200, Wariner wins 400m, Rowbury Leads World, by Larry Eder


To describe the adidas Track Classic as hot was an understatement! 110 degrees during the middle of the meet, on the track, no shade except for tents. Yours truly, showed up in a nice blue suit and needless to say, was trying to configure an ice vest underneath my jacket, which did come off quite quickly. But the real heat was in the performances as event, after event, the competition continued to build.

The adidas Track Classic gave the world a glimpse of just how good track & field athletes are. Jenn Stuczynski broke her American record, once again, clearing 4.90 meters on her second attempt and then coming close three times at a new WR of 5.02. Jeremy Wariner, nursing sore hamstrings, ran 44.42 to turn back all comers. Shannon Rowbury ran 4:01.46 to lead the world at 1,500 meters.

Veronica Campbell, as she had predicted, was able to focus, and execute, putting her in first at the women's 100 meters, where seven of the finishers were in the top ten sprinters in the world. Lauryn Williams, Kerron Stewart and Allyson Felix followed.

In the end, it was Tyson Gay, who endured three false starts in the hundred meters before he sprinted down the straight, running 10.05 into a headwind! In the 200 meters, Tyson blased away from the field, winning in 20.07!

What a double! What a meet!
Read on, track geeks!

How do we discuss a great track meet? Well, let's try the highlights.

First, it was hot as, well New Orleans, just not the humidity. The temperature on the track, mid meet, was 110 degrees! Yes, it was hot. The 4,000 fans who ventured to the meet had to sit in the blazing sun, with little wind for most of the ocassion, but they were treated to some excellent performances.

Stuczysnki Sets AR, Attacks World Record

Jenn Stuczynski, the current American record holder and third performer on the world list, moved to a new American record of 4.90 meters, or 16 feet, 3/4 of an inch, and to the number two performance and number two global performer all times. Jenn's 4.90 meter jump is the best jump in the world.

Jenn commented this way on her American record, which defended her win here last year and also gave her another American record:

"I think I come into it expecting the worst. I'm pretty prepared technically. When it was warm out, it made me happy. The first one was too short. I got hit with a little bit of a headwind, the third one I let it go. It just didn't work out this time, you have to have three good jumps at it. I came in with high expectations. We got 90 and we'll build off that."

Stuczynski's three attempts at the new world record of 5.02, or 16 feet, 5.5 inches were very good, with the second attempt being the best. Jenn cleared her AR on her second attempt. This blogger believes that Jenn Stuczynski will have the world record before the end of the summer. Her silver medal in Valencia put her on another level and her consistent jumps this year ( I saw her clear some great heights in practice this past Thursday) make her a real threat for the world record.

Rupp and Riley in Tough 3k

Galen Rupp, the collegiate 10,000 meter record holder has run 1,500 meters and mile races all winter and won the 3,000 meters by running a smart race behind Jonathan Riley and Josh Rohatinsky. Rupp did not make his move until the very end, showing that this young man is prepping himself for great things at the Olympic Trials. Here is what Rupp had to say:

"I ran today just to continue to work on my speed. I think I'm going to run a 5,000 next week. This works well, I'll get something shorter in. I'm still working on my kick. This is all preparation for the Olympic Trials. I like running in heat. I've always run well in hot conditions. It helps a lot to have Josh (Rohatinsky) there with me. When I get my teammates around, it's just a great mental boost for me. My goal coming in was to improve, compete better. I'm still doing a ton of training."

The lead pack of Rohatinsky, Riley, Rupp, Kyle King and Ian Dobson went through the mile just at 4:10, and as the pack went to three, Riley and Rohatinsky upped the ante. Rupp waited until he had about 300 meters to go and he started upping the ante, until he was at top speed. He had Jonathan Riley to deal with.

Riley is on of the toughest finishers in our sport, and the Madison, WI emigre had a few tricks up his sleeve. He tried them all today, but Rupp was still there. It must have been those mile and 1,500 meter races he did indoors earlier this year....

