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Consider now, the story of Dwight Phillips. Dwight won the 2004 Olympic long jump, the 2005 World Champs Long jump, and in 2007, in Osaka, took the bronze. At the press conference afterwards, with Panama's Irving Saldino and Italy's Andrew Howe, one could see that Dwight Phillips was not happy, but he presented his game face. In 2008, Dwight's nightmare continued-he did not make the US team-on the last round he was pushed to fourth.

In 2009, considering giving it all up, Dwight Phillips started training with Loren Seagrave, one of the technical gurus in our sport. If someone can break up your jump and figure out what you are doing wrong, it is Loren Seagrave.....

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Dwight Phillips is on a roll. He set his 100 meter personal best-10.06, this season, at a small meet in Georgia. At the Prefontaine Classic, his winning jump was the longest jump since 1991! In that competition, he took out Irving Saldino, the Panamanian gold medalist. His jump of 8.74m set the Hayward field record!

In Eugene, Dwight Phillips just took the field apart with his first jump of 8.49m/27-10 1/2, a wind aided jump. In round two, Phillips used that great speed of his to fly down the runway and fly to a jump of 8.57meters-28-01.50--the part was over. Dwight could have had a sack lunch and a nap, because no one was coming near him. He had won the competition!

Dwight noted the following about his event: “I’m not looking back. I’m in great form right now – feeling very confident. I just wanted to come out here today and qualify for Berlin. "

Note the youngster in fifth, Marquise Goodwin, who set the American Junior record by clearing 8.18m, or 21-01.5. This young man could be amazing, and here is what he had to say: " I feel great. I’m a little fatigued. But I’ll let that all go because I just broke the national record and I’m going to enjoy myself while I’m here...At first I wasn’t going to come to this meet, I was just going to come and watch but somebody talked me into it....I’m pretty used to events being back-to-back because I compete in five events in high school. So it wasn’t really that difficult like everybody thought it would be. It’s a blessing to be able to come back to do it all again."

Men Long Jump
Best 8 to Final - Break ties.
World: W 8.95m 8/30/1991 Mike Powell, USA
American: A 8.95m 8/30/1991 Mike Powell, Foot Locker AC
Hayward: S 8.74m 2009 Dwight Phillips, USA
Name Year Team Finals Wind
1 Dwight Phillips Track Star Apparel 8.57m 2.2 28-01.50
8.49m(2.4) 8.57m(2.2) FOUL PASS PASS PASS
2 Brian Johnson Nike 8.26m 4.0 27-01.25
7.92m(4.2) 7.43m(3.2) 8.01m(3.1) 8.26m(4.0) 7.62m(1.3) 6.14m(2.1)
3 George Kitchens unattached 8.23m 3.2 27-00.00
7.95m(2.8) FOUL 8.15m(4.0) 8.23m(3.2) 8.06m(4.1) 8.05m(2.2)
4 Miguel Pate Nike 8.20m 1.5 26-11.00
FOUL FOUL 8.14m(1.5) 7.99m(2.2) 8.20m(1.5) 8.11m(1.8)
5 Marquise Goodwin unattached 8.18m 1.3 26-10.00
FOUL 8.00m(2.5) 8.18m(1.3) PASS PASS PASS
6 Bashir Ramzy unattached 8.08m 1.5 26-06.25
8.08m(1.5) FOUL FOUL FOUL 7.99m(1.6) FOUL
7 Matthew Turner unattached 8.05m 2.6 26-05.00
8.05m(2.6) 8.05m(2.1) FOUL FOUL FOUL 7.88m(1.6)
8 Randall Flimmons unattached 7.99m 2.5 26-02.75
7.98m(1.7) 7.76m(2.7) 7.99m(2.5) 7.60m(2.6) 7.66m(3.0) 7.64m(1.8)
9 Norris Frederick unattached 7.97m 3.5 26-01.75
7.79m(1.8) FOUL 7.97m(3.5)
10 Tony Allmond Cheetah Int. T C 7.92m 1.7 26-00.00
7.59m(3.5) 7.59m(1.4) 7.92m(1.7)
11 Reindell Cole Cal Northridge 7.89m 3.0 25-10.75
FOUL 7.89m(3.0) FOUL
12 Jeffrey Henderson unattached 7.88m 1.4 25-10.25
7.53m(2.4) 7.88m(1.4) 7.49m(2.3)
13 Mikese Morse Miami 7.87m 2.1 25-10.00
FOUL 7.79m(2.3) 7.87m(2.1)
14 David Registe Alaska, Anchorage 7.81m 2.7 25-07.50
5.61m(3.9) 7.43m(2.7) 7.81m(2.7)
15 Dexter Adams unattached 7.77m 2.6 25-06.00
7.60m(3.5) 7.77m(2.6) 7.70m(1.4)
16 Mychael Stewart Arkansas 7.70m 1.6 25-03.25
FOUL FOUL 7.70m(1.6)
17 Jeremy Hicks L S U 7.61m 4.3 24-11.75
7.54m(0.7) 7.61m(4.3) 7.54m(1.8)
17 Trevell Quinley Nike 7.61m 2.0 24-11.75
FOUL FOUL 7.61m(2.0)
19 Jade Ellis Duke 7.59m 1.5 24-11.00
7.59m(1.5) 7.13m(3.3) 7.03m(3.3)
20 Joseph Allen Shore Athletic Club 7.55m 2.6 24-09.25
FOUL FOUL 7.55m(2.6)
20 Tarrish Alexander unattached 7.55m 2.2 24-09.25
7.21m(2.2) 7.55m(2.2) FOUL
22 LeRon Williams Nebraska 7.44m 3.5 24-05.00
FOUL 7.44m(3.5) FOUL
23 Ryan Grinnell Boise State 7.43m 4.1 24-04.50
FOUL 7.43m(4.1) FOUL
24 Tyrone Harris Shore Athletic Club 7.37m 2.4 24-02.25
7.37m(2.4) 7.24m(1.7) FOUL
25 JaRod Tobler unattached 7.33m 2.7 24-00.75
FOUL 7.33m(2.7) FOUL
26 Bernard Bush unattached 7.31m 2.3 23-11.75
7.31m(2.3) 7.15m(1.6) FOUL
27 Johnta Griffin Shore Athletic Club 7.23m 2.8 23-08.75
FOUL FOUL 7.23m(2.8)

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