adidas Track Classic, Complete Results by, Event by Event Commentary by Larry Eder


In our sports, we need places where we can celebrate the sport. Most of the time we call them track meets, athletics meets. I call them positive sanctuaries. These are the places I go to watch our sport, celebrate our sport. It is hard for me when I do not see the stands completely full. It is like the athletes, coaches and fans know the truth-our sport is exciting, our sport is about watching our heroes run, jump and throw. And competed they did in the adidas Track Classic.

This was the first years since 2004 I have missed adidas Track Classic, so I had to watch it over ESPN2. I twittered away on what I saw over the tube, but it took most of last night to get my notes from the meet, from friends who were my eyes.

I have added the complete results and my observations, along with quotes on the meet, courtesy of our friends at USATF. So, here we go!


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The adidas Track Classic, held in Carson on May 16, is the unofficial opening of the outdoor season for this track fan. I look at the meet to see the new discoveries, who is back, who is going to be on the radar, and who needs some work to be ready in less than one month four our US championships.

Men's 100 meters

Darvis Patton, aka Doc, showed that he is a tough competitor, and how he continues to confuse me if he is better over 200 meters or 100 meters. Patton was in fourth at 70 meters, and he actually fought for the next thirty meters, one stride after another, moving to third, then second, then first, and winning in a nice 10.12 over a tough field. Strange start though, as Yohan Blake, a young Jamaican find, stood straight up, thinking that it was another false start.

Doc is one of our sports most enduring athletes. He is always thoughtful, and it is obvious that the guy loves the sport and loves to race. Patton is good for our sport. Darvis shows that staying focused, working hard, and never giving up is a good life lesson. This is what Doc had to say: "I was happy to come out and win against this great competition. Beating the Olympic silver medalist is always good, but the whole field was strong. Coming out with a victory is always good. It's a good indicator and a confidence booster."

Men's 200 meters


LaShawn Merritt, the 2008 gold medalist from Beijing at 400 meters, is healthy and ready to roll! His race at 200 meters today showed he is on the road to Berlin!

LaShawn Merritt said he needed " a little speedwork". Well, Merritt was firing on all cylinders, as he got out well, and came off the turn striding out like a 400 meter runner. Merritt just did not win, but he blew the field apart, winning in a fine 20.07. Merritt won by.65 over Xavier Carter, who ran 20.75.

In a question from Dwight Stones, LaShawn made it abundantly clear that he will not be doubling in Berlin WC 2009. " I am focusing on the 400 meters."

Merritt noted to USATF afterwards,: "Before the race my calf was cramping a little bit. I didn't get out as hard because of it. It was a little sluggish. I was just going to build into it. I came off the curve and had the strength to hold."

Merritt is running the 400 meters at the Reebok GP 2009, and then the 300 meters at Nike Pre on June 7. One of the most exciting duels of 2009-Merritt vs. Wariner is going to get hot!

Men's 400 meters


Running with a confidence not seen in the past year, Jeremy Wariner got out well, and hit the 200 meters in just over 21 seconds. But, it was his next 100 meters, around the turn, what I used to call the patented MJ run, where Wariner showed he is running with a returned ferocity. Coming off the turn, Wariner had the race under control, and ran well on a windy day, with a fine 44.66.

When interviewed after the race, Wariner told Dwight Stones of ESPN2 that he was trying to get back to where he used to be. That is great for track fans, and good for Jeremy. In an interview with rbr ( back in March, Wariner made it very clear that he wanted to race again.

The 2008 season was tough for Wariner. He changed coaches, and had constant criticism about that. Most important for Wariner, he had real competition, in LaShawn Merritt. In 2008, Wariner and Merritt dueled over 400 meters, and in the two most important races of the year, Merritt defeated Wariner. Looking at his demeanor after the races, I think Wariner was in shock. The truth is this: no matter who you are, in our sport, it about what happens in your current competition.

