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The RunningNetwork LLC is happy to announce the relaunching of the portal site for The site went live last night, and is the work of Chuck Barlett, Website manager for the Running Network and club running coach. "This is a work in progress, " Chuck Bartlett noted in a conversation with RBR earlier this morning. " We encourage our web readers to explore the new site and we are proud of several new innovations." noted Bartlett.

"With our Store Locator, Club Locator, new Calendar and relaunched homepage, we are very excited about Running Networks' new portal, " noted Larry Eder, President of the Running Network. Eder then added, "We are very excited about the creativity that Chuck Barlett has put into this site, and his running experience has provided the running reader and viewer new opportunities to enhance their relationship with the local running community."

Here are some of the highlights of the new site:

RN Store Locator


"Our RN Store Locator gives runners across the country access to information on their local running stores, " noted Chuck Bartlett. " This enhances the consumers ability to choose when and where they make their purchases of running footwear, apparel and accessories." Bartlett wanted to make it clear that all running stores have access to their files and can enhance their information, with video, contact information, etc.

RN Events Locator


Just above this note is a screen shot of the RN Event Locator. That translates to being the RN Calendar. It is free to race directors, who can put as much information as they want about their races, links to online registration, a Google map of the race and directions on how to reach the event are also available.

"We are excited to have clubs, teams, race management teams post their events for our million viewers. " noted Bartlett.

RN Results:


Runners love results. The Running Network works with the Active Network on the RN Results. Race directors, race management companies, running stores, coaches can all put up their results. "We want to have the largest collection of race results, " noted Group Publisher Eder.

RN Home Page


And finally, we wanted to go over the RN Home Page. The home page makes it easier to navigate, providing the consumer access to the twenty-three regional and national websites that are parts of the portal. " We will be relaunching our member sites over the next several months, " noted Webmaster Chuck Bartlett.

Bartlett has given the RN portal a cleaner look, and a site that gives Video on Demand, giving the consumer a chance to find out the newest info on road racing, track, cross country, ultra running, plus constantly updated information from blogs, twitter accounts, news services that RN has partnered with over the past decade.

The Running Network websites were established in 1995. In 1998, RN developed individual websites and a new portal with Purple Monkey. A third revision was done in 2006 with egencie. "Each time, our focus was to make the web a tool to enhance the relationship between the running consumer and the running community, in print, in digital versions and on the web." noted Chuck Bartlett.

" Our relaunch of the Running Network home page is part of the continuing evolution of how RN and it partner publications and websites reach out to the running and endurance consumer across our complementary media platforms. In print, on the web, in digital and in social networks, the Running Network has one goal--to enhance the relationship between runners and would-be runners and their local running community one runner at a time." noted Larry Eder, President of the Running Network.

About the Running Network, LLC:

Established in 1986, the Running Network LLC represents twenty-three print and digital regional and national running publications, and twenty-four websites. The goal of the Running Network is to enhance the relationship between the consumer and their local running culture and running community. For more information, please click on

To learn more about, please contact [email protected].

For assistance in posting events, results, store locators, please email Chuck Bartlett at [email protected]

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