Doug Logan Speaks, Again, Again, Larry Eder

USA Track & Field

So, the AP did a story  Friday morning, on Doug Logan, the former CEO of USA Track & Field, who seems to be unable stop talking about his former job. After reading this most recent piece, and his less than sensational news that he was given a raise just before the process began to evaluate his job performance, when in fact, it was a reduction of his former compensation, I am, well, speechless:

There does not seem to be any plot here. The board of directors, who was NOT the board who approved his election (four were part of the 29 who approved his election, with at least four, possibly 11 abstentions), were to evaluate Doug Logan's performance in his 26 month tenure. Information made it clear that the board asked him about three areas: relationships
with the coaches, agents, athletes, a brand plan, and a TV strategy for track and field. He was given this request on July 15 and was to prepare
a presentation on these three areas. 

In speaking to members of the various constituencies, including board members, it seems that Doug Logan was unable not listen to anyone. That was his achilles heel: Logan listened only to his own counsel. His inability to gain support within the various constituencies, and his "my way or the highway", became too large of a problem for the board to ignore.

What I am confounded about is why he continues to speak? He obviously wants to make the board look bad. In the end, this is all about money. Doug Logan thinks that by embarrassing the board, and embarrassing the brand that he was hired to improve, he will be given money to just be quiet. 

Not sure how well that is working for him.

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