The Chris Turner Saga Continues-Turner has a Theme Song, Comments by Larry Eder


Why is Chris Turner, who is doing his impersonation of Nosferatu, being attacked so unmercifully? This writer suggests several answers....

While Mr. Turner continues to get comments on his attire for the recent WAF meet in Stuttgart, his astute comrade in arms, Nick Davies, was given a music file, dedicated to Mr. Turner, as he enters the various stadia each year. We have that file just above this note. Please listen and savor each and every robust beat!

The continued pummeling of Mr. Turner just means that most track and field writers are a) exhausted, b) a little punchy, c) of course, he is an easy target.

In the future, Mr. Turner will wear his bad weather jacket to all meets, whether hot or cold, a Finnish Flag on one side of his desk, and a javelin boot on the other. This will identify his workspace as sacred, and not to be desecrated by the lowly, the distraught or any members of the print or electronic media.

Please listen to the song, and comment on it a bit for an upcoming column, please?

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