Jonathan Riley looked like he might be able to hold him off, but Rupp got this one, 7:51.17 to 7:51.40. Rohatinsky was next, follwed by Ian Dobson.

How close was it. After the race, Jonathan Riley was sitting in the tent near the mixed zone, obviously tired, saying " I thought I had it."

Erin Donahue Wins 800 meters

Former New Jersey Prep leader in both the javelin and the 1,500 meters, Erin Donahue has grown up, and she sure showed her stuff winning the women's 800 in a come from behind race that had the fans screaming as Donahue made a hard dash for first in the 800 meters. Here is what Erin had to say after her fine race :

"It was a pretty competitive field. I just wanted to hang in there for the first 400-500 meters and I was able to do that. It was a tough day with the heat and a little bit of wind, but I'm really happy to come out with the win. I'm in a good position. I already have the "A" standard in the 1500. Over the winter I've been working on the 800. I think I'll be in a good position going into the Trials."

Rowbury astounds!

Shannon Rowbury had the fans screaming as she not only broke the meet record but the way she ran this race! The rabbit took the race out in 61 seconds and Rowbury bid her time, just after the 800 meters she started to press and the last lap was Rowburys' as she ran 4:01.46, with Christin-Wurth Thomas ran a fine 4:04.5!
Rowbury obviously surprised herself:

"The faster the better. The better the competition the better the Americans will be. Last year I had a stress fracture in my hip so its taken a lot to get here. But this sets me up well for the next 2-3 months. My goal is still to make the team. I take nothing for granted. I want it so much, to make the team would just be amazing. I work for it every day."

Shannon Rowbury ran with confidence and determination and her excellent race is now the fastest time in the world! Great races by Wurth-Thomas, Lindsay Gallo and Jenelle Deatherage.

Rowbury, who trains with Shalane Flanagan under coach John Cook, has just recovered from a year of serious injuries. Her previous best was just over 4:07. She is now number five on the US women's lists.

Batman Returns

Let's face it, some really, really good intermediate hurdlers are not going to make this 2008 Olympic team. The 400 meter hurdles is, as well all know, a sadists race. First, man is not made to run more than 300 meters all out, and put some 36 inch hurdles in the way and you spell trouble.

Bershawn Jackson, Kerron Clement, Angelo Taylor all want this event. So do about two dozen others. Clement has already run 47.72, Taylor doubled at another meet on May 17 with a 20.5 and a 45.2 and Bershawn Jackson showed that this guy has what it takes to win the event as well.

Bershawn Jackson, alias Batman, ran a good early season race and won the intermediate hurdles in a strong 48.8. Jackson is a fine hurdler, but he is best when pressure is on him, as he is able to control his speed, and his hurdling technique late in the race. This ability to stay cool while the field is breathing down your backside is critical in the 400 meter hurdles, is a much desired trait in this event.

Jackson's race was far from perfect. He knew it, and he commented on it:

"I feel really good. I'm happy. I'm more fit, my timing has been going pretty good.(With this race), I wanted to get my confidence back, I just wanted to win again. I wasn't ever doubting myself, my rhythm was off, I was stutter stepping. Now I've got everything back."

Veronica Campbell Wins the Women's 100 Meters

Veronica Campbell has had a strange early season. First, in her hometown, in her home country, in front of 10,000 screaming Jamaicans, Veronica had a bad race, where she lost to new professional phenom Benicia Knight. " I just did not feel good and I did not run well. " Campbell noted.

Campbell regrouped and ran a strong 100m/200 m double the following week. So, Campbell was ready for this race. At the press conference on Thursday, Campbell noted that the race had seven of the top ten sprinters in the world, and she wanted to test herself. Calmly, but forcefully, Veronica Campbell-Brown made it clear to the media that this was an important race and that she was focused.

