Please take survey, or I sacrifice a weasel! by Larry Eder


Gentle readers,

It has been a long day. I just finished interviewing Jenny Barringer, Heidi Dahl and Sarah Bowman. Rough duty, but someone has to do it. Do you like Do you tolerate RBR? Or does every thoughtful, multi-syllabic word that I write course through your veins, like enhanced red blood cells? Those and other questions, we would like to know the answers to. Hence, the RBR reader survey!

So, my dear brother, Brian, who developed this blog for me, has created a survey. Don't panic. It is only eight questions, and nothing about quantum physics (or, for that matter, my favorite subject, cold fusion). Here is the
survey: Look at it, fill it out, and remember, we must be truthful!

Here is the deal. Could you please do it this month? Otherwise, Brian told me that I will have to sacrifice one of my pet Weasels, Paavo and Emil! As I do not want to do that, and the neighbors would call the police (another day, another column), please fill out the survey. In filling out the survey, you will help us make RBR better for you, and in the end, save the lives of two very contented weasels, who gently romp around my back yards, digging up worms, crickets, grubs, and perhaps, when they are lucky, a few drops from a Stevens Point Amber bottle.

In all seriousness, there is a survey, and no animals were mistreated in the creation of this little article. The truth is, I am strung out on bad coffee, and I need a bowl of Chicken soup, for my soul. So I am heading to a diner!

For more on weasels, please try Wikipedia. Paavo and Emil exist only in a parallel universe.

My pets have included, two boxers, Miss Brutus, Brutus, an insane English sheepdog, Cromwell, a cat named Buggers, and a female chameleon named Luna, that I babysat for my son, Adam. Luna hissed at me, and stared out of one eye, as she flicked calcium-covered crickets into her mouth with a foot long tongue. (I did have a one eyed carp for awhile, but he died too).

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