Barcelona 2010 European Championships, A walkers' view, by Gary Morgan, note by Larry Eder

We asked Gary Morgan, 1988 U.S. Olympian at 20k, and a world traveler, to give us some insights into Barcelona. Watch You Tube and you will find many of Gary's more light-hearted works, under the Running Network TV  title. Gary has lead pace groups at many of the RNR
marathons and half marathons.

He recently completed the Comrades Ultra-marathon in South
Africa, one of the premier ultra marathons in the world! In the past three years, Gary and I have done video from the Olympic Trials, Beijing Olympics, Berlin World Champs, and the US champs in 2010, among others. Here is what he emailed us Monday night:

1992 Summer Olympics

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 It´s been an awesome experience here at the European track and Field Championships. Monday night they had the opening ceremonies and it was spectacular. It was all done around there famous fountain in front of the National Gallery overlooking the city. There was a huge crowd that came out to see it. Barcelona is known for doing events in a big way. Since they have hosted the 1992 Olympics and many other big events.

  There was a variety of acrobatic exhibits over the fountain as it changed colors to music played by an orchestra. There was a parade of athletes from all 50 countries competing here. Then a fireworks display to finish off the evening. Then there was a concert that had a band play s Spanish dancing music late into the night.

   Tuesday morning the competition started with the mens 20k walk that a young 20 year old Russian wins. There was plenty of preliminary rounds in the morning session. The evening session saw two final events. The womens shot put that produced a 1-2 placing for the Belorussians. The mens 10k run had a 1-2 placing for the British team. The winner Mo Farah is definitely a runner to keep your eye on as we head towards the 2012 Olympics.

 It;s great being here in Barcelona again. The last time I was here was in 1989 for a World Race walking Championship. At that time they were building the Stadium and all the other building for the Olympics. To come back 20 years later and see all the changes is fantastic. There´s a lot of cool things to do here and it´s definitely worth visiting. Ill let all of you know how the rest of the Championships go.

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