But, Veronica Campbell was all about the racing. She took the lead and did not give it up, running stronger and stronger, reaching her top end speed and running through the finish line. Campbell won in 11.14, with Lauryn Williams, running an excellent race in second for 11.15. Kerron Stewart followed in 11.16, Alyson Felix in 11.21, and Sanya Richards, in sixth, in 11.26.

Campbell, who had discussed the importance of this race with the media on Thursday, commented: "I was hoping to run fast today. A win is a win and I'll take it. I think I have a few little things to work on. I 'm looking forward to competing in and preparing for Beijing. In competition like this, you just have to expect anything. I just maintained my focus and was able to execute."

Allyson Felix, who pulled out of the 200 meters, had felt a bit overwhelmed, and noted: "I just had a rough week. My boyfriend's father passed away. I got back from Doha and went to the funeral Tuesday. Just an emotional week, up and down. Bobby decided to pull me (from the 200). I was definitely a little disappointed. I would definitely like to be in that 200, but I just have to trust him. I would have liked for the week to be happier for the graduation, all my family was there. It was a really special moment."

Sanya Richards spoke to us for a moment after the race, " It was great running fast with these girls. I am looking at the Olympic Trials and Beijing. I needed some speed."

Novlene Williams, Wins the 400 meters

Novlene held off Mary Wineberg, 50.38 to 50.41. Natasha Hastings was fourth, and 2007 USA Outdoor champ Dee Dee Trotter ran a 53.89 for last place. Not a good early season race for Trotter, but Novlene Williams is showing her talent early in the season. Here were her observations: "The race was a little tough. It was really windy, but everyone else had the same conditions. I'm happy with the time. My training is going well, I'll be alright for our Trials next month. Everybody is coming out with their A Game this year, the Olympic year. We compete against the same people a lot. They're not hard to beat, we just have to be ready."

Kip Produces, Lagat Wins the 1,500 meters

The 1,500 meters here is always a fine race. Bernard Lagat does not run one extra step in a 1,500 meters-he is always perfectly placed and he finds the gear, near the finish to take home the point. Nick Willis of New Zealand is one of the most promising athletes of his generation, who had a rough World Indoor and had something to prove. Kevin Sullivan, all of 34, has been one of the best milers in the world for over a decade. Sullivan is running on all cylinders now, and with his new coach, Julie Henner, and confidence, has more experience than anyone but Lagat.

Then, add a false start, or call back, yes, a true call back after sixyt meters in the 1,500 meters, the race was off and quick. Grant Robison had taken command after the rabbit took the field through 56.1 and 1:55. Robison hit 2:38 for the 1,100 meters and soon dropped out.

At that time, it was Lagat, Willis, Nate Brannen, Jon Rankin, and Kevin Sullivan moving through the pack. Lagat was in control, and Willis, Brannen and Rankin were menacing. Sullivan made a move with 300 meters to go and moved up to the leaders with the 150 left, with Lagat, Willis right there.

Bernard Lagat made his move with 100 meters to go and held on for the win in 3:35.14. Nick Willis barely held off Sullivan, who both ran in the great races, running 3:35.74 to 3:35.78. Nine guys under 3:40!

Bernard commented: "My intentions were to come here and win the race. I didn't even notice anything happened. I didn't know there was someone who fell. I wanted to be the one to follow the pacemakers. I was careful not to swing wide. I wanted to run a smart race and be able to kick at the end. This is a very good measure of where my training is going."

Several guys were disturbed in the fray. Rob Myers had a small injury and Chris Lukesic had a spasm so he did not run. Watch Kevin Sullivan and Nick Willis this season, two strong guys, two gifted milers, who could be in the battle for the silver and bronze in Beijing.

Lagat looks good, and is racing sparingly. This is his Olympic Trials and Olympics to win or loose. He will be watched closely by some very, very talented milers.

