Boston 2009-Update 3, Women tactical, Men Flying, by Larry Eder


Hall and Cheruiyot are running from the front. Robert Cheruiyot, four time winner of Boston, is checking out the pack and Hall is forcing the pace. On the womens side, six miles hit in 35:50, 10k in 37:05, seven miles in 42.20, eight miles in 47.57, nine miles in 53:47. Elva Dryer leading the pack, with de Reuck, Goucher, Grigoryeva, Tune in pack.


Photo by from FLORA London 2008.

Men running 4.48-49 pace, hitting five miles in 23.36, with six miles in 28.26. Clear that Hall knows how to cut tangents, running straight a line as possible. Averaging 4;46 a mile pace! Men's 10k hit in 29:28, and seven miles in 33:21. It is 4.54 page. Eight miles hit in 38:16, 15k hit in 44.44. A 2:05.44 pace. Pack of twelve.

Mens' race and women's races are totally different events. Hall and Cheruiyot are busting the pace open, now on 2:04.24 pace. The women's race is not at 55:39 (15k), ten miles in 59:47, again pretty tactical. Tune, Goucher, Grigoryeva all in tow.

The 2009 Boston marathon is becoming grand opera. On the men's side, the pack is at ten and will continue to drop until Hall, Cheruiyot and the great surprise are there. Good race for Brian Sell to be sitting back. We will not see him until 23 miles.

Photo by ( from FLORA London 2008)

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