Why Christian Cantwell will get the WR, by Larry Eder



Christian Cantwell, photo by PhotoRun.net.

The spin technique in the shot put is not easy to master. It is especially challenging for a large thrower. So, take a very large thrower using the spin, in a indoor ring, like Millrose, where the ring is a bit smaller. Would seem to be an advantage for a smaller guy-or so, one might think. Yet, at the Millrose Games, Adam Nelson and Reese Hoffa were not having a good relationship with the shot ring. In the shot, a putter must know the ring. It is his or her small corner of hell. Master the surface, and one throw's well. Take the ring for granted, and a bad day of throwing.

On the other hand, Christian Cantwell threw 70-4 1/4, 70-1, 70-4 1/2 and then 72-4! Cantwell is large of stature, and makes an imposing figure with a sixteen pound ball in his hand. He is also the 2009 World Outdoor and 2008 World Indoor world champion. But, observant readers, try and watch his feet in the ring! It is, all about the feet! The shot put is an event that requires speed, and a thrower the size of Christian Cantwell must a) work harder to control his basic mass and b) once he reaches that level of control and fitness, watch out! Big guys throw long for a long time! A simple way of saying that Mr. Cantwell has worked a long time to perfect his skill, and control his speed, and it is showing.

Let's go back to Berlin in August 2009. The Polish Olympic champ Majewski thought he had gotten Christian Cantwell's number in Beijing. Or so he thought. When Majewski took the lead in round five, many thought that the party was over in Berlin for Cantwell. Au contraire, mes amis. Christian Cantwell, in his most impressive performance to date, came back and took the gold right out of Majewski's hands. In my humble opinion, that was the day Christian Cantwell really figured he could be the best in the world! He also showed, that under huge pressure, (and where can one find more pressure than in the World Championships? ) that he, Christian Cantwell delivers under pressure.

A the 12th Pedro's Cup in Bydgoszcz, Poland, this evening, Christian Cantwell won the shot put over Adam Nelson and Reese Hoffa, throwing 21.36m.

Just how far can Christian Cantwell throw this season? Well, if his timing stays on, and he stay's healthy, the world record should have the name of a very large man from the state of Missouri. Christian Cantwell should see his name next to a WR in the not so distant future.


BYDGOSZCZ (POL, Feb 10): 12th Pedro´s Cup meet (EA Indoor Permit) in Luczniczka hall in Bydgoszcz registered excellent national pole vault record by world champion Anna Rogowska who cleared 481 in third attempt. South American record holder Fabiana Murer was second (471) and Russians Tatyana Polnova and Svetlana Feofanova followed with 461, German Silke Spiegelburg as fifth also cleared 461. Rogowska was also trying at 486. British record holder Kate Dennison was sixth (451) and the second home star Monika Pyrek 7th (451). In other two events of the evening before the packed hall no more home wins, even no places on the podium. Olympic shot put winner Tomasz Majewski was fourth (20.86) beaten by all three competing Americans. World champion Christian Cantwell had 21.24 in first, 21.25 in third round and 21.36 in last one. 2007 World champion Reese Hoffa as second achieved 20.97 and 2005 world champion Adam Nelson 20.91 as third. US last World Indoors bronze winner Andra Manson was an unexpected men´s high jump winner with 232 third attempt clearance. Berlin world medallists followed. Kyriacos Ioannou from Cyprus was second with 230 and into season debuting Sylwester Bednarek of Poland fourth (tie together with US Dusty Jonas) with 224. In between Russian World Indoor 2006 medalist Andrey Tereshin as third had 228 in his record.

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