Rough Day for Johnson

With as hot as the hurdles have been this year, David Oliver in 12.95, Liu Xiang in 13.19, this one was a snorer. We will keep our comments on Allen Johnson, the godfather of the high hurdles.

Allen Johnson had a rough day in the office. The former world record holder and gold medalist from 1996, as well as five time World championship medalist knew it was not a good day and opined: "I just didn't have it today. I was expecting to run faster than I did. I'm disappointed with today but happy with where I am overall. I'll be ready in July."

Anwar Moore, the winner of the men's hurdles in 13.41 had a good point: "The heat is ridiculous. After the time and the headwind, I'm okay. With no headwind, the time would have been faster. I'm happy, I'm pleased. I'm healthy and I'll be ready for Prefontaine and the Trials."

The 13.41, like both 100 meters, were run into headwinds!

Howard Delivers in HIgh Jump

Chaunte Howard, women's high jump, winner, is a strong consistent performer. She battled Amy Acuff, Tisha Waller, among others, to take this long, hot battle:
"God is good. I came out feeling good. We had great competition, Tisha Waller, Amy Acuff - lots of good people. Pretty much a tune up for the Olympic Trials. I was able to come out here and relax, I was able to come out and redeem myself on this track. It felt like the American record was in my feet. My training has been going well, I've been jumping well at practice. I feel like there's a lot more I can do, so after this week, I'm going to shut it down and just focus on the Trials. Last year I just got really frustrated. There was such great competition last year, it made me very thirsty this year. I don't take for granted any practice day. I want to be in the thick of things come the Olympics."

Wariner Runs Gentle 150 meters, then pours it on, Takes 400 meters
Jeremy Wariner is the man in the 400 meters. He wins every which way he runs. Last weekend, in Doha, in his 200 meters, he strained a hamstring, which was tight all week. On Thursday, before the media conference, he had considered not running, but when he went out and watched Tyson and Veronica working out, the competitive juices began to flow.

So, Jeremy ran. He got out of the blocks very gingerly and for the first 150 meters, and was runnng conservatively. The hamstring relaxed and Wariner went by Tyler Christopher, the World Indoor champion at 400 meters, like Christopher was standing still. Wariner won in 44.42 with Tyler at 44.71. Kerron Clement, the 400m hurdler ace, who ran 47.72 last week, ran a 45.10 for the flats.

This was Wariner's race to win or loose, he won, at less than perfect standards. But, Wariner is tough, and he knows he needs events like this to stay at the top of his game.
Jeremy made a point of explaining his situation:
"As I was warming up, I felt really good. We told everyone it would be a Sunday decision, so after I warmed up, I told everyone I was ready to go. I take every year the same,. I take every week and every day the same. This year I'm just fighting for what I want to do. I just need to stay healthy from here on out. I was a little timid to come out of the blocks. My first 150 would have been better had I not had this hamstring problem. Times will drop no matter what. I know that come Trials I'll be able to run with everybody else. I've said it before, I run a lot better when I have rounds to run."

Muna Lee Wins the 200 meters

Muna Lee, wowed the crowd with a come from behind super run at 200 meters, showing the sport that she is a) back and b) dangerous for Eugene. Muna noted this about her race:

"I kind of didn't get out hard. I was more worried about who was in the race with me, but I'm happy with win. It's been a long time since I've ran (in a field this big). It was a PR (wind legal). Hopefully I'll run another 21 this year. I just have to stay focused and not worry about everyone else."

Tyson Gay Doubles, Winning the 100 and 200 meters

Tyson Gay had to deal with a head wind, hot conditions and a tough field. Darvis Patton, his teammate at Osaka, got out hard and it was just at 98 meters or so, that Tyson took the race, and ran 10.08, with Darvis taking second. Wallace Spearmon, who was also in the field noted, " I was ready, I just did not run well today."

