2009 Outdoor Schedule, Updated by Walt Murphy, Note by Larry Eder


For over three decades, Walt Murphy has provided us with the most timely information on major calendar events, Indoor and cross country minutae, plus Eastern Track and XC Xpress. If you would like to get a sub to either publication, email Walt at [email protected].

2009 Outdoor Schedule
Below is the schedule for the remainder of the year(U.S. & International). Please send any additions/corrections t
o [email protected]

*-H.S. meet or includes high school events; C-College, O-Open, M-Masters

Some meet notes for this weekend:

Reebok Grand Prix
May 30--http://reebokgrandprix.com/

High Performance Coaches, Athletes & Interested Parties,

Beginning Saturday, the Indiana Invaders will host a series of race opportunities specifically designed to serve athletes seeking national and international level qualifying marks with emphasis on the 800, 1500 & 3000S with one date for a 5,000. (May 30, June 13,17,20)

The races will be held on the stadium track in Indianapolis (site of the 2006 & 2007 USA Outdoor Nationals and last years outstanding AMC HP Series).
The race schedule will be designed to maximize High Performance Opportunities with plans built in to avoid any unexpected adverse weather.

The races will generally have rabbits targeting desired times and multiple fast sections are planned with rabbits to maximize opportunities for fast times. Contact Greg Harger for more information. [email protected] 317-289-4018

NCAA Div.I Regionals
Div.I Central--http://www.ustfccca.org/division-i
29-30 NCAA Div.I East Regional-Greensboro,NC http://tinyurl.com/osyaj2
29-30 NCAA Div.I Mid-East Regional-Louisville,KY http://tinyurl.com/opwrua
29-30 NCAA Div.I Midwest Regional-Norman,OK http://tinyurl.com/2nv6ng
29-30 NCAA Div.I West Regional-Eugene,OR http://tinyurl.com/3fufz

28-30 * Illinois H.S. State Meet(Boys)-Charleston,IL (Girls May 21-23) http://www.ihsa.org/
29-30 * Kansas H.S. State Meet-Wichita,KS www.kshsaa.org/TRACK/tfstate.html
29-30 * Missouri H.S. State Meet(3A-4A)-Jefferson City (1A-2A May 22-23) http://mo.milesplit.us/
29-30 * Montana H.S. State Meet--AA/B-Kalispell, A/C-Butte www.mhsa.org/
29-30 NACAC Combined Events Champ.-?,Cuba (North America-Central America) www.nacac.sportcentric.com/
29-30 * New Hampshire H.S. Class Champ.-TBA www.lancertiming.com
29-30 * South Dakota H.S. State Meet-Various SItes www.sdhsaa.com/athletics/track/trackmain.asp
29-30 * Virginia H.S. State AAA Meet-Newport News? va.milesplit.com/
29-30 * Washington H.S. State Meet-Tacoma (2A-4A) http://www.watfxc.com
30 30th USA/Freihofer’s Women’s 5k-Albany,NY www.freihofersrun.com/
30 American Milers Club High Performance Track & Field Series I-Indianapolis,IN
800, 1500, 3000SC & 5,000 [email protected] 317-289-4018
30 * Golden South H.S. Classic-Orlando,FL http://www.goldensouth.com/default.aspx
30 IAAF Race Walking Challenge-Krakow,Poland www.iaaf.org
30 * Michigan H.S. State Meet-TBA www.mhsaa.com/games/index.html http://runmichigan.com/
30 Potomac Valley All-Comers, Falls Church,VA 8:30am http://www.pvtc.org/
30 * Reebok Grand Prix-IcahnStadium-Randall’s Island,NY http://www.reebokgrandprix.com/
30-31 Hypo Meeting-Gotzis, Austria (IAAF World Combined Events Challenge)
30-31 * Santa Barbara (Ca.) Multis HS,O,M http://tinyurl.com/yx5cly
30-31 USATF Arizona Assn. Champ.-Mesa,AZ Y,O,M http://www.usatf.org/assoc/az/

