USATF Indoor Champs, Day 1: Results, Day 1, Notes by Larry Eder



The USA Indoor Champs in Albuquerque, New Mexico were received by a SRO crowd on day one. The stands and standing room hold just under 3,000 fans, and both the athletes and fans were appreciative. The throws, held off the back turn of the track, were well supported! The highlights of the championship's day one: Chaunte Howard's oh, so close in high jump, and the men and women's 3,000 meter races. Read on!

The weight throws, won by AG Kruger and Amber Campbell, were well supported, by a crowd whom the majority have never seen a weight throw before. In the stands, it was obvious that the local young athletes knew who the top stars were, as one could here both Renee Metivier Bailee and Bernard Lagat's name screamed into the huge caldron of interest in the distance races! On the field event side, Chaunte Howard cleared a new AR in the high jump, 6-07 and the bar fell off! The two oldest guys in the pole vault competition, Tim Mack & Derek Miles, controlled their injuries enough, to both clear 5.70m, enough to make the team. In the high jump Jesse Williams hinted of what he can do-clear 2.37m,
which would make him a medal prospect in Doha.

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Men's high jump final....Williams in the clutch


Jesse Williams, US Olympic Trials, 2008, photo by

Jesse Williams showed his stuff tonight in the high jump. His clearances of 2.31m, 2.34m were clean and decisive. Williams had to make 2.31m to make the team, and then, 2.34 clinched it for him. He made on attempt at 2.37m, and passed. 2.37m will probably be the height that determines medals in Doha, so Jesse, who is a strong medal prospect, will need another clutch performance. Dusty Jonas finished second in 2.31m, and Andra Manson took third, also in 2.31. After the event, Jesse described his view of the competition :

"It got off to a shaky start with a couple of the lower heights and I was in fourth place when the bar changed to 7'7". I knew I had to at least make that height to get on the team. I went ahead and made 7'8". A couple of other guys made it and I knew if I didn't make 7'8" I still may have not made the team because I had a couple other early misses. I knew I had to make 7'8", I made it on the first attempt and I feel really good about it. It was a great competition. I think it was the best competition ever for the USA championships. It was an honor to be a part of and especially to win. I am excited and I really feel that I can get a medal. The Russians have won a lot of things for a long time. Hopefully we can take it to the Russians. I've been training very hard. I had an injury (strained tendon on my jumping foot, just below the ankle) and this is only my second meet of the year. I hope I didn't re-hurt my foot, it's kind of tender right now and it isn't feeling too good."

Men's 5,000m race walk...Seaman makes history!

Tim Seaman, one of our most seasoned race walkers, indoors and out, has won 43rd U.S. championship at any distance, (Tim races from the 1,500m walk to 50,000m walk!). This one was a battle royale, and fittingly, his twelfth indoor U.S. champs-the most by any athlete in any discipline. Tim was pretty talkative afterwards: "Today went different. Out of all the 12 championships this is definitely the most topsy turvy race I have ever done. With the altitude you can't just push, you have push and then rest. Once I've taken the lead I have never let it up. This is the first time that I let the lead up. I was frustrated that I took it out so slow. I told myself 'Ok, I'm going to take it,' and I pushed too hard and I had to slow down. It felt like my lungs were burning and I spent three weeks at altitude so I can only imagine how these other guys how bad they felt. This is my 43rd win overall, so it moves me into No. 2 all-time track and field national championship wins. This was my 12th win in indoor, which is the most by any athlete in any event in track and field history."

Women's weight throw-Amber Campbell leads the world!


Amber Campbell, US Indoor 2009, photo by

Amber Campbell, gave the throw fans something to cheer! A fantastic series, all in 23.52-24.70m range (one foul), and Amber won by eight feet, her worst throw would have won by six feet. Her 81-00.5, or 24.70m throw, is the third farthest in history! Campbell is exciting to watch, as her form is flawless and the power in her throws amazed the appreciative crowd. Amber gave the media assembled much to ponder:

"This hands down was one of the best series ever. It felt great, the crowd was amazing, the ball was just flying. It felt amazing. (how it felt to open with the her best throw) Fantastic. You can never complain about opening up with your best throw ever. I was trying to focus on the things we have been working on in practice. It was mechanical. I was trying to hit the things that I have been working on, it was very step one, step two, step three. I guess I should do it like that all the time. (on her homecoming) My god parents are here and my uncle, I haven't seen them in years. It really is like coming home."

