Our Zen Moment: Tyson Gay, by Larry Eder



Tyson Gay is back. In 2007, Tyson Gay won the 100 meters and 200 meters in Osaka, Japan, with the precision of a surgeon. In 2008, Tyson was hurt in the first round of the 200 meters. An official, who had started many races for Tyson when he was a teen, ran up, knowing that he could not touch Tyson, but knowing that one of his favorite sprinters was hurt. The official got to see Tyson run on Thursday, and run he did. In a race Tyson himself called, "horrible", Gay ran a 9.75, wind aided, still on ran one of the fastest races ever!

Photos by Photorun.net.


Tyson had one of his weakest starts, and really began running about 40 meters, then coasted from 80 meters, running the 40-80 well, then shutting down. His 9.75, added to the 19.58 for 200 meters that he ran at Rbk GP NYC just last month.

Tyson Gay is a sprint machine. His training, under the guidance of Coach Lance Braumann, Tyson works on the little things, the details that will make him a better sprinter. Speaking to Lance, one finds that Tyson ran his 400 meter races well in April and May, but could have gone under 45 seconds.

Right now, Braumann's job is to prepare Tyson for Berlin, where he will be meeting up with a fit and talented Usain Bolt. The 100 meters and 200 meters in Berlin should be two of the best races of the year, if both athletes are fit.

For now, our Zen moment is Tyson running a half effort 9.75 wind aided 100 meters. The crowd should gasp for air...the world will be in less than two months!

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