Euro Champs, Day 5, July 31, Morning session, by Alfonz Juck, Note by Larry Eder

Zivile Balciunaite, -real, Berlin, photo by

It took Zivile Balciunaite only two hours, thirty one minutes and fourteen seconds to
give Lithuania its first marathon. Focused, the veteran marathon took the European
title with little distress!


„I can't say it in words," Balciunaite said when describing how important her achievement was for her country.  „I think about it so many years."  She added: „My coach, when we're training for this championship she told me, ‚you have to go to win, you have to go to win.  It's your time.'" (RRW)



Merlene Ottey anchoring the Slovenian relay in 4x100 m heats at age of 50.



Zivile Balciunaite winning gold medal for Lithuania in marathon.



In relays out German women in 4x100 m, Great Britain in men and women 4x100 m, Czech Republic with saving Hejnova and Masna out in 4x400 m heats, Russia out in men´s 4x100 m. Diamond League top placer Zoltan Kovago out in discus qualification.


STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

W4x400m Relay: 3:30.11 by IRL is the fastest non-qualifier at W4x400m in the European Championships replacing 3:30,40 by SWE in 2006.

WMaratho: Balciunaite won the first medal for LTU at the women´s marathon in the European Championships. Her winning time, 2:31:14 was faster than Yegorova´s winning time (2:32:41) at the Olympic Games in Barcelona (it should be noted that Olympic marathon course, which finished in the stadium was much tougher course).

M4x100m relay: 39.49 by GBR is the fastest non-qualifying 4x100m relay time in the history of the European Championships replacing 39.58 by Finland in 2002.

W4x100m Relay:: 43.93 by IRL is the fastest non-qualifying W4x100m relay time in the history of the European Championships, replacing 44.04 by Greece in 2002



Estimated at 5000, total so far is at 145 000.



RUSSIA: In the European Cup Marathon team competition, Russia earned the top spot with a total time for their top-3 finishers of 7:44:39.  Italy was second in 7:46:18 and Great Britain third 8:00:36.

RUSSIA: Shot putter Anna Alminova who won bronze in Barcelona was hospitalized and underwent a appendix surgery in home Samara after returning from Spain.

MEDIA RACE: Winner was Christian Lenk from BBC who clocked impressive 1:57.58 in the 700 m. Alexandra Arendt of Leichtathletik Magazine in Germany was the best woman in 2:27.59.



Ricky Simms 3, Rene Auguin 3, Pavel Voronkov 3, Aleksandr Porkhomovskiy 2, Vera Michallek 2, Mikhail Gusev 2, Ludmila Olijar 2, Aivar Karotamm, Mark Block, Wilfried Meert, Miguel Mostaza, Daniel Wessfeldt, Munir Yaras,  Kerstin Pohlers, Alfons Juck 1 gold medal. Decathlon winner Barras is not having an agent.


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