What is Mark Nenow Doing? A new contest! , by Larry Eder

Recently, I was walking the expo hall at the ING New York City Marathon, when I spotted an old friend. This friend, Kirk Richardson, was walking the floor with one of his Columbia colleagues. As the conversation moved on, I asked about Mark Nenow, the GM at Columbia and one of Richardson's partners in crime.

Well, soon, I became aware of a picture of Mark Nenow, sitting in a very large shoe. Apparently, Mr. Nenow had been trying to a) educate, b) cajole, c) confuse or d) all of the above, the Columbia team at a recent off site. I am not sure if he was successful, but someone got a picture out of the meeting.

Knowing that the only person who would enjoy showing Mr. Nenow off is a life size shoe more than me would be his friends and colleagues, I bring you Mark Nenow, caught in a truly zen moment, in a prone position in a very large Columbia shoe.

Thumbnail image for F11 Giant Shoe 3.png
What I ask, gentle readers, is for someone much more creative than me to suggest a description for this photo. If I like the description, or perhaps, if it is printable without
some federal group investigating me, then the winner's description of said photo will be
run beneath said photo and the winner will receive a hat of his or her choice from Cal track,
ATF of athletes only-whatever I can find in my garage! Send your descriptions to [email protected] with Subject line, What is Nenow Doing?

Take this as a bit of a build up for the Running Event, in Austin, Texas, November 15-18. If you are not going, you should hock those autographed pictures of Randy Mantooth and get yourself to Austin for the show! It is a great show and chance to exchange ideas in the industry.

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