A breach in security...


My trip to Eugene, Oregon was supposed to begin with flight 6566, on United Express from Madison to Denver, then Denver to Eugene. But my flight was canceled, due to what was called " a breach in security". Here is what happened...

I fly out of Madison about once every other week or so, but sometimes, it is much, much more. I have been traveling to the elite track meets across North America and meeting with our staffers and also our major advertising accounts.

I fly so much out of Madison, a small, well equipped regional airport, that the folks at United recognize me and have my tickets done by the time I get out my wallet. Security is about a five minute walk, perhaps ten on a bad day. I normally show up 35 to 40 minutes before and when I do show up early, like I did on Friday, I get razzed. "What is this? You forget what time it is? " Very relaxed, but very competent airport.

I join the 48 other folks waiting for flight 6566 to Denver, leaving at 6:59 PM on Thursday, June 5. I had wanted to get into Eugene, Oregon for the Pre on Thursday night, so I could get a jump on my writing and paperwork.

The plane from Denver arrives, about 6:20 pm. I noticed that three or four passengers got off, then no more. That seemed strange. I knew that there had been weather issues that day-Chicago was a mess-my son and his girlfriend were stuck there--so my curiousity was piqued.

Apparently, one of the first passengers off the plane, a male, had stolen some emergency equipment from the plane. I noticed the United employee at the counter
getting upset. Then several police and TSA officials showed up.

No one was saying a thing. Then someone slipped, " A passenger stole something from the plane, we are trying to recover it. There will be a delay." Fifteen minutes go by, half hour, an hour, finally, about 8 pm I get a auto call on my I-phone from United, notifying me that the flight has been cancelled, no more flights to Eugene, I have been rebooked, but I have to go stand in line in order to get my bags and such.

Three hours later, about 11 pm, I get my hotel voucher, and a taxi voucher and head to the Comfort inn, awaiting my morning flight.

The next morning I found out that the person had been caught, and the plane and the event were still " Under investigation."

I finally got to Eugene, Oregon about two pm on Friday, and have been reading and calling about the 5k world record ever since!

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