Men's Pole Vault..the Old Guys Kicked butt!

The pole vault is a chess match in the air. Experience shows and the old guys, aka Tim Mack and Derek Miles, both, all of 37 years old, let the young uns do the jumping. Karen Locke, agent of Derek Miles told me later that this ws Miles first competition of the year, due to recovering from injuries and Tim Mack's first team in a few years!

Essentially, Mack and Miles let the young guys jump at 5.25, 5.40, and Mack cleared 5.40, 5.50, 5.60 and 5.70. Miles cleared 5.40, took three times a 5.50, cleared 5.60m and took two to clear 5.70m. Both tried to clear 5.80m but not today! Darren Neidermeyer, who finished third, cleared 5.40m, 5.50m, and then 5.60m. He had three misses at 5.65m.

A very satisfied Tim Mack spoke to the press, and had this to say: "It means a lot. I am still fired up. This is the highest I have jumped in indoors in six years. I felt really good coming into the meet. (competition with the other gold medaler) We are actually really good friends, we helped each other out a lot. But a lot of time during competition I have too much to worry about than to think about other people. I was competing against the event really."

Women's high jump final....Chaunte Howard Lowe-so close!

Chaunte Howard, Millrose 2009, photo by

Chaunte Howard is ready for Doha. After winning at 1.98m/6-06, Howard cleared 6-9, or 2.01m, and the bar
fell over AFTER she cleared it, so a foul. Can she do it, yes! When will she do it? Hopefully, Doha! The crowd went nuts on
her 1.98m, and when she cleared 2.01m, which would have been the AR, they were on their feet! Afterwards, Chaunte had lots to say:

"This hit my outdoor personal record (PR) but indoor yes that is the closest I have ever come to it. I knew I was over it, I felt it. Maybe I got lazy at the end but I didn't feel like I touched the bar or anything so when it came down it shocked me. But I was happy to be able to get that much height over it. This is the best I have ever jumped this early in the season. My indoor PR last year was 195, this is by far the best. It's really exciting because I haven't PRed since I had my daughter, and she is two and a half now. This is huge for me. When I saw the bar fall, I was excited because I got that high, but it felt like everything had slipped through my fingers. That would have been a good mark for the Visa Series."

Men's 3,000 meters--amazing finish!


Bernard Lagat, Rbk BIG, February 2009, photo by

The two most popular events of the evening were the last two-the men and women's 3,000 meter races. In the men's race, Bernard Lagat, Galen Rupp, Scotty Bauhs and Chris Solinsky were the key players as the pack hit 72 for the 400 meters, 2:25 for 800 meters, 3:34 for 1,200 meters and 4;34 for the 1,600 meters.

The kilometer splits showed the race progression: 2:59.80 for 1,000 m, 5:42.08 for 2,000m (2:42) and 8:12.60 for the finish (2:32 for the last kilometer).

A pack of six to eight jostled around as the pace dropped to four minute mile pace. Bauhs, Solinsky, Lagat and a floating Rupp were looking tough. Common thought was that Lagat had it locked, but that Rupp had better watch out for Solinsky.

Using a move out of the Steve Ovett play book, Bernard Lagat took the lead and ran a 27.4 last 200 meters to take the win. Galen Rupp moved by Bauhs, as did Solinsky, and Solinsky got to Rupps' shoulder as the crowd stood, screaming. After Lagat, Galen Rupp took second, with Chris Solinsky less than .4 back! Scotty Bauhs was fourth, running his best race in ages.

Bernard Lagat was the crowd favorite and he, as always, spoke thoughtfully after the race: "I didn't know how I was going to feel with the altitude. I actually didn't feel anything after about five laps. I just wanted to have fun. I was running on the inside. I wanted to be able to keep an eye on who was going to make a move. I just wanted to win and make the team. I wanted to maintain the lead. I wanted to make sure I was going to be number one. I wanted to win and make the team. That is what I came here for."

Congrats again to Galen Rupp, who continues to show he has the moves and the racing savvy to race at the championship level. Word was that coach Alberto Salazar, seen running around the outside of the track just before hand, had picked the top three perfectly.

Women's 3,000 meters-what a finish!