In the final analysis, this may have been the best thing to happen to Wariner. Jeremy is training well, he is back with Coach Clyde Hart, and he is racing with a new found enthusiasm. Jeremy Wariner executed like he did in 2005. It was fun watching him churn up the track over the third hundred meters.

Wariner had this to say in the mixed zone: "I executed better than I should have. Right now I'm just focusing on every part of the race. I recently got back with my old coach (Clyde Hart). Coach Ford is a wonderful coach. Experience made the difference. I went back with Coach Hart."

Men's 1,500 meters

The wind played a big part in this race, although the pace was fast-56.75 at 400 meters, 800 meters in 1:55, and 1,100 meters in 2:40. Christian Hesch took the pace out, as a rabbit. Bernard Lagat, Lopez Lomong, Chris Lukesic, Nate Brannen and Peter
van der Westhuizen.


As Lagat come off the final lap, Nate Brannen and Peter van der Westhuizen were in tow, with Lagat clearly running well. Bernard Lagat ran the final lap in 56 seconds, with Nate Brannen and Peter van der Westhuizen back about a second. Will Leer, who ran so well in the US trials finished fourth place.

Lagat had these comments: "I am really pleased with winning. I was feeling good all the way. Even at the bell I wanted to go. So I had to wait, wait, wait. So I went at about 150 and it worked out."

Men's 5,000 meters


In a tight race, Dejen Gebremeskal and Alistair Cragg, former Razorback, dueled over a windy 5k, both in 13:16. Scotty Bauhs took third in 13:38.


Ian Dobson, 2008 Olympian, 5k, and Scotty Bauhs, new pro runner finished sixth and third, respectively, in the men's 5,000 meters.

Men's 110m hurdles

You have to appreciate Terrance Trammell. Terrance has won medals in World Champs, Olympics and is one of the best players in the high hurdles game. In this effort, Terrance got out well, and hurdled well, sensing Antwon Hicks on his shoulder. Trammell held Hicks over the last three hurdles, with Terrance taking the win, 13.39 to 13.45.

Trammell commented on his race : "I'm happy with the win. I feel good. I'm looking to do some big things. Things are working out really well."

Men's 400m hurdles

This was a fascinating race. In the race, Felix Sanchez, the 2004 Olympic gold medalist, and Angelo Taylor, the 2000 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist plus the 2008 Olympic silver medalist, Kerron Clement were entered.

Clement is one of the most talented athletes in our sport. Angelo Taylor beat Clement in the Olympics last year, as Clement had a weakness: over the last few hurdles, Clement tended to slow down.

Well, Kerron has obviously worked on hurdles eight and nine. Running a bit slower out of the blocks, Clement came upon Taylor and Sanchez, who went out very fast. Note that this was the first time that Sanchez had been healthy since 2006, and he was running his first 400m hurdle race of the year. Kerron came off the last turn with a slight lead, and continued to hurdle well, and as Taylor made his move past Sanchez, and moved along Clement, that was as far as Taylor would get--Kerron held on for the win, in 48.38 to 48.70. James Carter ended up fifth.

"I'm really happy to come out and compete against the top guys like Angelo (Taylor) and James Carter. I just stayed focused on myself and came up with the win. I knew something was wrong after the 7th hurdle. I just took it regardless. I was a 110 hurdler so I know how to adjust. I just didn't let it affect me at all." noted Kerron Clement after wards.

Men's Long Jump

Dwight Philips won the gold in Athens in 2004, and won the gold in Helsinki in 2005, in the long jump. In 2007, Dwight won the bronze medal in the long jump. In an interview in Osaka after his event, Dwight told the assembled media that he would be back in Beijing. It, unfortunately, did not work out that way.


2009 has been quite different. First, he jumps 27-11 1/2 in the long jump. Two weeks ago, he ran 10.06 for 100 meters, his personal best! And at the adidas Track Classic, Dwight jumped 27-5 1/4 on his first jump and that was it! Phillips won the event!

