Yohan Diniz, 3:40:37 for 50kRW, Euro Champs, Day 4, July 30, Morning Session, by Alfonz Juck, Note by Larry Eder

Deja Vu all over again? , Yohan Diniz, Euro 2006, 50k, by PhotoRun.net.

The 50 kilometer race walk is the longest endurance event on the World
Championship, Olympic and European stages. Walking at under seven
minutes per mile for three and a half hours requires a huge amount of
stamina and keeping form requires the focus of our technical events.
In any event, defending the championship won four years before is quite
difficult. So, when Monsieur Diniz not only defended, but cranked out one of
the fastest times in the world, a tip of the hat goes to the French race walker!



"Thanks especially to my physio who helped me to relax. I had to refocus on myself. It was she who told me that Barcelona would look in 2010 like it was in Gothenburg 2006. There, I won when my first child, Anthony, was four months. Here is Louise who is four months old," Yohan Diniz for French media.


European leading 3:40:37 by Yohan Diniz in the 50 km walk, in tough competition which was ended by only 15 competitors out of 27. 


Israeli and Turkish female high jumpers advancing.


High jump women saw Italian Antonietta Di Martino, Russian Irina Gordeyeva and Bulgarian 2006 medalist Venelina Veneva not qualifying. European indoor champion 2009 Eline Berings did not qualify in the 100 m hurdles heats. 100 m european leader Yelena Nevmerzhitskaya did not qualify also in the 200 m heats after the 100 m. A solid group of high quality walkers did not end the 50 km, among them Olympic winner 2008 Alex Schwazer and World champ 2009 Sergey Kirdyapkin. 

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

WHJ: Ariane Friedrich opened her WHJ qualifying round with 190.  This is the highest ever opening height (including final) at WHJ in the European Championships. 190 clearance by Gordeyeva, Di Martino, Ryan, Kufaas, Jungmark and Palsyte did not qualify them to the final of WHJ. The height tied the highest non-qualifying (to the final) mark in the European championships with Berqvist (1998), Myhalchenko (1998), Majchrzak (1994) and Cadusch (1994)
M50Km walk: The winning time of 3:40:37 by Diniz is the fastest 50Km Walk time in Barcelona, It is also the third fastest time in Euro Champ. By defending his title from Goteborg, Diniz became two-time gold medalist in 50KmW at Euro Champ. Previsously Korzeniowski (1998, 2002), Soldatenko (1971, 1978), Hohne (1969, 1974) and Pamich (1962, 1966) have won two gold in 50KmW at Euro Champ.
Heptathlon:  Ennis failed to break Heptathlon best at 100mH (12.89 by Sabine John in 1982) and in high jump (192) as she went over 189.


Estimated at 5000, total so far is at 100 000. 


FRANCE: President Nicolas Sarkozy and prime minister François Fillon sent their regards to Yohan Diniz.

JAVELIN: Former great Steve Backley who works here for BBC was giving medals for best women javelin throwers.

ARMENIA: As Armenian Athletics Federation president Robert Emmiyan looks forward that his championships record will go in Barcelona. He jumped 841 in Stuttgart 1986. "I was hoping that it will last for some five years and now it is 24. It is time to break it," said Emmiyan.

GERMANY: On Thursday also last German medal hope arrived to Barcelona, the discus world champion Robert Harting.


Ricky Simms 3, Aleksandr Porkhomovskiy 2, Pavel Voronkov 2, Rene Auguin 2, Daniel Wessfeldt, Munir Yaras, Mikhail Gusev, Kerstin Pohlers, Verra Michallek, Alfons Juck 1 gold medal. Decathlon winner Barras is not having an agent.


Yesterday's Dec JT was not a Champs  record. The New Javelin was in use in 1986.

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