RN TV wraps up ING New York City Marathon, by Larry Eder


If you need a link, for RunningNetwork TV: http://runningnetwork.com/view_video/2009-ing-new-york-city-marathon-wrap-larry-eder , and You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaQQcYS1euw.

Gentle readers, as a public service, I am inflicting a moving picture of me on you. The videopgrapher was Gary Morgan, who ran the race in the 3:40 range. Gary is my partner in video crime around the world. A former Olympian (1988-20k race walk), and member of the NYAC, Gary loves all aspects of the sport. We have filmed in Beijing, China, Eugene, Oregon, and yes, New York City.

This is the wrap-up show of the Running Network TV. The RN TV is the brainchild of Art & Jennie McCafferty. Art & Jenny have been doing digital TV on the web for nearly a decade, as part of their stellar coverage of our sport, from unique events and interviews, to the big news stories in our sport. You can subscribe to RN TV at You Tube, or www.runningnetwork.com. Either way, we hope that you subscribe!

This is a synopsis of the elite races, and my partly coherent coverage of the race. I have to admit that it was a very exciting race, and to witness Meb win was especially important to me.

In the end, my theme on writing can be summed up: lessons hard learned, lessons hard won, and in the end, hopefully, the good guy or girl wins. It happened at 2009 ING New York City in way that was truly a celebration of New York.

Speaking of New York. On Monday night, after a day of meetings, I headed up seventh avenue to Central Park South and did my seventy minutes. On the way back, I ran into two young Frenchman, who spoke English, but noted by Deutschland jacket. They had both run the race on Sunday, in a tad under five hours and loved it. They had just finished a loaf of bread, some fromage and mais oui, a nice bottle of French table du vin rouge! They were now off to see the Knicks! What a first visit to the Big Apple!

To find Running Network TV in its normal state, please check :

If you still want to learn MORE about our sport, then, may we suggest that you point your browser to http://www.runningnetwork.com

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