1 * Lenox Fast Times Jamboree-Warwick,NY 5pm-9pm http://ny.milesplit.us/meets/44555
1 THALES Fanny Blanker-Koen Games-Hengelo, Netherlands http://tinyurl.com/ueq2w
1-3 * Connecticut H.S. Class Champ.-Various Sites www.mysportsresults.com
3 * New Jersey All-Group(State Meet)-So.Plainfield,NJ? www.monmouth.com/~scullion/
4-6 * Great Southwest Classic-Albuquerque,NM (Multis 4-5) www.greatsouthwesttrackandfieldclassic.com/ AND www.dyestat.com
5 Pennsylvania Distance Classic-West Chester,Pa (800 and up plus shot put/discus) www.hendersontrackxc.com. Kevin Kelly 610-436-2468
5-6 38th Washington H.S. Combined Events Champ.-Lake Stevens H.S. http://www.wastatedecahept.com/State_Deca-Hept/Welcome.html
5-6 * California H.S. State Meet-Clovis www.dyestatcal.com/
5-7 CISM Military World Games-Sofia, Bulgaria www.cism-milsport.org/eng/welcome.html
5-6 * Indiana H.S. State Meet-Bloomington,IN (Boys-5, Girls-6) http://www.ihsaa.org/
5-6 * Minnesota H.S. State Meet-St.Paul,MN www.mshsl.org/mshsl/activitypage.asp?actnum=422
5-6 * Ohio H.S. State Meet-Columbus,OH www.ohsaa.org/sports/tf/default.asp
5-6 * Texas H.S. State Meet-Austin (postponed from May due to flu scare) www.uil.utexas.edu/athletics/track_field/
5-6 * Wisconsin H.S. State Meet-LaCrosse www.wiaawi.org/
6 * 23rd Annual New Jersey International T&F Meet- Bob Roggy Memorial Field at Holmdel (N.J.) H.S., HS,C. O http://www.shoreac.org/ Elliott Denman 732-222-9080 [email protected]
6 * Boys & Girls Eastern Inv.-Iona Prep, New Rochelle,NY http://ny.milesplit.us/meets/51308 Jan Mitchell 914-632-0714
6 * Maine H.S. State Meet-TBA http://www.sub5.com/pvctrack/home.htm
6 * Massachusetts H.S. State Meet -Fitchburg State www.miaa.net/ http://www.coolrunning.com
6 * New Hampshire H.S. Meet of Champions-Durham (Univ.New Hampshire) www.lancertiming.com
6 * Rhode Island H.S. State Meet-Providence(Brown U.) www.ritca.com/
6 USATF Florida Assn. Champ.--Clermont,FL All age groups 9am http://www.usat-ntc.com/event_track.php Don DeNoon 352-241-7144 ext 4206 [email protected]
6 USATF Inland Northwest Assn. Champ.--Cheney,WA http://sites.google.com/site/inlandnwtrackandfield/ Mike Hinz (509) 332-1168
6 * Vermont H.S. State Meet-Various Sites http://bsdweb.bsdvt.org/~pdvorak/tfweb/
6-7 IAAF World Combined Events Challenge-Arles,France www.iaaf.org
7 Prefontaine Classic-Eugene,OR http://www.preclassic.com Tom Jordan 541-687-1989 [email protected]
7 * PSAL Champ.-Icahn Stadium/Randalls Island,NY (NY City public schools) 9:00am-6pm www.armorytrack.com
7 USATF Minnesota Assn. Open & Masters Champ.-St.Paul,MN(Hamline) http://www.raceberryjam.com/indexod.html [email protected]
7 USATF North Regional-St.Paul,MN (Hamline) http://www.usatf.org/assoc/ozark/
8 * Connecticut H.S. Open Champ.-New Britain,CT http://www.mysportsresults.com
8 Josef Oldozil Memorial-Prague,CZE www.iaaf.org Miroslav Sevcik [email protected]
9 NY Road Runners Club Tuesday Night Speed Series-Icahn Stadium/Randalls Island,NY 7pm http://nyrr.org/
10 Olympic Meeting-Thessaloniki,Greece www.iaaf.org
