Tyson Gay is Fastest Ever, 9.68! Great Day of Track & Field at U.S. Olympic Trials, Day 3 !


The agony and the ecstacy of Tyson Gay took 48 hours. In that time, we saw Tyson Gay make an error that nearly cost him his chance to win the 100 meters. We then saw a relieved Tyson Gay blast out of the blocks and while he finished in first and set an American record of 9.77, it was really, in retrospect, what he DID NOT do!

Tiffany Ross Williams Holds on in 400 meter hurdles

The best of the best made it to the women's 400 meter hurdle final and the results,
were part of the high drama of this meet! La Shinda Demus, world junior record holder, former number 1 global ranking, one year after giving birth to twin boys, was charging the hurdles, fighting it out with Tiffany Ross Williams, 2007 US champion. In the fight with them was Sheena Tosta, who had set the Olympic Trials record. (Sheena ran as Sheena Johnson then, running 52.95 in the 2004 Trials).

The women were pretty even as they hit 300 meters, and this when Tiffany Ross Williams took charge and continued to build a lead on La Shinda Demus. another
South Carolina graduate herself. Tiffany Ross Williams build a lead over the last hurdle,
which she held on to the finish, winning the title in 54.0!

La Shinda Demus began to fade. First, Queen Harrison of Virginia Tech passed her, taking second in 54.60, then Sheena Tosta caught the fading Demus for third, running 54.62. The fading Demus finished fourth in 54.76. To add insult to injury, Demus was first disqualified for a hurdle infraction, but reinstated shortly afterward!

The difference between third and fourth in the 400 meter hurdles was a heartbreaking .14 . Tiffany Ross-Williams, who has been running with a new ferocity, has been attacking the hurdles, and looks especially fine over the last two barriers. She shoul get down in the 52s this summer and be a real medal contender.

Day one of the Men's Decathlon is a Battle Royale

The decathlon is shaping up to be one of the most memorable since 1992. Bryan Clay, back from injuries, won the 100 meters and the high jump. Tom Pappas, also back from surgery and injuries, won the shot put and long jump. Between the two, and then add Trey Hardee in there, and you have a real battle for the top three positions.

Tyson Gay runs 9.68 wind aided!

Tyson Gay is the fastest sprinter ever. His 9.68 for the 100 meters in the US Olympic Trials final is the fastest event ever run in under any conditions. His 4.1 mps aiding wind was too much for record purposes. But, Tyson Gay, this writer is convinced, can run a legal 9.70 in the near future.

In the final, Tyson Gay put all of the work he has endured over the past six months on the line. Getting a good start, Gay went by Walter Dix, the college star, and just kept going. Gay hit his drive faze in the lead and just kept increasing the lead. Arms pumping, short stride eating up the new Beynon track surface, step after step. Dix ran gallantly, not giving up, but Tyson Gay was relentless-this was his race from the beginning.

While in the second round, there was the feeling of relief that he had survived his faux paux, Tyson Gay blasted from the blocks, cleared the field and shut down the after burners so that while he ran a) very fast, b) an American record of 9.77, c) the real question was, with that massive control of the situation, just how fast could
Tyson run?

On Sunday, June 29, 2008, at about 4:54 P.M. local time, Tyson Gay gave the 20,997 track fans assembled at Hayward Field a reason to believe in his talent. With swirling winds, Tyson Gay blasted out of the blocks and ran a wind aided (4.1 mps) 9.68, the fastest run under any conditions ( a 9.69 was clocked for Obadale Thompson with an estimated plus 5 mps wind in 1996)! Right after the race ended, the wind flags dropped. So, just how fast could Tyson Gay run in a legal wind now?

Following Gay were Walter Dix, the 2007 NCAA champion, who ran 9.80. Darvis 'Doc' Patton, the 2003 silver medalist, who has had a great season, and had a personal best
yesterday, ran 9.85 for third. Following in fourth was Rodney Martin in 9.97, LeRoy Dixon, in 9.99, MIcheal Rodgers in 10.01 and Xavier Carter in 10.11.

What a way to end the third day of the Olympic Trials!

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