The 200 meters was a different story. With another stacked field, Tyson took control and ran a 20.07 race, in very hot conditions, doing what he said he wanted to accomplish: "I was slightly confused because of my time in the 100. I've been running pretty good in my practice. I actually felt better today in the 200 than I did in the 100. I'm just glad I came out today with two wins. I wasn't unhappy, I just had to go back and check what I'd been working on. I have to make sure I warm up my body better. I was happy, I was relaxed. I saw Doc winning, so I started to relax. I just have to go back and make some minor adjustments with my blocks so I won't shake so much. I should be pretty relaxed going into New York. I really believe I don't have run fast times right now, I just have to win. It does a lot for my confidence. It was a pretty fun race. As you saw, Darvis and I were both leaning at the tape."

Tyson Gay is the best sprint racer in the world. He may not have the fastest times, he does not need the fastest times. When the gun goes off, in a big stadium with 80,000 screaming fans, Tyson Gay is the athlete to bet on. He is calm, focused and mild mannered. That mildness however, hides an intensity. He wants to win, he wants to dominate, he wants to be part of track history. He just does not like to trash talk. " I was not brought up that way." Tyson noted in a Thursday interview.

An athlete at the top of his game, an athlete who still notes that he has alot to learn and now has two sprint coaches, and one strength coach in his team, Tyson Gay is a student of his events. Do not expect him to react like a typical sprinter--that is not him, and he lets his feet to the talking, and with a 10.08 and a 20.07, there was enough communication from those feet!

The challenges of putting on an elite meet....

Elite Track & Field meets are a challenge to put on anywhere, but in the Los Angeles area, the Home Depot Center seems to try to put challenges on the track fans that just make anyone but the most serious devotee of the sport appear on the hot, aluminum seats. To top that, a draconian $15 per parking space, slaps the devotees across the chops, insulting them even further.

On a weekend when thousands of parents and preps were seen at the Southern CIF Sections and a couple thousand at the Cal State Community College track champs, the best elite meet in the US this weekend continues to have challenges on filling the stands. This writer humbly suggests using UCLA, an adidas school for the next version of the adidas track Classic. The current arrangement is not drawing fans.

However, the 4,000 fans who showed up were treated to a meet that gave us world leaders, an American record, three strong attempts at the world record and chances for Southern California to see some of the best athletes in the world!

Final comments

I wanted to thank Mark Wetmore and Rich Kenah of Global Athletics & Marketing for their support of the sport. Thanks for Barbara Heubner and her team for the access to
the athletes and Sam Shaw for managing accomodations at the Westin.

This is a great sport, and I believe, that with the athletes, agents, coaches, fans and sponsors we will find the answers we need to clean up our sport and take it to the level it deserves.

Thanks for reading runblogrun!

adidas Track Classic Results, courtesy of USATF


Event 1 Men 100 Meter Dash
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Tyson Gay USA 10.05 -0.3
2 Darvis Patton USA 10.06 -0.3
3 Derrick Atkins BAH 10.16 -0.3
4 Leroy Dixon USA 10.20 -0.3
5 Shawn Crawford USA 10.21 -0.3
6 Wallace Spearmon USA 10.22 -0.3
7 Mardy Scales USA 10.22 -0.3
8 Mark Jelks USA 10.35 -0.3
-- Daniel Bailey ANT FS -0.3

Event 2 Men 200 Meter Dash
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Tyson Gay USA 20.08 -1.7
2 Xavier Carter USA 20.30 -1.7
3 Rodney Martin USA 20.55 -1.7
4 Chris Berrian USA 20.67 -1.7
5 Rae Edwards USA 20.89 -1.7
6 Leroy Dixon USA 20.91 -1.7
7 Omar Brown JAM 21.07 -1.7
-- Craig Everhart USA DNF -1.7

Event 3 Men 400 Meter Dash
Name Year Team Finals
1 Jeremy Wariner USA 44.42
2 Tyler Christopher CAN 44.71
3 Chris Brown BAH 44.94
4 Kerron Clement USA 45.10
5 Ricardo Chambers JAM 45.29
6 David Neville USA 45.48
7 Michael Blackwood JAM 45.78
8 Darold Williamson USA 45.99

