New Balance Video: Runner's Creed, review by Larry Eder


The NB/Runner's Creed ad is a different approach from the humorous road taken by Brooks or the zen quality of the ASICS Origami.

New Balance is, in my mind, reinforcing it's commitment to performance running. It is clear in this new commercial where NB heritage lies. And New Balance wants everyone to see that commitment.
NB developed this new ad for performance and core runners. Nicely shot, a very good voice over, the Runner's Creed ads show a different approach to running than the NB 365, a series of daily video shots for the less serious runner or fitness runner....Runner's Creed appeals to a runner who sees running as an essential part of their daily life.

I watched this video several times. I like the attention to detail, for example, as the runner is running up the hilly road. The interplay between, road, trail, dirt and finally, the finish, is well-edited.

The theme of the ad, that running is like breathing for the NB runner, plays on the Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (novella by Allan Sillitoe, film starring Tom Courtney), running as a solitary activity. Yet, NB explores this further.

Running is the remedy, here, for all of the detritus of modern existence. All of the stuff that brings you down. Your run (or walk, for that matter), puts you in a good place, so that you, the life runner, have your daily bit of solitude, your daily shot of endorphins, and finally, the day is put in perspective. That almost, dare I use the word?, "spiritual" experience one has during a long, quiet run or walk, does much to improve one's current demeanor.

For awhile, I had grown tired of the running as a cure for the daily ills, but, this one hits the nail on the proverbial head. In this current zeitgeist, when one cannot turn on a media outlet some partisan pundit gesticulating wildly that they are leaving the country if certain legislation is passed, or some celebrity is addicted to the fetish/addiction du jour, running is pretty clear way of helping put what is important into perspective.

The nice thing is, we can run or walk just about anywhere, and of course, our friends at New Balance would like us (as would all other brands), to be wearing their shoes!

Nicely done, New Balance (agency is Almighty/Boston). Your well done commercial intrigued me.

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