Renee Metivier Baillie took the lead from the start, and did not give it up, fighting off the hard charges of Sarah Hall and Shannon Rowbury. Baillee took off, having up to a half lap lead. Shannon Rowbury and Sarah Hall already had the standards, and held back as Baillee lead the race. Most fans thought it was only a moment in time before Shannon Rowbury, who looked great, made a move and took the lead. Sarah Hall was running well, and she looked, well, menacing.


Shannon Rowbury, Rbk BIG 2010, photo by

The race got going with five laps to go. Rowbury made a half hearted move, but it was not until Sarah Hall came up on her back, with two laps to go, that the race got very exciting. Renee Baillee continued to run hard, most in the crowd wondering if she could hold on. With one lap to go, Sarah Hall was pushing from third and Rowbury just could not find another gear. Hall charged by on the last turn and while Rowbury was flying, she was behind Hall, who seemed intent to get Renee Metivier Baillee, but, again, as the crowd rose, and the three runners were intent to seeing who was making that finish line first, Hall looked to be the person, but Metivier Bailee held her off!


Sara Hall, in full flight, Fifth Avenue Mile, 2009, photo by

In the end, Renee Metivier Baillee had won one of the most unusual and exciting races of the meet! Afterwards, she noted:
"Coach might be mad at me I was supposed to wait five laps and then take off. I could just tell that everyone was putting on the breaks and I thought screw it I'm going to go. I had a really good workout on Tuesday so I had the confidence to continue. In a race situation you don't always know what to do so I just went with my gut. I never quite knew how far the gap was, I was just focused on myself. I had to stay in the moment each lap by lap. I know I have a good kick and as soon as I hit the last lap I knew I was going to give it a run. I didn't know what was going to happen but you have to be confident in yourself whether you win or lose."

Men's Hammer Throw-Tenth Best EVER!


A.G. Kruger, US Indoor 2009, photo by

A.G. Kruger rewarded the fans with a strong series and another example of why he is the best in the U.S. Here is what he had to say: "I had a lot of fun this year. I trained to throw far. I knew I was capable so I just came out here and threw. The tenth best throw ever. It was great."

Men's Triple Jump: Lawrence Willis

Lawrence Willis won the triple jump in 16.86m or 55-03. He will need 17 meters to be in the hunt in Doha. Congrats to Lawrence for putting some excitement back into an event
the U.S. owned. Here is what Mr. Willis said after his event:

"The competition was great. Jumping against the reigning champion, I knew I had to put up a good mark. It's...I don't even know what to say. After taking a year off, with all the support from my family and friends, this just feels great."

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2010 USA Indoor Track & Field Championships - 2/27/2010 to 2/28/2010
VISA Championship Series
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Event 6 Men 60 Meter Hurdles
16 Advance: Top 3 Each Heat plus Next 7 Best Times
top 4 in each semi advance to final
World: W 7.30 3/6/1994 Colin Jackson, GBR
American: A 7.36 1/16/1987 Greg Foster/Allen Johnson, WCAC/Nike
Meet: M 7.37 3/1/2009 Terrence Trammell, Unattached
Name Year Team Prelims H#
1 Dexter Faulk Nike 7.57Q 3
2 Terrence Trammell unattached 7.62Q 1
3 Antwon Hicks adidas 7.63Q 2
4 David Oliver Nike 7.61Q 3
5 Jerome Miller unattached 7.72Q 2
6 Aries Merritt unattached 7.75Q 1
7 Anwar Moore Nike 7.64Q 3
8 Kirkland Thornton unattached 7.73Q 2
9 Rickey Pinkney unattached 7.76Q 1
10 Ty Akins unattached 7.66q 3
11 Jeff Porter unattached 7.69q 3
12 Bryan Clay Nike 7.71q 3
13 Tim Bogdanof unattached 7.77q 2
14 Trey Hardee Nike 7.78q 1
15 Ryan Fontenot unattached 7.79q 2
16 Chris Thomas unattached 7.82q 3
17 Fred Townsend unattached 7.85 1 7.841
18 Carrington Queen unattached 7.85 2 7.850
19 Terrence Somerville Cincinnati 7.86 2
20 Jermaine Baker unattached 7.90 2
21 Isaac McReynolds Charlotte 8.04 1
-- Kandrick Cooper RIADHA DNF 1

