U.S. Olympic Trials, Day 2, Report 1-Tyson Gay Runs 9.77, New American Record, and took a nap at 90 meters!


Saturday, June 28, 2008 was abuzz with the women's 10,000 from Friday night. Saturday will have some great events-the men's shot put and the women's 100 m. The day is very, very hot, with some hot competitions.... a hot day in Tracktown USA, 92 degrees at 3:15 P.M.

100 Meters, Men, round 1

The first round featured Walter Dix, who ran a 9.96 for the fastest time in this heat.

Travis Padgett runs 10.06 to take the second heat. In second, Jeffrey Demps, a high schooler, ran 10.12, running the number two high school time of all times.

Wallace Spearmon had the worst start of his life, virtually standing straight up. But, halfway through the race, Darvis 'Doc' Patton opened it up and took the third heat. in 10.04, Wallace Spearmon was in second in 10.12, John Capel in third in 10.16.

In heat 4, Tyson Gay misjudged the finish and shut down with ten meters to go, and
then remembered what the heck he was here for and ran through the tape. Defined by
Professor Casacky as a brain flatulence, in the vernacular, " brain fart", Mr. Gay gave this writer something to write about this afternoon. Tyson was so relaxed that he did not think on that one...he will not likely do that again, we hope. Tyson finished fourth in 10.14 with Rodney Martin winning in 10.10.

Shawn Crawford, who was in heat 1, moved on with a fast time. Xavier Carter, was fifth in heat four in 10.15, and Micheal Rodgers, was fifth in heat one, moved on with 10.15.

100 meters, semi finals, Women

In heat 1, Marshevet Hooker continued her domination, running a wind aided 10.89 to take this heat. Muna Lee took second in 10.91. Lauryn Williams took third in 10.92, with Angela Williams in fourth in 10.92. Biance Knight finished fifth in 11.09 and did not advance.

Torri Edwards, running in a legal wind, ran 10.78, a Hayward Field record. Mechelle Lewis ran a 10.97 for second. Allyson Felix, with the worst start she has had in a long time, recovered and ran 11.00. La Shaunte Moore ran 11.03 for fourth. Carmelita Jeter finished in 11.05 and now has the distinction of running the fastest non-qualifying race run in any conditions!

Edwards, who had a sterling start, ran the eighth fastest time ever in the 100 meters!

So, this race is shaping up as a Torri Edwards, Marshevet Hooker, Lauryn Williams, Muna Lee kind of race. Felix has got to clean up that start. Hooker, Edwards, Williams and Lee are all on their game right now!

Heptathlon, Hyleas continues her excellent adventure!

Speaking of being on game, Hyleas Fountain has set five personal bests in six events!
On Day two, she jumped 6.88 meters, with 1132 points, a personal best. She then threw the javelin over 150 feet! Her last event, the 800 meters, should put her over 6700 points, perhaps as high as 6850.

400 meter hurdles, Men, semi finals

Kerron Clement ran this semi final like he wants to win, running well and looking smoother over the first seven hurdles than this writer has seen in many a moons. Clement won in 48.20, with Rueben McCoy in second in 48.37, 2000 Olympic champion Angelo Taylor in 48.59 in third and Brandon Johnson in 48.20. Jeshua Johnson, who finished fifth here in 48.95, won the US Juniors last week and while he did not advance, he will be heading to Poland for the World Juniors.

Bershawn Jackson used this semi final to impress with his nice combo of hurdling and speed, running 48.63 in first. Johnny Dutch was second in 48.71, with Justin Gaymon in 48.77 and Laron Bennet taking fourth in 49.25. All four advance to the final. James Carter, the silver medalist from Helsinki, did not advance to the finals, finishing fifth.

My picks for the final: Kerron Clement, Bershawn Jackson, Angelo Taylor.

400 meter hurdles, Semi final

Sheena Tosta took the first semi final, running a fine 54.95 with a very solid race, hurdling well and sprinting wells. MIriam Barnes took second in 55.35, Queen Harrison was third in 56.04. Latasha Wallace finished fourth for the final qualifier into the finish tomorrow, in 56.18.

This second semi final was a practice run for the final, pitting the World Junior record holder, LaShinda Demus and 2007 champion Tiffany Ross-Williams. Demus and Ross Williams got out great and were dead even at the halfway. Demus stumbled over two hurdles and Tiffany Ross Williams looked stunning, hurdling well and sprinting through the line with a winning time of Ross-Williams in 54.75. LaShinda Demus took second in 55.70, Christine Spencer in third in 55.82 and Angel Perkins, who took up the 400 meter hurdles only this year while running the 400 meter flat at Arizona, finished fourth to move onto the Trials final, with a sweet time of 56.08. It is the consensus of the coaches and fans here that Ms. Perkins made the right decision.