10 Victoria Int’l Classic-Victoria, BC www.trackclassic.com/ Brent Fougner Ph: 250-721-8408
Fax: 250-721-8956 Email: [email protected]
10-13 NCAA Div.I Championships-Fayetteville,AR http://www.hogwired.com
12 Kajaks Int’l Classic--Richmond,British Columbia www.kajaks.org/events/kajaksinternational.htm Richard Collier [email protected]
12 Primo Nebiolo Memorial-Turin,Italy http://www.memorialprimonebiolo.org/enterpage.aspx [email protected]
12-14 Florida Sunshine State Games--Polk County,FL www.flasports.com [email protected] (786) 315-5225
12-13 * New York H.S. State Meet-Cicero-North H.S., www.armorytrack.com OR www.tullyrunners.com
12-13 * NY City Empire Games Trials-Icahn Stadium, Randall’s Island,NY www.armorytrack.com [email protected]
13 American Milers Club High Performance Track & Field Series II-Indianapolis,IN 800 & 1500 & 3000SC [email protected] 317-289-4018
13 * Golden West Inv.-Folsom,Ca (Folsom H.S. www.goldenwestinvitational.org/ (916)983-4622
13 * Midwest Distance Gala-Lisle, IL http://www.midwestdistancegala.com/
13 * New England H.S. Champ.-Burlington,VT cnesspa.ezstream.com/ www.coolrunning.com
13 * New England H.S. Championships-TBA
13 * Portland Track Festival-Portland,OR http://tinyurl.com/3cftlf
13 Potomac Valley All-Comers, Falls Church,VA 8:30am http://www.pvtc.org/
13 * Senior Spotlight Meet-Cedar Falls, IA (IA, NE, KS, IL) HS http://www.wistca.org/spotlight/index.html
14 68th ISTAF ‘09-Berlin,Germany http://www.istaf.de/start.php?lang=en Gerhard Janetzky/Peter Stastny [email protected]
14 Harry Jerome Inv.-Burnaby, British Columbia www.harryjerome.com/ [email protected]
14 Indiana USATF Champ.-Indianapolis,IN http://www.inusatf.org/ 812-237-4044
16 Abbotsford Int’l Classic-Abbotsford,British Columbia http://international.valleyroyals.org/index.htm Gerry Swan [email protected]
16 NY Road Runners Club Tuesday Night Speed Series-Icahn Stadium/Randalls Island,NY 7pm http://nyrr.org/
16-17 * Connecticut H.S. Multi-Events(and Steeple,Hammer)-Willowbrook Park,CT http://www.mysportsresults.com
17 American Milers Club High Performance Track & Field Series III -Indianapolis,IN 800,1500 [email protected] 317-289-4018
17 * Atascadero (Ca.) All-Comers date tentative Harra Marra (805) 462-0306
17 IAAF Grand Prix-Ostrava, CZE http://tinyurl.com/pfaoq [email protected]
18-20 * Nike Outdoor Nationals-Greensboro,NC http://www.nationalscholastic.org/nikeoutdoor/ [email protected]
20 Alabama Sports Festival-Hoover,AL http://www.alagames.com/index.php?page=sport_trak
20 American Milers Club High Performance Track & Field Series IV-Indianapolis,IN [email protected] 317-289-4018
20 Grand Canyon State Games--Mesa,AZ http://www.gcsg.org/events/summergames/index.php http://www.usatf.org/assoc/az/
20 USATF Connecticut Assn. Champ.-New Haven,Ct (Southern Connecticut) http://www.usatf-ct.org/trackfield/trackfield.htm
20-21 IAAF World Combined Events Challenge-Ratingen,Germany www.iaaf.org
20-21 USATF-NJ Open Champ.-Pomona,NJ (Stockton State) http://www.usatfnj.org/ 732-296-0006 [email protected]