Dwight told the media after wards, : "I'm satisfied with the win today. I wanted to do a lot better. I already have the world leading jump but it was a little windy out here. I am coming out to redeem myself and win the World Championships."

Men's Discus

Throwing injury free after a stomach muscle tear, Ian Waltz won here, with a throw of 61.70m. Jarred Rome was second with a throw of 61.59m, Adam Kuehl was third in 60.64m.

Ian Waltz spoke to the media about his win after the competition, noting: "I'm just happy to be healthy. Last year at the (Olympic) Trials I tore my abductor muscle in my stomach. I'm finally throwing pain free.I feel like I'm a month or two behind where I need to be but that's okay because World's are in August."

Women's 100 meters


This was the day of false starts. Bianca Knight was disqualified from a false start. In the final, Carmelita Jeter, who had a tremendous 2007, and then an oh so close 2008, is starting off 2009, taking the win in 11.09. Muna Lee was second in 11.22, and Stephanie Durst, in third, had the same time. Kelly-Anne Baptiste was fourth.

Jeter noted, : "The race was a little scary with so many false starts and someone getting kicked out of the race. My coach and I have been working on coming back and keeping my composure. I'm usually the one that lays back in the blocks. This time I didn't do that."

Women's 200 meters


Allyson Felix had an okay start, but took control of this race as she blistered the turn, running into a negative win of -1.9ms. She stormed off the turn, and Felix was in control, striding down the back stretch, taking the win in 22.66. Sanya Richards took second in 23.03, with Shalonda Solomon in third and Bianca Knight in fourth.

Allyson Felix commented on her nice run like this: "I'm just pleased to get out there and have a good performance. I had hoped it would be a little faster than it was. I always try to run home strong.It's really special to run here. This is the only time many of my family members will get to see me run."

I have been lucky enough to watch Allyson Felix since she was a sophomore in high school. One of the truly class acts of our sport, Felix is thrilling to watch race. She runs the 200 meters as her main race. In my humble opinion, someday, we will see her run her perfect distance: and that would be a complete lap around the track. Her foray at the distance this year, is the world leader. To read an interview we did of Allyson, please check

Women's 400 meters


Natasha Hastings, who is training with Coach Bob Kersee and his athletes Kerron Clement and Allyson Felix, ran a smart race. Novlene Williams went out hard, with Hastings right behind. Williams and Hastings came off the turn, and it was Natasha Hastings who ran down the field and took the race with her 51.46.

Hastings said, after the race: "I'm used to running out hard. I got out pretty good. Once I came off the final turn. I gave it all I makes me feel good that I can run well with one shoe and then run well with both shoes on this week."

Women's 1,500 meters

Off a pedestrian pace, Kenia Sinclair, Marina Muncan, Mestawot Tadesse, Malindi Elmore, Erin Donahue and Lindsay Gallo took off with seven hundred meters to go. First it was Mestawot Tadesse, then Kenia Sinclair took off, running a 63 second last lap, and that was what she needed, winning in 4:13.16. Then, there was a mass finish, with nine runners in 1.4 seconds.


Marina Muncan took second in 4:13.43, Mestawot Tadesse took third in 4:13.69, Amy Mortimer in fourth in 4.13.85, Malindi Elmore in fifth and Erin Donahue in sixth.

Running a smart race, and in the battle until the last two hundred meters was Jordan Hasay, who finished 11th in 4:16.92. Hasay, five weeks before her high school state meet, ran a smart race. Next fall for Hasay, she will be living in Eugene, Oregon, as a Duck.

Women's 5,000 meters

This race was all about the run for an AR by Shalane Flanagan. In her indoor season, Shalane had battled to the finish at the Reebok GP, setting a new indoor AR. A great field was put together, lead by Ejegayehu Dibaba, Sally Kipyego, Aheza Kiros and Shalane Flanagan. Along with Jenn Rhines and Carrie Tollefson.