Event 1 Men 60 Meter Dash
16 Advance: Top 3 Each Heat plus Next 7 Best Times
Top 4 from each semi advance to final
World: W 6.39 3/3/2001 Maurice Greene, USA
American: A 6.39 3/3/2001 Maurice Greene, Nike
Meet: M 6.39 3/1/2001 Maurice Greene, Nike
Name Year Team Prelims H#
1 Trell Kimmons adidas 6.56Q 2 6.552
2 Ivory Williams Nike 6.56Q 1 6.560
3 Mike Rodgers Nike 6.57Q 3
4 Ryan Bailey Nike 6.58Q 1
5 Carey LaCour unattached 6.62Q 3 6.618
6 Travis Padgett adidas 6.63Q 2 6.628
7 Rubin Williams unattached 6.60Q 1
8 Walter Dix Nike 6.63Q 3
9 Jeff Henderson unattached 6.66Q 2
10 Christopher Davis P2 Elite T C 6.62q 1
11 D'Angelo Cherry Mississippi St 6.67q 3
12 Bryan Clay Nike 6.70q 3 6.692
13 Kendall Stevens Asics 6.70q 1 6.696
14 Johnie Drake unattached 6.71q 1
15 Calesio Newman N. Carolina A&T 6.72q 3
16 Joshua Norman unattached 6.73q 2
17 Sam Jordan Charlotte 6.92 2
-- Leroy Dixon Nike DQ 2 False Start

Event 22 Women 800 Meter Run
6 Advance: Top 1 Each Heat plus Next 3 Best Times
2-turn stagger;
World: W 1:55.82 3/3/2002 Jolanda Ceplak, SLO
American: A 1:58.71 3/2/2002 Nicole Teter, Nike Farm Team
Meet: M 1:58.41 3/4/1995 Maria Mutola, Mozambique
Name Year Team Prelims H#
1 Anna Pierce Nike 2:03.17Q 2
2 Heather Dorniden Team USA Mn 2:05.70Q 1
3 Alysia Johnson Nike 2:06.29Q 3
4 Erin Donohue Nike 2:04.85q 2
5 Angee Henry Team Neb Brooks 2:05.78q 1
6 Laura Januszewski unattached 2:06.35q 2
7 Aja Jackson P2 Elite T C 2:07.59 1
8 Lauren Johnson unattached 2:08.56 3
9 Victoria Martinez unattached 2:08.80 3
10 Mary Quiett DePaul 2:08.93 3
11 Jesse Carlin unattached 2:09.01 3
12 Perry Fields unattached 2:09.87 2
13 Chantee McBride unattached 2:15.18 1
-- Treniere Moser Nike DNS 2

Event 3 Men 800 Meter Run
6 Advance: Top 1 Each Heat plus Next 2 Best Times
2-turn stagger
World: W 1:42.67 3/9/1997 Wilson Kipketer, DEN
American: A 1:45.00 3/8/1992 Johnny Gray, Santa Monica TC
Meet: M 1:46.60 3/2/2002 Derrick Peterson, adidas
Name Year Team Prelims H#
1 Nick Symmonds Nike/OTC Elite 1:47.59Q 1
2 Duane Solomon unattached 1:49.33Q 4
3 Brian Gagnon unattached 1:49.75Q 2
4 Khadevis Robinson Nike 1:49.92Q 3
5 Tyler Mulder Nike/OTC Elite 1:47.80q 1
6 Mark Wieczorek Oregon TC El 1:48.47q 1
7 Jason Collett unattached 1:49.49 1
8 Rob Novak NYAC 1:49.76 1
9 Jacob Hernandez Nike 1:49.87 2
10 Jonathan Johnson unattached 1:50.12 4
11 Tetlo Emmen unattached 1:50.24 3
12 Nick Lara unattached 1:50.42 3
13 Kevin Hicks unattached 1:50.62 3
14 Josh Slamka Wisconsin R R T 1:50.89 1
15 Sean Tully NYAC 1:50.99 3
16 Liam Boylan-Pett unattached 1:51.01 2
17 Brandon Shaw unattached 1:51.05 2
18 Ryan Brown Asics 1:51.48 4
19 Peter Najem unattached 1:52.11 2
20 Larry Brooks unattached 1:52.19 3
21 James O'Brien Indiana Invaders 1:53.15 4
22 Dustin Emrani Central Park TC 1:57.13 4

