U.S. Olympic Trials, Day One, Report 1


In this report, we see that the 100 meter final for women could be the hardest single event to make during this entire U.S. Olympic Trials. Talk about starting with the good stuff! The weather is clear, about 70 degrees, and the stadium has about 20,000 track fans..and the night ended with the first final of this Olympic Trials and the event could not have played out more exciting if it was a movie. The women's 10,000 meters put Eugene 2008 on in a good place for fans. The achievements were extraordinary, well...Olympian

Women's 100 meters, round 1

In the first heat, which was totally stacked with talent, Muna Lee made a strong move from the outside, following Lauryn Williams strong running, wiht Muna Lee getting the nod in 11.00.

In the second heat, Allyson Felix was in lane eight, but that did not stop her. After the race being pretty close for fifty meters, and Felix a bit behind, the afterburners went on, and Felix went into championship mode, and moved on to take first in 11.01.

Torri Edwards ran an 11.16 to take her heat.

The fast one of the day, so far is Marshevet Hooker, who ran 10.94 to really blast her heat. She looked very good, it will be interesting to see how she handles the heats.

Oh, and my spoiler, Carmelita Jeter, ran a fine 11.10 to move on to round 2.

The race looks to be between Muna Lee, Lauryn Williams, Allyson Felix, Hooker and Jeter. Let us see how round 2 goes.

Men's Pole Vault

Brad Walker, the new American record hoder and highest jumper in the world, passed at 5.40m, 5.50m, and cleared on his first attempt at 5.60, or 18 feet, 4. 5 inches.

Jeremy Scott cleared 5.40m on his third try, 5.50 on his third try and was the second qualifier in 5.50 meters or 18 feet, one half inch.

Timothy Mack, passed at 5.40 meters, and cleared 5.50 meters on his first attempt to move on to the final, in third position.

Paul Genesic cleared 5.40 m on his first attempt and 5.50 on his first attempt to move on to the final in fourth position.

Toby Stevenson, Olympic silver medalist, cleared 5.40 and 5.50m on his second attempts, taking fifth qualifying position.

Justin Norberg cleared 5.40 m on his first attempt and 5.50 on his second attempt, to take the sixth position.

Derek Miles, Russ Buller, Jeff Hartwigh, Jeff Ryan, Jordan Scott, Paul Litchfield and Jacob Pauli also cleared 5.50 m, to move onto the final.

Notable non qualifiers were Tommy Skipper, 2000 Olympic gold medalist Nick Hysong, and Tye Harvey.

Women's heptathlon--Hyleas' Excellent Adventure

Hyleas Fountain is leading the heptathlon after four events. She ran the 100 meter hurdles in 12.65 for 1178 points, which was a personal best, high jumped 1.81 meters or 5-11.25 for 991 points, threw the shot put 13.67 meters or 44-10.25, which was also a personal best and then she ran her third best of the day in the 200 meter sin 23.31, which gave her 1048 points for a first day total of 3989. Fountain is in personal best score territory, so we shall see how she does on day two!

Diana Picker ended with the number two position of the day. Diana ran 13.13 for the 100 m hurdles, for 1105 points, high jumped 1.84 meters or 6 feet, half inch for 1029 points, threw the shot 11.77 meters or 38 feet, 7.5 inches for 646 points. Her 200 meters in 24.11 gave Diana Pickler 970 points for a total of 3,750 points for first day total.

Jacquelyn Johnson started her day with a 13.12 in the 100 m hurdles for 1106 points, high jumped 1.78 meters or five feet, ten inches for 953 points, and 12.94 meters for the shot put, or 42 feet, five and one half inches for 723 points. Jacquelyn ended her day with a fine 24.48 for 200 meters, giving her a total of 3717 for the day with her 935 from the 200 meters.

