Brother to Brother, by Larry Eder



Larry Eder, Brian Eder, September 1977

This is a picture of myself (left) and my brother, Brian. It was September of 1977, and I had flown up for two days from the Novitiate (I was studying to be a Jesuit at the time). It was also the first time that I had ever run with my brother, which was very cool. Brian was a freshman at Bellarmine Prep, in San Jose, California. I had come up to visit my grandmother, Violet, who was visiting us from St. Louis, Missouri. Just for the geeks, I was training in my rebuilt Waffle racers (Jeff Sink did them),
and Brian was in Onitsukas.

In high school, I had gone from dead last for my first two years to running well at the end of high school. Brian was a talented soccer player, who became a very good runner in high school. After I left the Jesuits, I was fortunate to have coached him a bit and ran with him. Those are some of my favorite memories.

One of my editors observed that Brian and I are "connected by umbilical cords". I am the oldest and Brian is the youngest in a brood of five Catholic kids. Brian and I have worked together for the better part of twenty years now (many with his partner, Cherri Lakey).

Three years ago, Brian convinced me to devote one hour a day, wherever I was in the world, to He felt that I had a voice, and I should use it. I miss a week a year, at this time, but the process of learning how to use this media is fun and, at times, challenging. Brian puts time into this after running an art gallery and, with Cherri, gently building a vibrant art scene in San Jose, California.

I wanted to thank my bro, Brian Eder, for getting me on, and you, our readers, who give us a reason to continue on this journey. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hannukah to all!

And thanks to Victah & Lisa at, who provide with its photos!

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