Happy Thanksgiving to all who read this! A holiday note from Larry Eder


I wanted to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all who get runblogrun.com, and thank you for reading my deep thoughts for nearly two years going now..

Without you, our readers, this would not work. I also wanted to thank by brother, Brian Eder, who convinced me two years ago to devote one hour a day, 350 plus days a year, to writing and commenting on the sport that we all love.

Brian is my little brother, four years and three sisters separate us in the my familial food chain. I do not believe that there is a day that goes by that I do not hear from him and he from me. His lady love, Cherri, smiles and laughs, listening to our conversation short hand, but I feel lucky that I have a) a brother and b) one that is there for me, through thick and thin. Cregg Weinmann, our footwear editor, notes that Brian and I are communicate via umbilical cord. I believe that is true.

As many of you know, it has been a challenging year for me in the business world and personally, but I look to 2009 with a very positive feel. You all play a part in that, and your notes, your phone calls and your comments are read and mean a lot to me.

Snow has come to my part of the world and my evening walks in it are punctured by the sound of ice and snow crackling, and the smell of smoke from a neighbor's fireplace tells me that I have a few blocks to walk yet. During those walks, I consider our world, our sport, my friends and family.

One of my professors once said that I was prone to hero worship. That is true. But, for me, my biggest heroes still are my parents, Stan and Marilu Eder, who have lived, loved and raised five children and laughed through fifty-one years of marriage. My father sends me chat messages in the morning, " How is my son?" . I feel lucky. When it is rough night, my mother knows the one am phone call ( it is eleven on the West coast) is from me, checking in, needing to hear her laugh.

Then there is the progeny, Adam. Adam is all of twenty-two and wise beyond his years. He still feels he has to take care of me. A few weeks ago, a text came in, " I am Thor, protector of Humankind." ' I responded that I was father of Thor, how art thou?"
Adam's response was, " Dear father, your responses at three in the morning do concern me..."

Concern is good. I hope that most who read this know that my thoughts in runblogrun.com are all about one theme-concern for a sport that I love and the belief that, we together, can solve the problems of the sport and many in the world.

I choose to be positive about the world. I hope you share that choice.

In closing, a Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thanks for reading runblogrun.com on a daily basis.

A special thanks to Pat Butcher, Bob Ramsak, Alfons Juck, Jim O'Brien, Victah Sailer, Lisa Coniglio, James Dunaway, Walt Murphy and friends for their thoughts and comments.

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