Alas, it was not to be. Christian Wurth Thomas, coming back from the 800 meters, helped with the pacing through 1200 meters. By 2,000 meters, Flanagan was seven second behind and by 3k, Shalane was out of the main race.


Having a bad race in the sprints is one thing. Having a bad day over 12.5 laps is another level of hell. Flanagan just had a bad race in windy conditions, nothing more, nothing less. Aheza Kiros, on the other hand, was having a very good day on the track. Yin and Yang. It's what makes our sport fascinating.

In the end, it came down to Ejegayehu Dibaba and Aheza Kiros following Sally Kipyego. Aheza Kiros took over from Ejegayehu in second and then took the lead. Aheza Kiros was running well. Known more for her road forays, Kiros took the win in this race, running a nice 14:56.33. Ejebayehu Dibaba stayed on for second, running 15:07.45 with Sally Kipyego, in one of her first professional races, taking third in 15:09.03. Shalane Flanagan finished in fourth in 15:10.86. Jennifer Rhines finished fourth in 15:36.09. Carrie Tollefson took sixth in 15:52.38.

Women's steeplechase

Anne Willard won the U.S. Olympic Trials steeplechase last year. It was a tremendous race. At the Olympics, Jenny Barringer, one place ahead of Willard, set the new AR for the steeplechase.

Ann ran to a nice win at the steeplechase with a 9:26.85, her second best time, I believe. Lindsay Anderson was second in 9:37.88 and Lindsay Allen was third in 9:47.21.


Willard is now training at Mammouth under the watchful eyes of Terrance Mahon. This writer met Anne and Ian Dobson in Boston after the marathon. Willard won the road mile there, in windy conditions, and looked great. Her 1,500 m racing will help her run faster.

In the conditions, Willards' run was probably a 9:19-20 in regular conditions. Watch Willard, Anderson and Barringer at the US championships. Anne commented : "It was good today. I was kind of going for a PR. I'm a little disappointed. I respond to competition a lot more than running out there by myself. I need someone breathing down my neck.I did well today, it's a good opener."

Good opener indeed. The U.S. may have a few steeplechasers now!

Women's 100m hurdles


Last summer, Dawn Harper ran her perfect race in the final of the women's 100m hurdles in Beijing, taking the gold medal! She had not won an elite race all year. At the adidas meet, Dawn got out well, after the false starts, and did not look back, holding off Perdita Felician and Michelle Perry, who were second and third. Dawn ran 12.78.

The race was further complicated by the two-three false starts. Dawn made this observation after her race:" We restarted it seemed like 3 times, so I had to get refocused. My start was okay. I thought I was flat a couple in the middle. I knew I had to leave it all on the line at the end with Perdita (Felicien) and that's what I did. The time may not show it, but I'm ready for strong competition."

Women's Pole Vault


One of the little secrets at the adidas Track Classic is the pole vault conditions. For the past two years, Jenn Stuczynski set American records. This year, with a runway harder than in past years, and windy conditions, Stuczynski had some challenges. It took her two attempts at 15-2. By 15-7, she was on form, her hip height was good, and she was focused. On her next height, she went for 4.93m, or 16-2. Her first attempt, Jenn hit the bar with her leg. On the second attempt, using a new pole, Jenn had good hip height, but hit the bar again. On her third attempt, she did not use the new pole aggressively, got good hip height, but hit the bar with her leg.


Stuczynski noted: "I'm a little disappointed. I should have had 4.93m with the pole I was on. It's early. I love coming to LA and competing at the adidas meet. I'm looking for a little more consistency. I feel stronger. I'm definitely a lot stronger."

Watch Jenn Stuczynski this summer. There is new AR written all over this competition.