21 USATF New England Champ.-Cambridge,Ma(MIT)) www.usatfne.org/track/index.html
21 * USATF Three Rivers Assn. Champ.-California,PA http://www.usatf.org/assoc/threerivers/ Rubin Carter ([email protected])
24 * Atascadero (Ca.) All-Comers date tentative Harra Marra (805) 462-0306
24-28 * USATF Senior & Junior Champ.-Eugene,OR SENIORS: http://tinyurl.com/6dtn68JUNIORS: http://tinyurl.com/6q46xb 317-261-0500
25-28 Canadian Senior Champ.-Toronot http://athleticscanada.com/main.asp
25-28 U.S. Championships-Eugene,OR http://tinyurl.com/3fufz
26-28 Jamaica National Championships-Kingston www.iaaf.org Howard Aris [email protected]
27 * 4th Annual Cliff Wiley Classic-Kansas City,KS (ages 7-18) http://www.cliffwileytrackclassic.net/ [email protected] 913-484-5861
27-28 * Delaware State Games-Wilmington,De www.delawaresports.com/
28-30 Int’l High Jump Meeting-Eberstadt,Germany http://www.hochsprung-eberstadt.com/
30 EAA Permit Meeting-Lille/Villeneuve,France http://www.meetinglillemetropole.com/ Georges Pochon [email protected]
30-5 * USATF Youth Athletics Champ.-Ypsilanti,MI (World Youth Trials 30-1) http://tinyurl.com/5t5gwm WY Trials-http://tinyurl.com/83pf76 317-261-0500
1 Aileen Meagher Int’l Classic-Halifax,Nova Scotia http://athleticscanada.com/main.asp
1 * Atascadero (Ca.) All-Comers date tentative Harra Marra (805) 462-0306
3 Bislett Games/Oslo, Norway http://www.bislettgames.com/english/index.html Sven Arne Hansen [email protected]
3-5 CAC Senior Champo.-?,Cuba (Central America & Caribbean) www.nacac.sportcentric.com/
4 58th Cork City Sports-Cork, Ireland www.corkcitysports.ie/corkcitysports/Main/Home.htm
4 Madrid Int’l-Spain www.iaaf.org Jose Luis de Carlos [email protected]
4 Peachtree 10k Road Race Atlanta,GA http://www.atlantatrackclub.org/at02000.htm
5 Int’l-Budapest,Hungary
5 Znamensky Memorial-Tula, Russia www.iaaf.org
8 * Atascadero (Ca.) All-Comers date tentative Harra Marra (805) 462-0306
8-12 IAAF World Youth Championships-Bressanone,Italy http://iaaf.org/wyc09/index.html
9 * All-Comers--Hayward Field-Eugene,OR 5:00pm www.oregontrackclub.com
9-12 USATF Masters Champ.-Oshkosh,WI http://tinyurl.com/5jby4f Rolland Ranson
Email: [email protected] Phone: 207-581-1077
10 Golden Gala-Rome,Italy http://www.goldengala.it/index.eng.php Luigi D’Onofrio [email protected]
12 Boilermaker 15k-Utica,NY http://boilermaker.com/
13 Athens Grand Prix-Athens, Greece ww.iaaf.org
15-25 FISU World University Games-Belgrade, Serbia
16 * All-Comers--Hayward Field-Eugene,OR 5:00pm www.oregontrackclub.com
17-19 Canadian Junior Championships-Prince Edward Island http://athleticscanada.com/main.asp
17-18 USATF Club Champ.-Icahn Stadium, Randall’s Island,NY www.usatf.org
18 * 23rd Annual Cliff Wiley Classic-Baltimore,MD (ages 7-18) http://www.cliffwileytrackclassic.net/ [email protected] 913-484-5861
17 Gaz de France-Paris/St.Denis, France www.athle.gdfsuez.com/en/meeting_2008/ Gerard Rousselle [email protected]
18 Night of Athletics-Heusden,Belgium http://www.kbcnacht.be/
18-25 * ESPN RISE Sports Festival-Lake Buena Vista,FL (Disney) http://tinyurl.com/dooos (407) 828-FANS(3267)