Event 21 Women 400 Meter Dash
Top 8 Advance by Time
2-section final; slower 4 1st heat; vacate lanes 1&2;
2-turn stagger; top 8 advance by time
World: W 49.59 3/7/1982 Jarmila Kratochvilova, CZE
American: A 50.64 3/10/1991 Diane Dixon, Atoms TC
Meet: M 50.99 3/4/1995 Jearl Miles, Reebok
Name Year Team Prelims H#
1 Deedee Trotter Saucony 51.79q 1
2 Debbie Dunn unattached 52.17q 3
3 Ebonie Floyd-Broadnax Nike 52.31q 1
4 Natasha Hastings Nike 52.52q 2
5 Valerie Brown unattached 52.84q 4
6 Jessica Cousins unattached 52.92q 3
7 Allyson Felix unattached 53.09q 5
8 Shareese Woods adidas 53.15q 5
9 Leslie Cole Nike 53.35 4
10 Moushaumi Robinson unattached 53.54 5
11 Alycia Williams unattached 53.74 4
12 Nicole Leach Nike 53.84 3
13 Jennifer Grossarth unattached 53.86 2
14 Ashlee Kidd unattached 54.02 1
15 Licretia Sibley unattached 54.51 1
16 Nicole Stone unattached 54.64 2
17 Mary Wineberg unattached 54.74 3
18 Ahndraea Allen unattached 57.21 5
-- MacKenzie Hill unattached DNF 4

Event 2 Men 400 Meter Dash
Top 8 Advance by Time
2-section final; slower 4 1st heat; vacate lanes 1&2;
2-turn stagger
World: W 44.57 3/12/2005 Kerron Clement, USA
American: A 44.57 3/12/2005 Kerron Clement, Florida
Meet: M 44.63 3/4/1995 Michael Johnson, Nike
Name Year Team Prelims H#
1 Tavaris Tate unattached 45.89q 1
2 Jamaal Torrence Nike 46.23q 1
3 Bershawn Jackson Nike 46.32q 4
4 Greg Nixon Asics 46.34q 5
5 Lionel Larry adidas 46.57q 2
6 Kerron Clement unattached 46.88q 3
7 Jimmie Gordon unattached 46.94q 2
8 LeJerald Betters unattached 46.96q 3
9 Craig Everhart unattached 47.32 4
10 Matt Scherer Oregon TC El 47.39 2
11 James Davis unattached 47.48 5
12 David Dickens unattached 47.50 3
13 O.J. Hogans unattached 47.54 1
14 Quentin Iglehart-Summers unattached 47.55 5
15 Jeremy Davis unattached 47.83 3
16 Keith Hinnant The Executives 48.01 5
-- Anthony Campbell unattached DQ 4 Rule 163.5

Event 7 Men 5000 Meter Race Walk
World: W 18:07.08 2/14/1995 Mikhail Schennikov, RUS
American: A 19:15.88 2/25/2006 Tim Seaman, NYAC
Meet: M 18:53.25 2/26/1988 Guillaume Le Blanc, Canada
Name Year Team Finals
1 Tim Seaman NYAC 20:57.47
2 Patrick Stroupe unattached 21:19.90
3 Benjamin Shorey unattached 22:06.36
4 Tyler Sorensen Pleasanton Ht 22:13.42
5 Matthew De Witt Parkside AC 23:12.22
-- Dan Serianni World Class R W DNS

Event 108 Women 1500 Meter Run Masters
Name Year Team Finals
1 Lisa Valle So Cal TC 4:54.73
2 Karen Steen Club Northwest 5:01.32
3 Mary Thane Mtn West TC 5:12.94
4 Janicka Umile Mtn West TC 5:13.57
5 Christine Reaser So Cal TC 5:28.91
6 Cheryl Bellaire Gr Philly TC 5:38.32

Event 109 Men 1000 Meter Run Masters
Name Year Team Finals
1 Christopher Simpson Eliot TC 2:39.92
2 David Kunselman So Cal TC 2:48.19
3 Paul Fragua So Cal TC 2:50.03
4 Scott Bickham Genesee Valley 2:55.88
-- Michael Knight-Marren unattached DNS