Virginia Johnson is in fourth with her score of 3671. She hurdled 12.83 for 1150 points, 1. 66 meters or five feet, 5.25 inches in the high jump for 806 points, throw the shot put 12.20 meters or 40 feet, one half inch, for 674 points and finished with a screaming 23.38 for 200 meters with 1041 points for the 200 meters!

In fifth place is Bettie Wade of Michigan with 3633 points.

Men's 400 m Intermediate Hurdles

Terry Thorton took the first round here, with his time of 49.54. Justin Gaymon of Georgia was second in 49.64. Robert Griffin of Baylor was in third in 49.74 and Helsinki silver medalist James Carter moved on with fourth in 49.94.

Bershawn Jackson took the second heat in 49.63, running well within himself.

In heat four, Jeshua Anderson ran a nice 49.05, to lead the first round. Running just behind him is Osaka World champion Kerron Clement in 49.13.

The intermediate hurdles is one of my favorite races. It is the combination of speed, endurance and sadism that makes the event a crowd pleaser.

Women's 100 meters, round 2--Marshevet Hooker blasts 10.76! Wind-aided, but number four any conditions!

Well, this one is for the books. Marshevet Hooker got a great start, and blasted a 10.76 for 100 meters, with a 3.4 meters per second wind. In second, Lauryn Williams, who was also running well, ran 10.86! In third was Mechelle Lewis in third in 10.95 and in fourth was Alexandria Anderson in 10.98.

Carmelita Jeter, the bronze medalist from Osaka continued to show her skill in the rounds, running 10.97 with a legal wind. In second was Allyson Felix in 10.98, and in third was Angela Williams in 11.06. Bianca Knight ran 11.07 for fourth. Bianca,
remember, observant readers, is a new professional, who left college midway through her freshman year, ran the number two time EVER for American juniors and the fifth all time in the WORLD for Juniors.

In round three, Torri Edwards, the 2003 world champion, ran a wind aided 10.85, with Muna Lee in 10.89 for second.

If this was round two, consider the possibilities for the semi finals tomorrow. I am going to head over to the barbeque area and sacrifice another goat for a fast women's 100 meter final.

Just for the record, I am staying with my picks for the 100 meter women final-Muna Lee, Lauren Williams and Allyson Felix

Women's Triple Jump-Shani Marks gets a big one

Shani Marks lead the qualifiers with her wind aided 14.34 meters or 47 feet, 3/4 of an inch in the lead. Toni Smith, Simidele Adeagbo both jumped 13.99 meters and Erica McLain was fourth qualifier in 13.96 meters.

American record holder Tiombe Hurd finished 19th and will not move on to the final.

Women's 800 meter rounds

In the 800 meter rounds, Alice Schmidt looked fit, with her 2:03.58 leader. Hazel Clark ran 2:03.65 as the second best qualifier.

Notable performances in the group would be 2006 champion Nicole Teter, who has been training again for about 40 days. NIcole is the sixth qualifier in 2:03.91.

Running fourth in her heat, Laura Roesler, a South Dakota state champion is a high school sophomore, all of sixteen, (not the 15 the announcers noted), ran a fine 2:04.03.

800 meters, Men, round 1

Lopez Lomong, one of my favorites for the 1,500 meters late in this Trials, was the lead qualifier in heat one, with his fine 1:46.93. Nearly catching Lopez, with a brilliant move run from the back of the pack to second was Sam Burley in 1:47.02.

In the second round, Andrew Wheating, the Oregon middle distance star, made a last minute run for it, on the outside and ran 1:47.85. Christian Smith ran his way through the inside lane to take second in 1:47. 97.

In heat three, the go from behind running continued as Nick Symmonds, the former Willhamette college Division 3 stud, ran from fifth to first, running 1:49.01.

Khadevious Robinson, who did not look good, moved on, due to being in the fastest heat. David Krummenacker, the 2003 World Indoor Champion, looked remarkably good, moving on to the semi final.