Final thoughts: The adidas meet is all about the competition. A great meet in LA and NY are important for our sport. However, the challenge for our sport is to a) communicate the excitement of our sport to a populace spoon fed reality TV, made for TV pretend sports b) manage a few great events well on TV, web and print c) create heroes and d) show that our sport is the answer to the concern about youth obesity, and a no brainer way to cut healthcare costs.

Special thanks to Victah Sailer of for the photos, Chuck Bartlett for converting photos for moi, adidas and GAM for sponsoring the meet.

To reach me, try [email protected]

Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
100 Metres - M
Official Results - Men - 100 Metres - Summary Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Darvis Patton USA 10.12 6
2 Daniel Bailey ANT 10.14 4
3 Steve Mullings JAM 10.19 2
4 Derrick Atkins BAH 10.19 1

Official Results - Men - 100 Metres - Race1 - Wind : -0.7 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Darvis Patton USA 10.12 6
2 Daniel Bailey ANT 10.14 4
3 Steve Mullings JAM 10.19 2
4 Derrick Atkins BAH 10.19 1
5 Travis Padgett USA 10.21
6 Richard Thompson TRI 10.22
7 Leroy Dixon USA 10.27
Yohan Blake JAM DNF

Official Results - Men - 100 Metres - Race2 - Wind : -0.5 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark
1 Marcus Brunson USA 10.24
2 Trell Kimmons USA 10.29
3 Aaron Armstrong TRI 10.45
3 Jason Smoots USA 10.45
5 Bennie Robinson USA 10.49
6 Mattew Bruno USA 10.59
7 Brent Gray USA 10.60
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
200 Metres - M
Official Results - Men - 200 Metres - Wind : -0.5 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 LaShawn Merritt USA 20.07
2 Xavier Carter USA 20.71
3 Kelly Willie USA 20.73
4 Damein White USA 20.74
5 Rodney Martin USA 20.75
6 Shawn Crawford USA 20.82
7 Bernard Williams USA 21.11
Reggie Witherspoon USA DQ
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
400 Metres - M
Official Results - Men - 400 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Jeremy Wariner USA 44.66 6
2 Chris Brown BAH 45.03 4
3 Renny Quow TRI 45.05 2
4 Darold Williamson USA 45.63 1
5 Greg Nixon USA 45.67
6 Lionel Larry USA 45.88
7 Andretti Bain BAH 46.32
8 Ricardo Chambers JAM 46.72
9 Craig Everhart USA 47.39
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
1500 Metres - M
Official Results - Men - 1500 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Bernard Lagat USA 3:36.38 6
2 Nathan Brannen CAN 3:37.03 4
3 Peter van der Westhuizen RSA 3:38.29 2
4 Lopez Lomong USA 3:39.21 1
5 Will Leer USA 3:39.69
6 Boaz Kiplagat Lalang KEN 3:39.90
7 Steve Sherer USA 3:39.97
8 Evan Jager USA 3:40.60
9 Pablo Solares MEX 3:42.88
10 Jon Rankin USA 3:43.68
11 Rob Myers USA 3:44.83
12 Adam Perkins USA 3:48.14
13 David Krummenacker USA 3:49.70
14 Leonel Manzano USA 3:57.55
Christian Hesch USA DNF
Christopher Lukezic USA DNF
Brandon Shaw USA DNF
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
5000 Metres - M
Official Results - Men - 5000 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Dejen Gebremeskel ETH 13:16.52 6
2 Alistair Ian Cragg IRL 13:16.83 4
3 Scott Bauhs USA 13:38.95 2
4 Bolota Asmerom USA 13:39.93 1
5 Josphat Boit KEN 13:42.19
6 Ian Dobson USA 13:46.65
7 Jorge Torres USA 13:54.32
8 Seth Summerside USA 13:58.31
9 Jordan Horn USA 14:00.70
10 Cosmas Koech Kimutai KEN 14:08.31
Jonathan Pierce USA DNF
Stephen Pifer USA DNF
Luke Watson USA DNF
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
110 Metres Hurdles - M
Official Results - Men - 110 Metres Hurdles - Wind : 0.0 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Terrence Trammell USA 13.39 6
2 Antwon Hicks USA 13.45 4
3 Shamar Sands BAH 13.58 2
4 Aries Merritt USA 13.64 1
5 Maurice Wignall JAM 13.86
6 Jacoby DuBose USA 13.91
7 Ronnie Ash USA 13.95
8 Jeff Porter USA 13.99
9 Kai Kelley USA 14.18
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
400 Metres Hurdles - M
Official Results - Men - 400 Metres Hurdles Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Kerron Clement USA 48.38
2 Angelo Taylor USA 48.70
3 Felix Sánchez DOM 48.95
4 Micheal Tinsley USA 49.15
5 James Carter USA 49.46
6 Brandon Johnson USA 50.49
7 Derrick Williams USA 51.11
8 Kenneth Ferguson USA 52.08
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
Long Jump - M
Official Results - Men - Long Jump Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind Pts