20 Gugl Meeting-Linz, Austria www.gugl-meeting.at/eng/index.php Percy Hersch [email protected]
22 * Atascadero (Ca.) All-Comers date tentative Harra Marra (805) 462-0306
22-26 * Empire State Games-Binghamton,NY (Info updated shortly) http://www.empirestategames.org/summer/default.asp
23 * All-Comers--Hayward Field-Eugene,OR 5:00pm www.oregontrackclub.com
24-25 Norwich Union British Grand Prix-London, England www.ukathletics.net Ian Stewart [email protected]
24-26 * Russell E. Blunt East Coast H.S. Inv.-Durham,NC (Duke) www.durhamstriders.com/
25 Int’l-Barcelona, Spain
28 Meeting Herculis-Monte Carlo http://www.herculis.com/_herculis/herculis.php?lg=en
28-2 * USATF Junior Olympics-Greensboro,NC http://tinyurl.com/5jzx38
29 * Atascadero (Ca.) All-Comers date tentative Harra Marra (805) 462-0306
30 * All-Comers--Hayward Field-Eugene,OR 5:00pm www.oregontrackclub.com
30-2 Hershey’s Games-Hershey,Pa www.hersheystrackandfield.com/meet/key-dates.aspx
31 DN Galan-Stockholm, Sweden http://www.dngalan.com/main/lang-en Rajne Soderberg [email protected]
31-2 * Pan-American Junior Championships-Tobago Past Winners(through 2005) http://www.gbrathletics.com/ic/paj.htm
1-9 Nutmeg State Games-Danbury,CT http://www.nutmegstategames.org/ http://www.usatf-ct.org/trackfield/trackfield.htm
3-8 AAU Junior Olympics-Des Moines,IA (Multis 8-1/2 http://www.aaujrogames.org/trackfield.php
6 * All-Comers--Hayward Field-Eugene,OR 5:00pm www.oregontrackclub.com
9 Falmouth (Ma.) Road Race (Mile/7.1 miles) htp://www.falmouthroadrace.com/
15-29 Canada Games-Prince Edward Island (T&F during 2nd week) http://www.2009canadagames.ca/en/
15-23 IAAF World Championships-Berlin, Germany http://iaaf.org/WCH09/index.html
16 NYC Half-Marathon 7:30am http://nyrr.org/races/2008/nychalf/index.asp
28 Weltklasse-Zurich,Switzerland IAAF Golden League http://www.weltklasse.ch/en/index.html
31 Norwich Union British GP-Gateshead, England IAAF Grand Prix www.ukathletics.net/ Ian Stewart [email protected]
4 Van Damme Memorial-Brussels,Belgium www.memorialvandamme.be Wilfried Meert [email protected]
6 Int’l-Rieti, Italy www.rietimeeting.com Sandro Giovannelli [email protected]
7 Athletissima-Lausanne,Switzerland http://www.athletissima.ch Jacky Delapierre [email protected]
12-13 IAAF World Athletics Final-Thessaloniki,Greece http://iaaf.org/waf09/index.html
19 IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final-Saransk,Russia www.iaaf.org
19-20 Decastar-Talence,France (Multis) IAAF World Combined Events Challenge www.decastar.info/
20 Continental Airlines 5th Avenue Mile-NY City http://nyrr.org/
20 Real-Berlin Marathon-Berlin, Germany www.scc-events.com/events/berlin_marathon/2009/

11 Chicago Marathon-Chicago,IL www.chicagomarathon.com/
11 IAAF World 1/2-Marathon Championships-Birmingham,England http://iaaf.org/whm09/index.html

1 ING NYC Marathon www.nyrr.org/nyrrc/org/home.html
26 Manchester Road Race-Manchester,NH http://www.manchesterroadrace.com/

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