Event 5 Men 3000 Meter Run
2 alleys waterfall ; hip #'s 11-15, to be placed in outside
World: W 7:24.90 2/6/1998 Daniel Komen, KEN
American: A 7:32.43 2/17/2007 Bernard Lagat, Nike
Meet: M 7:42.81 3/5/1994 Moses Kiptanui, Kenya
Name Year Team Finals
1 Bernard Lagat Nike 8:12.60
2 Galen Rupp Nike/OTC Elite 8:13.49
3 Chris Solinsky OTC/Nike 8:13.85
4 Scott Bauhs adidas 8:15.76
5 Aaron Braun Adams State 8:17.40
6 Ian Burrell McMillan Elite 8:23.08
7 Brian Medigovich Adams State 8:23.14
8 Aucencio Martinez Boulder RC/adid 8:24.82
9 Jordan Horn McMillan Elite 8:27.17
10 Jonathan Pierce Asics 8:27.28
11 Kyle King unattached 8:27.33
12 Mark Fruin Team Ind Brooks 8:32.34
13 Thomas Morgan ZAP Fitness 8:36.51
14 Nate Jenkins Saucony 8:41.24
15 Eric Garner unattached 8:42.98

Event 24 Women 3000 Meter Run
waterfall start
World: W 8:23.72 2/3/2007 Meseret Defar, ETH
American: A 8:33.25 1/27/2007 Shalane Flanagan, Nike
Meet: M 8:40.45 2/23/1990 Lynn Jennings, Nike
Name Year Team Finals
1 Renee Metivier Baillie unattached 9:14.90
2 Sara Hall Asics 9:14.92
3 Shannon Rowbury Nike 9:15.41
4 Desiree Davila Hansons-Brooks 9:21.05
5 Delilah DiCrescenzo Puma 9:29.54
6 Shayla Houlihan unattached 9:33.20
7 Toni Salucci Adidas Ralei 9:33.72
8 Alisha Williams Boulder RC/adid 9:34.51
9 Frances Koons unattached 9:35.30
10 Tanya Zeferjahn unattached 9:50.88
11 Karen Dimoff Bowerman AC 10:09.08

Event 13 Men Weight Throw
Top 8 advance to final; Re-order after 5th round
World: W 25.86m 3/4/1995 Lance Deal, USA
American: A 25.86m 3/4/1995 Lance Deal, NYAC
Meet: M 25.86m 3/4/1995 Lance Deal, NYAC
Name Year Team Finals
1 A.G. Kruger Nike 24.99m 82-00.00
24.42m 24.99m FOUL FOUL FOUL FOUL
2 Cory Martin Nike 24.38m 80-00.00
23.49m 23.54m 24.38m 23.87m FOUL 24.05m
3 Jake Freeman NYAC 23.98m 78-08.25
23.08m 23.98m FOUL 23.63m FOUL 23.50m
4 Michael Mai U.S. Army 23.67m 77-08.00
22.65m FOUL 23.67m FOUL 22.86m FOUL
5 Garland Porter unattached 23.37m 76-08.25
22.84m 23.37m 23.24m FOUL 22.72m 23.06m
6 Chris Rohr unattached 23.02m 75-06.25
FOUL 20.60m 22.30m 22.54m 23.02m FOUL
7 Robert Klenk unattached 22.63m 74-03.00
20.59m 22.63m FOUL 21.43m 21.81m 22.38m
8 Drew Loftin unattached 22.07m 72-05.00
FOUL 21.11m 21.55m 22.07m 21.99m FOUL
9 Jacob Shanklin RIADHA 21.09m 69-02.50
FOUL 21.09m FOUL
10 Benjamin Bishop Sn Il U Edwardsv 21.07m 69-01.50
20.21m 21.07m 20.55m
11 Jesse Doty Syr. Chargers 20.67m 67-09.75
19.35m 20.67m FOUL
12 Stephen Bartholomew unattached 19.49m 63-11.50
19.49m FOUL 19.34m
13 Davis Fraker Throw 1 Deep 19.38m 63-07.00
17.76m 19.38m 19.35m
14 Sam Lambert unattached 18.93m 62-01.25
18.93m FOUL FOUL