1 Dwight Phillips USA 8.37 -0.7 6
2 Randall Flimmons USA 7.79 -1.8 4
3 Cadeau Kelley LBR 7.78 -1.6 2
4 Matt Turner USA 7.78 -2.3 1
5 Jarod Tobler USA 7.70 -2.5
6 Tyrone Smith BER 7.62 +0.9
7 Norris Frederick USA 7.32 -0.7
8 Sávvas Diakonikólas GRE 7.13 -1.6
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
Discus Throw - M
Official Results - Men - Discus Throw Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Ian Waltz USA 61.70
2 Jarred Rome USA 61.59
3 Adam Kuehl USA 60.64
4 Karl Erickson USA 59.34
5 Drew Ulrich USA 58.33
6 Jason Morgan JAM 56.07
7 Jon O'Neil USA 54.83
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
100 Metres - W
Official Results - Women - 100 Metres - Summary Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Carmelita Jeter USA 11.09 6
2 Muna Lee USA 11.22 4
3 Stephanie Durst USA 11.22 2
4 Kelly-Ann Baptiste TRI 11.24 1

Official Results - Women - 100 Metres - Race1 - Wind : -0.9 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Carmelita Jeter USA 11.09 6
2 Muna Lee USA 11.22 4
3 Stephanie Durst USA 11.22 2
4 Kelly-Ann Baptiste TRI 11.24 1
5 Marshevet Hooker USA 11.32
6 Torri Edwards USA 11.40
7 Lauryn Williams USA 11.41
8 Aleen Bailey JAM 11.45
Bianca Knight USA DQ

Official Results - Women - 100 Metres - Race2 - Wind : -1.5 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Gloria Asumnu USA 11.40
2 Tahesia Harrigan IVB 11.44
3 Oludamola Osayomi NGR 11.54
4 Mechelle Lewis USA 11.65
5 Schillonie Calvert JAM 11.68
6 Sherry Fletcher GRN 11.70
7 Jessica Onyepunuka USA 11.72
7 Hasani Roseby USA 11.72
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
200 Metres - W
Official Results - Women - 200 Metres - Wind : -1.9 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Allyson Felix USA 22.66 6
2 Sanya Richards USA 23.03 4
3 Shalonda Solomon USA 23.10 2
4 Bianca Knight USA 23.11 1
5 LaShauntea Moore USA 23.40
6 Virgil Hodge SKN 23.66
7 Sherry Fletcher GRN 24.00
8 Nina Gilbert USA 24.25
Brooklyn Morris USA DNF
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
400 Metres - W
Official Results - Women - 400 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Natasha Hastings USA 51.46
2 Novlene Williams-Mills JAM 51.83
3 Shereefa Lloyd JAM 52.03
4 Shana Cox USA 52.07
5 Rosemarie Whyte JAM 52.14
6 Shareese Woods USA 52.88
7 Sonita Sutherland JAM 52.93
8 Patricia Hall JAM 53.07
9 Angel Perkins USA 54.18
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
800 Metres - W
Official Results - Women - 800 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Hazel Clark USA 2:01.40 6
2 Jemma Simpson GBR 2:01.58 3
2 Christin Wurth-Thomas USA 2:01.58 3
4 Katie Waits USA 2:02.36 1
5 Treniere Clement USA 2:02.80
6 Alysia Johnson USA 2:03.85
7 Rebecca Johnstone CAN 2:04.84
8 Nikeya Green USA 2:05.02
9 Jesse Carlin USA 2:05.13
April Panteau TRI DNF

Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
1500 Metres - W
Official Results - Women - 1500 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Kenia Sinclair JAM 4:13.16 6
2 Marina Muncan SRB 4:13.43 4
3 Mestawot Tadesse ETH 4:13.69 2
4 Amy Mortimer USA 4:13.85 1
5 Malindi Elmore CAN 4:13.88
6 Erin Donohue USA 4:13.91
7 Lindsey Gallo USA 4:14.33
8 Deirdre Byrne IRL 4:14.43
9 Amy Begley USA 4:14.58
10 Lauren Hagans USA 4:16.78
11 Jordan Hasay USA 4:16.92
12 Dacia Perkins USA 4:17.45
13 Renee Metivier-Baillie USA 4:19.74
14 Hilary Stellingwerff CAN 4:19.99
Sherron Rhetta USA DNF

Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
5000 Metres - W
Official Results - Women - 5000 Metres Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Aheza Kiros ETH 14:56.33 6
2 Ejegayehu Dibaba ETH 15:07.45 4
3 Sally Kipyego KEN 15:09.03 2
4 Shalane Flanagan USA 15:10.86 1
5 Jennifer Rhines USA 15:36.09
6 Carrie Tollefson USA 15:52.38
7 Amy Hastings USA 15:59.87
8 Sara Bei-Hall USA 16:33.62
Rose Kosgei KEN DNF
Christin Wurth-Thomas USA DNF
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
3000 Metres Steeplechase - W
Official Results - Women - 3000 Metres Steeplechase Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Anna Willard USA 9:26.85 6
2 Lindsey Anderson USA 9:37.88 4
3 Lindsay Allen USA 9:47.21 2
4 Irene Kimaiyo KEN 9:50.55 1
5 Delilah Di Crescenzo USA 9:53.58
6 Lisa Galaviz USA 9:57.51
7 Amanda Lorenzen USA 10:07.72
Mardrea Hyman JAM DNF
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
100 Metres Hurdles - W
Official Results - Women - 100 Metres Hurdles - Wind : -1.1 m/s Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Dawn Harper USA 12.78 6
2 Perdita Felicien CAN 12.83 4
3 Michelle Perry USA 12.84 2
4 Nickiesha Wilson JAM 12.89 1
5 Vonette Dixon JAM 12.92
6 Yvette Lewis USA 13.00
7 Virginia Powell USA 13.06
8 Candice Davis USA 13.35
9 Angela Whyte CAN 13.38
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
Pole Vault - W
Official Results - Women - Pole Vault Pos Athlete Nat Mark Pts

1 Jennifer Stuczynski USA 4.76
2 Stacy Dragila USA 4.42
3 Shuying Gao CHN 4.27
4 April Steiner Bennett USA 4.27
Lacy Janson USA NM
Chelsea Johnson USA NM
Melinda Owen USA NM
Adidas Track Classic (APM-Q) Carson, CA (USA) - Saturday, May 16, 2009
Triple Jump - W
Official Results - Women - Triple Jump Pos Athlete Nat Mark Wind Pts

1 Yvette Lewis USA 13.82 -0.1
2 Erica McLain USA 13.67 +0.4
3 Toni Smith USA 13.33 -0.3
4 Blessing Ufodiama USA 13.15 +0.3
5 Courtney Stafford USA 12.69 -0.2

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