Event 4 Men 800 Meter Run
Note: Race starts in Lanes
Shaw & Elliot Share lane one, rest run in listed positions
Name Year Team Finals
1 Brandon Shaw USA 1:47.51
2 Sam Burley USA 1:47.91
3 Raphael Asafo-Agyei USA 1:48.05
4 Andrew Ellerton CAN 1:48.88
5 Kevin Elliott USA 1:49.32
6 Jim Wyner USA 1:49.41
7 David Krummenacker USA 1:49.66
8 Nicholas Thornton USA 1:49.68
9 Emmen Tetlo USA 1:50.69

Event 5 Men 1500 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals
1 Bernard Lagat USA 3:35.14
2 Nick Willis NZL 3:35.75
3 Kevin Sullivan CAN 3:35.78
4 Lopez Lomong USA 3:36.36
5 Jon Rankin USA 3:36.61
6 Nate Brannen CAN 3:37.69
7 Boaz Cheboiywo KEN 3:37.98
8 Will Leer USA 3:38.11
9 Mark Fountain AUS 3:39.31
10 Nick Bromley AUS 3:53.58
-- Grant Robison USA DNF
-- Jim Wyner USA DNF
-- Nick Symmonds USA DNF
-- Brad Woods AUS DNF

Event 6 Men 3000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals
1 Galen Rupp USA 7:51.17
2 Jonathon Riley USA 7:51.40
3 Josh Rohatinsky USA 7:52.83
4 Ian Dobson USA 7:53.20
5 Kyle King USA 7:55.25
6 Josphat Boit KEN 7:57.45
7 Collis Birmingham AUS 7:59.00
8 Luke Watson USA 8:25.82
-- Ricky Barnes USA DNF
-- Rob Myers USA DNF
-- Ryan Kirkpatrick USA DNF

Event 7 Men 5000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals
1 Ali Abdosh ETH 13:08.64
2 Dejen Gebremeskel ETH 13:08.96
3 Markos Geneti ETH 13:10.58
4 Bekana Daba ETH 13:38.74
-- Alejandro Suarez MEX DNF
-- Josphat Boit KEN DNF

Event 8 Men 110 Meter Hurdles
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Anwar Moore USA 13.39 -1.3
2 Terrence Trammell USA 13.40 -1.3
3 Ryan Wilson USA 13.41 -1.3
4 Antwon Hicks USA 13.42 -1.3
5 Aries Merritt USA 13.54 -1.3
6 Joel Brown USA 13.54 -1.3
7 Allen Johnson USA 13.83 -1.3
-- Eric Mitchum USA FS -1.3
-- Maurice Wignall JAM DNF -1.3

Event 9 Men 400 Meter Hurdles
Name Year Team Finals
1 Bershawn Jackson USA 48.94
2 Brandon Johnson USA 49.62
3 Michael Tinsley USA 49.68
4 Derrick Williams USA 49.75
5 Ben Clark USA 50.05
6 Reggie Wyatt USA 50.54
7 Adam Kunkel CAN 50.62
8 Dean Griffiths JAM 50.76
-- Kyle Erickson USA DNF

Event 10 Men Shot Put
Name Year Team Finals
1 Christian Cantwell USA 21.39m 70-02.25
20.84m 21.27m FOUL 21.39m FOUL FOUL
2 Adam Nelson USA 21.13m 69-04.00
ND 20.29m 20.68m FOUL 20.48m 21.13m
3 Dylan Armstrong USA 20.67m 67-09.75
19.67m 20.67m 20.11m FOUL FOUL 20.17m
4 Dan Taylor USA 20.44m 67-00.75
20.31m 20.44m FOUL FOUL 20.23m FOUL
5 Noah Bryant USA 19.91m 65-04.00
19.91m FOUL 19.40m FOUL FOUL FOUL
6 Chris Figures USA 18.51m 60-08.75