Event 30 Women Triple Jump
Top 8 advance to final; Re-order after 5th round
World: W 15.36m 3/6/2004 Tatiana Lebedeva, RUS
American: A 14.23m 3/4/1995 Sheila Hudson, Reebok
Meet: M 14.23m 3/4/1995 Sheila Hudson, Reebok
Name Year Team Finals
1 Erica McLain Nike 14.06m 46-01.50
2 Shakeema Welsch unattached 13.73m 45-00.50
13.73m 13.55m FOUL 13.25m 13.40m 13.66m
3 Crystal Manning unattached 13.62m 44-08.25
13.62m FOUL 13.28m 12.84m 12.87m 13.33m
4 Toni Smith unattached 13.44m 44-01.25
FOUL 12.98m 13.44m 13.27m 13.38m 13.17m
5 Amanda Smock unattached 13.36m 43-10.00
13.36m 13.24m 13.08m 13.27m FOUL 13.34m
6 Alyce Williams P2 Elite T C 13.26m 43-06.00
13.14m 11.74m 13.13m 13.02m 12.97m 13.26m
7 April Williams Shore AC 13.01m 42-08.25
FOUL 12.22m 13.01m 12.46m FOUL FOUL
8 Blessing Ufodiama unattached 12.97m 42-06.75
12.71m 12.97m 12.89m FOUL FOUL FOUL
9 Ryann Hendricks unattached 12.79m 41-11.50
12.19m 12.79m FOUL
10 Pascale Delaunay Cheetah Int. 12.65m 41-06.00
FOUL 12.65m 12.58m

Event 8 Men High Jump
Bar Progression: 2.17, 2.22, 2.25, 2.28, 2.31, 2.34, 2.37
World: W 2.43m 3/4/1989 Javier Sotomayor, CUB
American: A 2.40m 3/10/1991 Hollis Conway, Nike
Meet: M 2.38m 3/4/2000 Matt Hemingway, US West
Name Year Team Finals
1 Jesse Williams Nike 2.34m 7-08.00
2.17 2.22 2.25 2.28 2.31 2.34 2.37
2 Dusty Jonas Nike 2.31m 7-07.00
2.17 2.22 2.25 2.28 2.31 2.34
3 Andra Manson Nike 2.31m 7-07.00
2.17 2.22 2.25 2.28 2.31 2.34
4 Jamie Nieto unattached 2.28m 7-05.75
2.17 2.22 2.25 2.28 2.31
5 Will Littleton unattached 2.25m 7-04.50
2.17 2.22 2.25 2.28
6 Keith Moffatt Nike 2.25m 7-04.50
2.17 2.22 2.25 2.28
7 Cedric Norman unattached 2.22m 7-03.25
2.17 2.22 2.25
8 Norris Frederick Asics 2.17m 7-01.50
2.17 2.22 2.25
-- Joe Kindred unattached NH
-- William Moses unattached NH
-- Fletcher Carlyle unattached NH
-- Garrett Huyler unattached NH

Event 9 Men Pole Vault
Bar Progression: 5.25, 5.40, 5.50, 5.55, 5.60, 5.65, 5.70
World: W 6.15m 2/21/1993 Sergey Bubka, UKR
American: A 5.96m 3/3/2001 Lawrence Johnson, adidas
Meet: M 5.96m 3/3/2001 Lawrence Johnson, adidas
Name Year Team Finals
1 Tim Mack unattached 5.70m 18-08.25
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80
2 Derek Miles Nike 5.70m 18-08.25
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60 5.65 5.70 5.75 5.80
3 Darren Niedermeyer unattached 5.60m 18-04.50
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60 5.65
4 Jeremy Scott Nike 5.60m 18-04.50
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60 5.65
5 Mitch Greeley unattached 5.50m 18-00.50
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60
6 Daniel Ryland Bell Athletics 5.50m 18-00.50
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60
7 Mark Hollis unattached 5.50m 18-00.50
5.25 5.40 5.50 5.55 5.60
8 Paul Gensic U.S. Air Force 5.40m 17-08.50
5.25 5.40 5.50
9 Pat Manson unattached 5.40m 17-08.50
5.25 5.40 5.50
10 Bobby Low unattached 5.25m 17-02.75
5.25 5.40
11 Jeff Ryan unattached 5.25m 17-02.75
5.25 5.40 5.50
12 Nick Hysong unattached 5.25m 17-02.75
5.25 5.40
-- Jason Scott unattached NH

