Philips Idowu Soars 17.81m! Euro Champs, Day 3, Evening Session, July 29, by Alfonz Juck, Note by Larry Eder

Philips Idowu, 2010 AVIVA British GP, Gateshead Samsung DL,
photo by

Well, Philips Idowu did it! Soaring 17.81m, Idowu took the European Championships over
Teddy Tamgho, who finished in third. Idowu had a huge amount of pressure on himself, considering London 2012, and he delivered. More to come.....


„My job in Barcelona is done. I came here to win the medal, I won the medal and now I want to go home and celebrate with my friends and family and look forward to the end of the season and preparation towards 2012, „ Philips Idowu after winning the triple jump. „Only the win is counting," Verena Sailer after winning the 100 m.



Personal best for Philips Idowu 17.81 in the triple jump. European women sprinting getting new blood, against wind Verena Sailer 11.10 and Veronique Mang 11.11 personal bests.



Aleksandr Shustov winning the high jump after rain in wet circumstances 233 and beating world leader Ivan Ukhov. Dutch silver winner in decathlon Eelco Sintnicolaas who improved from 8159 to 8436 personal best. Linda Stahl getting the javelin crown with personal best 66.81 over favorites.



World indoor record holder Teddy Tamgho was surprisingly beaten not only by Idowu but also by returning 2004 olympic medalist Marian Oprea of Romania (17.45 and 17.51). World record holder Barbora Spotakova struggling with elbow injury third in javelin. Olympic silver medalist and world leader Mariya Abakumova of Russia only 5th.


STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

TJ: 17.81m by Idowu is the longest TJ in Barcelona as well as second longest in European Championships (previously, longest TJ in Barcelona was 17.72m indoor by Brian Wellman in 1995). 17.45m and 17.29 are best marks for place for 3rd and 4th place, respectively, at European championships (previous best 3rd place was 17.34m by Lapshin in 1990 and best 4th place was 17.22 by Glavatsikiy in 1998)

Decathlon: First medal for NED and BLR in Decathlon at European championships.

100 m women: The winning margin of 0.01 is the smallest ever at W100m in European Championships (previously, the smallest winning margin was 0.08 in 1994, Privalova won in 11.02) and 1969 (Kandarr won in 11.66). It was the first time FRA won two medals at w100m in European Championships

JT: 66.81 by Stahl is the longest WJT in Barcelona (Previously the longest JT in Barcelona was 64.25m by Tatyana Shikolenko in 1999 which was broken by Spotakova with her 65.36 earlier in the round). Not counting GDR 1-2 finish in 1974, it is the second time GER won both gold and silver in WJT (it happened in 1938) at the European Championships.

Dec JT: 71.71m by Lars Vikan Rise is the longest JT since 1986, when I believe the old Javelin was in use. So it is the longest JT in Decathon with a new Javelin in European championships.

Dec: 545 cleared by Eelco Sintnicolaas is the highest PV recorded during the Decathlon at the European Championships. Previous record was 540 by Alain Blondel in 1994, and Erki Nool  in 1998.



Estimated at 30 000




ITALY: Andrew Howe and Antonietta Di Martino spoke to the Italian media on the eve of their much-awaited debut at the European Championships. Andrew Howe, who jumped 8.16 at the Italian Championships in Grosseto in his comeback competition, is confident ahead of the qualifying round scheduled on Friday evening. "I walked on crutches last September after undergoing surgery on my Achilles tendon in Finland. Thing are going very well now. I defend the title I won four years ago in Gothenburg but I don't fear anybody. No jumpers are jumping 8.50-8.60 this year in Europe but everything can happen in the infield. First of all I need to jump 8.00 to qualify for the final. Pavel Shalin, Christian Reif and Salim Sdiri are the favourites. Mentally I am fit but I am not sure how my body will respond. I think 8.30 will be enough to win", said Howe. Antonietta Di Martino will make her debut on European Championships' stage on Friday morning for the qualifying round of the women's high jump. "This year my life has been changed by marriage. I am now more relaxed and confident thanks to the strong support of my husband Massimiliano Di Matteo. Apart from a minor problem on my foot, my preparation is going very well. Apart from Blanka Vlasic, my strongest rivals will be Ariane Friedrich, Ruth Beitia, who competes on home-soil and Tia Hellebaut, who performs very well on the big stage.

MARATHON: It was nearly a dozen years ago when Stefano Baldini earned his first European title, winning the gold medal in the marathon at the 1998 European Championships in Budapest.  It was a glorious day for Italian marathoning. The 27 year-old Baldini led his teammates Danilo Goffi and Vincenzo Modica to silver and bronze medals, respectively, and Italy took home the European Cup for the best team score. „I was young, but experienced, after a second in London and third place in New York in 1997," Baldini recalled in an e-mail message to Race Results Weekly last week.  „It was my first appearance in a championships race and I did well.  Budapest was a promising race for many more results in international competitions. I still love running and have a goal to achieve and I am the reigning European champion."

CZECH REPUBLIC: Minute of tension for Czech Jan Kudlicka in pole vault qualification. He said to judges he wants 540 as first height, but they noted 530 for him. So for first time in his life he missed a jump because of time. Kudlicka then managed 530 in third.

BELGIUM: Antoine Gillet will replace Arnaud Destatte Saturday in the heats of the 4x400m men. Coach Jacques Borlee announced at a press conference. European leader Jonathan Borlee will rest and first round will be contested by Gillet, Cedric Van Branteghem, Nils Duerinck and Kevin Borlee.



Ricky Simms 3, Aleksandr Porkhomovskiy 2, Pavel Voronkov 2, Daniel Wessfeldt, Rene Auguin, Munir Yaras, Mikhail Gusev, Kerstin Pohlers, Verra Michallek, Alfons Juck 1 gold medal. Decathlon winner Barras is not having an agent.

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