A Happy New Year from Runblogrun.com! by Larry Eder


It has been a long, long year. That is why I take about a week off each year, to recharge my brain, my heart and my writing fingers. Bear with me as I close down from December 27, 2009-December 30, 2009, and from December 31- January 4, 2010 for a year end break. I am up with my family near Las Vegas for about two weeks, and am out walking seven miles in the desert most mornings, watching old movies and enjoying my brother-in-laws cooking (he's a French Chef), and my family.

I thank you once again for supporting RunblogRun.com, and wish you a Happy New Years! Thanks again, and spend this time with someone or the many people that you love!

Two quick notes: Our RBR feed will continue to all who have signed up for it, and if you need a quick fix, check out www.runningetwork.com, as Chuck, the webmaster, is upgrading some cool applications on the 23 sites!

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