Arturo Casado Wins 1,500m, Andy Turner Takes 110m, European Champs, Day 4, July 30, by Alfonz Juck, note by Larry Eder

Arturo Casado, Euro Champs 06, photo by

Arturo Casado held his kick off the longest, waiting to fly until the final
stretch in the 1,500m men's European Championships. Taking off with
80 meters to go, Casado won the title in front of his home crowd!

Andy Turner won the 110m hurdles in 13.28 seconds, and Christophe Lemaitre finished
his double, winning the 200 meters in the European Championships!


"I just smelt the gold medal. You just find that extra gear. I'm just lost for words right now," Andy Turner after winning the 110 m hurdles.

„There was no question that I would win this race," Mariya Savinova after 800 m (RRW).

„It's been my dream for many, many years to win a medal like this," Arturo Casado after winning the 1500 m (RRW).



Natalya Antuykh 52.92 meet record and European leader. She is the fourth best European performer ever. European junior record by Eusebio Caceres in long jump qualification 827 (+1.7). Russian Yulia Zarudneva beating home favorite Marta Dominguez in 3000m steeple.



Kevin Borlee attacking from behind and winning the 400 m over 5 runners with faster time this year (first gold for Belgium after 35 years). Russian Tatyana Firova was not expected to win, but she did and clocked european lead 49.89. German Carsten Schlangen second in 1500 m.



British hurdler Sharman false started in the 110 m hurdles, in the final Czech Petr Svoboda was leading but made a mistake at hurdler number seven. Russian long jumper Pavel Shalin out in qualification.


STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

200 m: Lemaitre sixth man to win both 100m and 200m in the European Championships.  Okikwelu was the last one to accomplish this feat in 2006.  In fact Lemaitre became the first European born sprinter to win both 100m and 200m at Euro Champ since P Mennea did so in 1978. The margin of victory for Lemaitre, 0.01 second, matching the margin of victory by Olaf Prenzler in 1982 European Championships Two medal for FRA matched their best performances of gold and bronze in 1966 European Championships.

400 m: It was the first medal sweep (winning gold, silver and bronze) ever at W400m in the European championships.  The 4th place time of 50.43 by Grenot matches the fastest 4th place time in history by K Emmelmann in 1986.

MLJ qualifying:  7.94m by P Mykolaitis is the longest non-qualifying jump in history of Euro champ, replacing 7.85m by A Muller in 1990.

W1500m heats: 4:04.14 by Alimonova is the fastest time in the heat of W1500m in Euro Champ, replacing 4:04.42 by Ayhan in 2002. 4:06.89 by N Kareiva is the fastest non-qualifying time in W1500m at Euro Champ, replacing 4:07.52 by Vera Michallek from 1986.

W3000mSC:  Best marks for place was reset for places 1 (championships record) through 8.  The margin of victory as well as the difference between 3rd and 4th place time was smallest ever. It was the first medal for ESP in this event at Euro Champ. With gold and bronze  RUS has one of each medal at this event in the Euro Champ In fact, RUS is the only country with more than 1 medal in this event (only twice contested)

WPV:  Best marks for place for 4th (4.65 replacing 4.50), 5th (4.65 replacing 4.50), 6th (4.55 replacing 4.50), 7th (4.55 replacing 4.45) were reset and for 2nd and 3rd were tied. Feofanova's 4.75m is the highest vault in Barcelona replacing 4.50m by Lacy Janson from 2008. More importantly, Feofanova became the first two-time champion in WPV in the European Championships.

HEP 200m: J Ennis's 23.21 is the fastest 200m during the Heptathlon replacing 23.40 by Neubert from 1982

M400m. Best marks for places for  4th through 8th were reset. Difference between 3rd (bronze) and 4th, 0.01 second, was the smallest ever at 400m in Euro Champ replacing 0.03 by Carlowitz in 1990.

WHT: Best marks for place was reset for 2nd (75.65 by Lysenko replacing 74.50 by Khanafeyeva in 2006), 3rd (73.56 by Wlodarczyk replacing Skolimowska in 2006) and 6th (70.77m by Marghieva replacing 70.59 by Klaas in 2006). 76.38 by Heidler was the longest throw in Barcelona, replacing 72.62 also by Heidler from 2009. Lysenko became the third hammer thrower (after Skolimowska and Kuzenkova) to 2nd medal (gold in 2006, silver in 2010) in WHT at Euro Champ

W400mH:  It was the fastest time in Barcelona, eclipsing Sally Gunnell's time of 53.23 from the 1992 Olympics. Best marks for place were reset for 5th (54.58 replacing 54.62 by Goossens in 1998), 6th (54.59 replacing 54.90 by Fiedler in 1986) and 8th (55.51, replacing 55.56 by Ponomaryova in 1986).



40 000, together 140 000.



GERMANY: Fresh European Champion Linda Stahl was thinking about school duties earlier, but now she will be selected for Continental Cup early September. But she will change her plans to be on the start list in Croatia.

ITALY: Libania Grenot qualified for Continental Cup in the 400 m as before her were 3 Russians and only one athlete per country can be selected in each event.



Ricky Simms 4, Rene Auguin 3, Pavel Voronkov 3, Aleksandr Porkhomovskiy 2, Vera Michallek 2, Mikhail Gusev 2, Aivar Karotamm, Mark Block, Ludmila Olijar, Wilfried Meert, Miguel Mostaza, Daniel Wessfeldt, Munir Yaras,  Kerstin Pohlers, Alfons Juck 1 gold medal. Decathlon winner Barras is not having an agent.


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