5,000 Meter Men's qualifying

The first heat of the 5,000 meters came down to a 2:36 last thousand meters. Thomas Morgan of Zap Fitness made a heroic run from the front. Matt Tegankamp, followed by Jon Riley, Bernard Lagat, Adam Goucher, and Josh Rohatinsky followed the 62 second tenth lap with another 62, then another 62, and a final 30 seconds for the 200 meters!
Matt Tegankamp controlled the race, speaking to Jonathan Riley as they ran the last fifty meters. Bernard Lagat, Stephan Pifer, and the toughest man in Portland, Adam Goucher, ran with Josh Rohatinsky and Morgan holding on. Tegankamp ended up running a 13:54.62. Lagat was relaxed, and ran what he had to do.

In the second heat, Chris Solinsky took the lead with one kilometer to go and ran a smart last kilometer. Solinsky ran 62.2, then a 60.3, finishing off with a nice 30.6 for the final 200 meters.

But, Galen Rupp had another idea. To the delight of the Oregon crowd, Galen Rupp ran a fine 28.9 last 200 meters, taking the second round in 13:59.14. Solinsky was second in 13:59.65, with Bobby Curtis in third in 14:00.00.

10,000 meters Women-Flanagan, Goucher duel, Amy Yoder Begley Astounds!

For me, this race began in early April on a trip to the Nike campus. On the soccer pitch near the Mia Hamm building, Alberto Salazar had his athletes out on the grass warming up. Cregg Weinmann and I went over to say hello to Kara as she noted that she was not real fond of the upcoming workout. Alberto smiled. " You're keeping them on the grass so they don't get hurt." I noted. He smiled.

During that five mile tempo run, Amy Yoder Begley and Kara were running 5:20 a mile pace and it was on a cool Oregon morning. I remember writing in my notes that Yoder looked really, really tough.

Tonight in the 10,000 meters, after an early pedestrian pace, Shalane Flanagan took over just after 3 kilometers and upped the ante with a 71 second lap. The pack had been running 79s, with the leader being Magdelena Lewy Boulet. The pace and the front pack
took off, with Kara Goucher following Shalane Flanagan and Amy Yoder Begley holding on, it seemed for dear life.

My compadres in media noted that Amy needed to run the last half of the race in 15:33 and her personal best was only 15:24. And this year, her best run was 15:46! But, somehow, Begley willed herself on. The former NCAA champion moved into the lead with six laps to go and ran the 74 second laps she needed. Yoder pushed and pushed and Goucher and Flanagan followed, ready to pounce.

With two laps to go, Kara Goucher took off, with Shalane Flanagan in pursuit and Amy Yoder Begley holding on. With a lap to go, Flanagan and Goucher were neck and neck and it was looking tough. Flanagan moved, Goucher countered. But, with 300 meters to go, Shalane Flanagan took off and was not to be beat. Goucher did not give up, but Shalane had the race in control, running a nice 62 second last lap!

Shalane Flanagan's 31;34.81 set a new Hayward Field record, breaking the former 31:35 of Mary Slaney run her in 1981, when it was the world record. In second, Kara Goucher ran 31:37.72, running a great race!

In third, willed on by the crowd, Amy Yoder Begley ran a 67.3 last lap and ran a fine 31:43.60 to make the Olympic A standard of 31:45! That to me, was my Olympic Trials moment of the night!

In fourth was Katie McGregor in 32:29.82 and in fifth was Blake Russell in 32:31.07.

Oh, and one more final note on the performances of Lauren Roesser, the high school sophomore who ran 2:04 and moved on in the 800 meters for women; Lauren won the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and 800 meters at the North Dakota one day State meet!

And one final note, at the post race press conference, Kara Goucher noted, " This race is not about Shalane or I. The story of this race is Amy...Amy and I got injured at the same time, we ran against each other...we encouraged each other. I am so happy I am going to Beijing with Amy!"

Well said. And congratulations to Peter Stubbs Management, who represents Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher and Amy Yoder Begley!

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