Event 32 Women Weight Throw
Top 8 advance to final; Re-order after 5th round
World: W 25.56m 3/10/2007 Brittany Riley, USA
American: A 25.56m 3/10/2007 Brittany Riley, Southern Illinois
Meet: M 24.54m 2/25/2007 Amber Campbell, Mjolnir
Name Year Team Finals
1 Amber Campbell Nike 24.70mM 81-00.50
24.70m 24.48m 23.52m 23.99m 24.05m FOUL
2 Loree Smith NYAC 21.99m 72-01.75
21.18m 21.75m 21.93m FOUL 21.99m FOUL
3 Erin Gilreath NYAC/Asics 21.92m 71-11.00
21.15m 21.60m 21.23m 21.64m 21.74m 21.92m
4 Caressa Sims unattached 20.00m 65-07.50
20.00m 18.80m FOUL 19.17m FOUL 19.66m
5 Meagan Halliwill unattached 19.45m 63-09.75
19.12m 19.26m 19.10m 19.07m 19.45m 18.73m
6 Ronda Gullatte Throw 1 Deep 19.12m 62-08.75
18.38m 18.39m 19.12m 18.56m FOUL FOUL
7 Ashley Stephens unattached 19.00m 62-04.00
18.02m FOUL 18.94m 18.55m 18.41m 19.00m
8 Sara Neubauer unattached 18.26m 59-11.00
16.83m 17.12m 17.28m FOUL 18.26m FOUL
9 Shelby Ashe Throw 1 Deep 16.39m 53-09.25
16.39m FOUL 15.57m

Event 11 Men Triple Jump
Top 8 advance to final; Re-order after 5th round
World: W 17.83m 3/1/1997 Aliecer Urrutia, CUB
American: A 17.76m 2/27/1987 Mike Conley, Tyson TC
Meet: M 17.76m 2/27/1987 Mike Conley, Tyson TC
Name Year Team Finals
1 Lawrence Willis unattached 16.86m 55-03.75
16.40m FOUL 16.60m 16.31m 16.47m 16.86m
2 Brandon Roulhac HPC Elite/Nike 16.72m 54-10.25
16.58m 16.50m 16.56m 16.48m 16.72m 16.53m
3 Allen Simms unattached 16.49m 54-01.25
FOUL 16.27m FOUL FOUL 16.49m 16.43m
4 Kenta Bell unattached 16.46m 54-00.00
16.07m 16.21m FOUL FOUL 16.46m FOUL
5 Shardae Boutte unattached 16.44m 53-11.25
16.22m 16.33m 16.44m 15.69m FOUL 15.99m
6 Nkosinza Balumbu Mission Valley 16.25m 53-03.75
16.15m 16.20m 16.23m FOUL 16.25m FOUL
7 Tydree Lewis unattached 16.10m 52-10.00
8 Michael McCadney unattached 16.00m 52-06.00
15.69m 16.00m FOUL 15.47m FOUL FOUL
9 Daniel Marshall unattached 15.32m 50-03.25
FOUL FOUL 15.32m
10 David McFadgen N. Carolina A&T 15.09m 49-06.25
FOUL FOUL 15.09m
-- Walter Davis Nike DNS

Event 27 Women High Jump
Bar Progression: 1.75, 1.80, 1.83, 1.86, 1.89, 1.92, 1.95
World: W 2.08m 2/4/2006 Kajsa Bergqvist, SWE
American: A 2.01m 2/28/1998 Tisha Waller, Unattached
Meet: M 2.01m 2/28/1998 Tisha Waller, Unattached
Name Year Team Finals
1 Chaunte Lowe Nike 1.98m 6-06.00
1.75 1.80 1.83 1.86 1.89 1.92 1.95 1.98 2.01
2 Deirdre Mullen Nike 1.86m 6-01.25
1.75 1.80 1.83 1.86 1.89
3 Raevan Harris unattached 1.86m 6-01.25
1.75 1.80 1.83 1.86 1.89
4 Sharon Day Asics 1.83m 6-00.00
1.75 1.80 1.83 1.86
5 Becky Christensen RIADHA 1.80m 5-10.75
1.75 1.80 1.83
-- Priscilla Frederick unattached DNS

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