Event 11 Men Discus Throw
Name Year Team Finals
1 Jarred Rome USA 65.09m 213-06
62.58m 63.16m 64.00m 61.27m FOUL 65.09m
2 Ian Waltz USA 63.40m 208-00
59.68m 61.15m 62.02m FOUL 63.40m 63.31m
3 John Godina USA 61.85m 202-11
57.41m 60.02m 61.61m FOUL 61.85m 60.86m
4 Brian Trainor USA 60.73m 199-03
59.05m FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL 60.73m
5 James Dennis USA 59.76m 196-01
58.26m 58.39m 59.68m FOUL 59.76m 58.07m
6 Bryan Clay USA 55.06m 180-08
52.87m 44.35m FOUL FOUL FOUL 55.06m
7 Sam Lightbody USA 54.91m 180-02
53.84m 53.88m 53.35m 53.35m ND 54.91m

Event 21 Women 100 Meter Dash
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Veronica Campbell JAM 11.14 -0.9
2 Lauryn Williams USA 11.15 -0.9
3 Kerron Stewart JAM 11.16 -0.9
4 Allyson Felix USA 11.21 -0.9
5 Carmelita Jeter USA 11.26 -0.9
6 Sanya Richards USA 11.26 -0.9
7 Torri Edwards USA 11.31 -0.9
8 Lisa Barber USA 11.39 -0.9
-- Marshevet Hooker USA FS -0.9

Event 22 Women 200 Meter Dash
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Muna Lee USA 22.30 -0.6
2 Carmelita Jeter USA 22.47 -0.6
3 Marshevet Hooker USA 22.49 -0.6
4 Susanthika Jayasinghe SRI 22.73 -0.6
5 Bianca Knight JAM 22.79 -0.6
6 Shalonda Solomon USA 22.96 -0.6
7 Ashlee Kidd USA 22.99 -0.6
8 Sherry Fletcher GRN 23.71 -0.6

Event 23 Women 400 Meter Dash
Name Year Team Finals
1 Novlene Williams JAM 50.38
2 Mary Wineberg USA 50.41
3 Shereefa Lloyd JAM 50.93
4 Natasha Hastings USA 51.09
5 Monique Henderson USA 51.51
6 Monica Hargrove USA 51.72
7 Sonita Sutherland JAM 52.03
8 Shareese Woods USA 53.85
9 Dee Dee Trotter USA 53.99

Event 24 Women 800 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals
1 Erin Donohue USA 2:02.04
2 Neisha Bernard-Thomas GRN 2:02.60
3 Kameisha Bennett-Martin USA 2:02.94
4 Nicole Cook USA 2:03.57
5 Kim Gildersleeve USA 2:07.37
6 Sherron Rhetta USA 2:07.85

Event 25 Women 1500 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals
1 Shannon Rowbury USA 4:01.61
2 Christin Wurth-Thomas USA 4:04.94
3 Lisa Corrigan AUS 4:06.97
4 Lindsey Gallo USA 4:08.43
5 Jenelle Deatherage USA 4:08.84
6 Carmen Douma-Hussar CAN 4:09.74
7 Marina Muncan SRB 4:09.75
8 Malindi Elmore CAN 4:13.81
9 Alice Schmidt USA 4:15.36
10 Carrie Tollefson USA 4:19.54
11 Sara Hall USA 4:25.26
-- Korene Hinds JAM DNF
-- Kenia Sinclair JAM DNF

Event 26 Women 3000 Meter Run
Name Year Team Finals
1 Meagan Metcalfe CAN 8:51.97
2 Genzebe Dibaba ETH 8:53.72
3 Jen Rhines USA 8:56.26
4 Kara Goucher USA 9:00.53
5 Ariana Lambie USA 9:09.11
6 Amy Yoder-Begley USA 9:16.48
7 Eloise Wellings AUS 9:24.96
8 Amy Hastings USA 9:27.43