My picks for the final: Tiffany Ross Williams, La Shinda Demus, Sheena Tosta

800 meters, Women, semi final a Moment of Lunacy?

The field, lead by Alice Schmidt, had a fall at just after two hundred meters, with Nicole Teter falling over the top of four runners. As Schmidt moved away, Teter recovered and started to move. By 350 meters, Teter shook her hands a bit and started to move on the leaders, but would remain in fifth place. Alice Schmidt took the win, with Maggie Vessey, Nikeya Green, Lauren Hermanson. Schmidt ran 2:03.27 for the win, and Nicole Teter ran 2:10.76

Affected by the fall were Nicole Teter, Becky Horn, Latavia Thomas and Kameisha Bennett.

In the second heat, Morgan Uceny, Hazel Clark, Katie Waits and Geena Gall went from the gun, running 2:02.14 to 2:02.38 to move to the final. Running a gutty race, North Dakota high schooler Laura Roesler ran eighth, running a nice 2:06.82. This young women, all of sixteen and a four event North Dakota State champ this year ( 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and 800 meters) will be back at this event.

A bit more on Laura Roesler, who has capitvated the media. Our sources noted that Ms. Roesler was one of the longest interviewed athletes in the Mixed Zone. When asked where she had purchased her pink racing singlet, she told the assembled media that she had purchased it in Target, as it was the only real store in town. Laura Roesler has alot to be proud about racing in her first senior nationals at the age of 16!

speaking of lunacy....

The facts are that four athletes fell in the first semi of the women's 800 meters. A protest was filed and Nicole Teter, who did a face first flop over the top of four runners, was reinstated. Then, the entire group of fallen athletes was reinstated, which gives the final 12. I can not wait to see what kind of start is used for this marathon field in an 800 meter final!

800 meters, Men

Robinson, Wheeting, Johnson, Harris, 1.46.14, 1;46.23, 1:46.28, 46.39,
Krummencker 1:48.

Khadevus went back to what he knows-he lead from start to finish. Taking the pack
through 24.9, then 51.98, Robinson stayed out front and stayed out of trouble. Oregon wunderkid Andrew Wheating began to move at 600 meters and fought his way into fourth, then, with ten meters to go, moved on Robinson, and just missed Robinsin, 1:46.14 to 1:46.23.Jonathan Johnson who was menacing Robinson all along the race. Andrew Wheating made a tough move to tray and steal the race. He nearly succeeded, but Khadevus had reportably had a pep talk from his coach and his agent, and ran like he normally does, from the front. Wheating just missed the win. Jebreh Harris, running from the inside once again, moved on to the final in 1:46.29. David Krummenacker, the 2003 World Indoor champ, finished last and did not advance to the final.

Duane Solomon, Christian Smith and Lopez Lomong, along with Jacob Hernandez battled for the lead, hitting the 400 meters in 51.50. In the back of the pack was Nick Symmonds, but closer than normal. Off the back was Sam Burley, who seems to look for how long he can put off racing. As the race heated up, and the crew hit the 600 meters in just under 1;21, Symmonds began his move. For Burley, it was too late, as he held off his move until 300 to go, but by then, there was no way he was catching anyone, and he finished out of a race he could have won.

Symmonds flew around the last turn and moved on the final stretch, hitting 1:45.61 as he broke the tape for first. Duane Solomon took second in 1:45.82, with Christian Smith, who rushed the field on the inside lane, taking third in 1:46.02. Lopez Lomong had the same time in fourth, 1:46.02.

This is going to be a tough one, but my picks are Nick Symmonds, Khadevus Robinson, Lopez Lomong for the final.

100 meter, Men, quarter final-

Obviously focused on his first round faux pax, Mr. Tyson Gay had a perfect start, and ran away from the field, but with 90 meters done, started to slow down and jogged a 9.77 for the new American record at 100 meters! Legal wind reading of 1.6 mps!

Tyson Gay showed, in this race, that the World record is an afterthought! Gay had a great start and just powered down the track, and he made a statement. Yes, even he can screw up once in a while, but it might have been, like the WR mantle, a blessing.

In the second quarter final, Kevin Padgett ran a legal 9.89.

Darvis Patton ran a huge personal best, 9.89 with a last forty meter run!

For more on the 100 meters, see the RBR Flash.

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