Walter Dix Wins Men's 100 meters in 10.04, by Larry Eder

Walter Dix, USA 100 meter Champion, photo by

I once asked Nike's director of athletics why he sponsored Walter Dix,
and John sent me this short message: "The guy is fast, real fast."
Walter Dix is also a dangerous sprinter. He is pretty quiet, and lets his
sprinting speak for him, so people forget about the guy. That should
not happen again....

Walter Dix (squatting), USA Outdoor Champs 2010, photo by

June 25, 2010

The 100 meters is all about controlling deceleration. Walter Dix is no rube when it
comes to the sprint wars. The bronze medalist in the 100 meters and 200 meters from
Beijing, Dix was having his day.

Walter Dix moving down the track....USA Outdoor 100m, photo by

The final started with a false start by Travis Padgett, who was disqualified. With a fair second
start, the race went off. Trell Kimmons, Walter Daix and Ivory Williams got good starts. Wallace Spearmon had a terrible start, and looked like he was along for the ride.

Walter Dix started moving about twenty meters, and did not stop, passing Trell Kimmons, and Ivory Williams and not looking back, winning in 10.04. Trell Kimmons held on for seconds with a 10.27, and Ivory Williams held on for third in 10.29.

Waking up about fifty meters, Wallace Spearmon thought he was in a 200 meter race and exploded, going from last to fourth, finishing in 10.30!

All good sprinters lean at the finish, USA Outdoor 100 meters, photo by

Walter Dix is a consumate racer. He knew that Kimmons, Williams and Spearmon were close and leant at the finish, taking the 100 meter title!

(Watch for Dix and crowd at the Nike Pre next weekend! )

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