Event 27 Women 100 Meter Hurdles
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Joanna Hayes USA 12.64 0.6
2 Candice Davis USA 12.71 0.6
3 Nichole Denby USA 12.72 0.6
4 Vonette Dixon JAM 12.75 0.6
5 Damu Cherry USA 12.79 0.6
6 Dawn Harper USA 13.01 0.6
7 Lucena Golding-Clarke JAM 13.08 0.6
8 Yvette Lewis USA 13.14 0.6

Event 30 Women High Jump
Name Year Team Finals
1 Chaunte Howard USA 1.98m 6-06.00
1.79 1.84 1.89 1.92 1.95 1.98 2.01
2 Rosemary Rifka MEX 1.92m 6-03.50
1.79 1.84 1.89 1.92 1.95
3 Amy Acuff USA 1.92m 6-03.50
1.79 1.84 1.89 1.92 1.95
4 Tisha Waller USA 1.89m 6-02.25
1.79 1.84 1.89 1.92
5 Sheena Gordon USA 1.84m 6-00.50
1.79 1.84 1.89
6 Ifoma Olausaan USA 1.79m 5-10.50
1.79 1.84

Event 28 Women Pole Vault
Name Year Team Finals
1 Jenn Stuczynski USA 4.90m 16-00.75
4.32 4.47 4.57 4.67 4.90 5.02
2 April Steiner USA 4.47m 14-08.00
4.32 4.47 4.57
3 Jillian Schwartz USA 4.47m 14-08.00
4.32 4.47 4.57
4 Stacy Dragila USA 4.47m 14-08.00
4.32 4.47 4.57
5 Dana Buller CAN 4.32m 14-02.00
4.32 4.47
5 Lacy Janson USA 4.32m 14-02.00
4.32 4.47
7 Tracy O'Hara USA 4.32m 14-02.00
4.32 4.47
-- Mary Vincent USA NH

Event 29 Women Long Jump
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Grace Upshaw USA 6.68m 0.6 21-11.00
6.68m(0.6) 6.65m(-1.3) FOUL(-0.1) 6.32m(-3.1) PASS 6.53m(-1.1)
2 Sylvester Patricia JAM 6.45m 0.9 21-02.00
6.45m(0.9) FOUL(-1.5) 6.33m(-0.8) FOUL(-0.6) FOUL(1.2) 6.28m(1.0)
3 Jenny Adams USA 6.39m 0.9 20-11.75
6.18m(-0.3) 6.39m(0.9) 6.32m(-1.8) 5.98m(-2.5) 6.16m(-0.6) 6.12m(-1.8)
4 Akiba McKinney USA 6.30m -0.1 20-08.00
6.02m(1.5) 5.99m(-1.6) 6.30m(-0.1) 5.92m(-2.4) 4.71m(1.0) 6.26m(-0.2)
5 Jackie Edwards BAH 6.29m 1.1 20-07.75
6.21m(1.4) 6.17m(-0.7) 6.29m(1.1) 6.11m(-0.5) 6.23m(-0.1) 6.15m(-2.2)
6 Tianna Madison USA 6.25m -0.9 20-06.25
FOUL(0.1) 6.25m(-0.9) 5.74m(-0.2) 5.61m(-1.4) PASS PASS
7 Rose Richmond USA 6.23m 1.2 20-05.25
5.98m(-0.9) 6.23m(1.2) FOUL(+0.0) 5.02m(-0.4) 6.12m(0.1) 5.59m(0.4)
8 Jacinta Boyd AUS 6.14m 1.5 20-01.75
5.69m(1.0) FOUL(-0.4) 6.14m(1.5) 5.92m(-1.7) 6.12m(0.2) FOUL(-0.1)

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