Shaver in Kawasaki, Japan! The proof! Photo! Comments by Larry Eder


(Jeff Shaver is seen here piloting a super train between Kawasaki and Tokyo. His authoritarian look kept anyone from asking him questions as he boarded the train!)

Way back in 1996, when the internet was the big thing, and the web was that secret little place where the geeks hung out, I sent Mr. Jeff Shaver to the Super Toto meet in Tokyo, Japan.

As many observant athletics enthusiasts realize, the Toto company does bathroom paraphanalia, from talking toilets to remote control bathrooms. Mr. Shaver, at that time, found a toilet larger than himself and sent me a photo of said construction, to prove that he had actually been in Japan.

The Toto company provided a wonderful sampling of their products for the fans, and Mr. Shaver, ever the observant one, provided me with pictures and accompanying descriptions of the various products. If I recall, one machine could floss the consumer's teeth as well as polish said consumer's footwear. I may, however, be having a senior moment.

Jeff did show up in Beijing. His company makes the energy meters that the BOCOG folks used for the various stadia. I assisted him in entering the Bird's Nest and provided Mr. Shaver with a colorful description of several evenings events.

One evening in particular, it was quite late, and Mr. Shaver, Mr. Butcher and Mr. O'Brien and I found a late night eating establishment near the Bird's Nest. It was again, about two in the morning and after some liquid refreshment, I fell fast asleep, waiting for our dinner. I heard a couple of "Snaps" as Mr. Shaver captured my stupor
for the world to see. At this time, the picture has not been published, but I do understand that the bidding has gone quite high.

Thanks again to Jeff for his quick coverage of the Kawasaki Seiko Super Meet!

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