Mikal Peveto, director of running, adidas America: the RBR Interview, by Larry Eder

Updated March 24, 2011, 12:40 P.M.

This is the RBR interview of Mikal Peveto, the director of running for adidas America. adidas launched today, March 23, 2011, what they noted as one of their largest ad campaigns in recent memory. We reported on the new campaign earlier today, along with yesterday's announcement by adidas of the Golden Stripes T& F series.

michael.jpgMikal Peveto, director of running, adidas America, photo courtesy of adidas America

Mikal Peveto is one of the rarefied folks who have made their life's calling to make the perfect running shoe for millions. Peveto is a man possessed by the anecdotal, creative and yes, the scientific method.  We were able to get fifteen minutes with Mikal on the phone, and his enthusiasm, as always, comes over Mr. Graham Bell's invention. Peveto loves the battle and he has been back at adidas America for the past year, getting adidas Running back on track.

At a later time, we will get some more time with Mikal Peveto to discuss Running Specialty. Today, our chat was on the adidas ClimaCool, and a bit on Running Specialty. You can see Peveto's enthusiasm and love of the sport and the business.

Here is what Peveto had to say:

Adidas_city_Womens_v2.jpgprint advertising for the adidas ClimaCool Ride,
courtesy of adidas Communications

RBR, #1: Why did you launch the adidas ClimaCool Ride right now?

Mikal Peveto: It is spring, and the adidas ClimaCool Ride is a perfect spring/summer product. As the winter snow starts melting, the real running season begins.

RBR, #2: Is this a special ClimaCool product? 

Mikal Peveto: This product is for  faster paced runs. It is the perfect product to kick around in as well, the ClimaCool Ride is a perfect shoe to celebrate warmer weather.

RBR, #3: Do you see the adidas Climacool Ride as a racer/trainer?

Mikal Peveto: This shoe will predominantly appeal to the person who seeks a lighter product. 

RBR, #4: How does adidas view minimalism?

Mikal Peveto: We have have had the adidas zero product for five years or more. It is an integral part of what we are doing. If minimal is another way of saying light-weight, or lighter weight product, then, we have the entire running market, in general, moving in that direction. Light weight has moved into the mainstream, and that is where we position the adidas ClimaCool Ride.   

RBR, #5: You see this as  good product for the high school runner?

Mikal Peveto: I think that the adidas ClimaCool Ride is a perfect shoe for the high school runner. We kept the price point at that sweet spot: $90. To a high school kid, who is working to earn the money for their shoes, this is a great value, and the shoe, has great color waves and looks fast. 
RBR, #6: Can you use Mi-Coach (adidas training aid) with the ClimaCool Ride?

Mikal Peveto: You can use Mi-coach with the carrier on the tongue of the shoe. The mid-sole design was engineered to trap air in the gate cycle, during the flexion phase, it traps air. The geometry of the shoe just did not leave much room for the Mi-Coach, so you can use the tracker and tie it on the laces as well.  

RBR, #7:It sounds like the adidas ClimaCool Ride is running product geared for a wider audience?

MIkal Peveto: The Ride is $90, which is an optimal price. The Ride comes in 26 colors. We want it to be the must0have summer running product. You can find a color that tunes in to your personality.

RBR, #8: What color are you wearing?

Mikal Peveto: I am wearing electricity (yellow).

RBR, #9: So, who has the most colors of the Ride?

Mikal Peveto: Eastbay has the largest selection of colors of anyone. The Ride went into Athletics Specialt and Sporting Goods channel. It is one of those fine lines. Where do you put the Ride? With our issues with Running Specialty, I did not want to confuse our message to Running Specialty. I also had to make those decisions before I brought Chris Brewer in for Running Specialty.   

RBR, #10: So, here is your chance to speak to Running Specialty, all 700 plus of those stores, what do you want to tell them?

Mikal Peveto: We know where we are going. We have realist goals and expectations. We want to be better business partners with Running Specialty. That is our primary focus. 


adidas Blue Beauty, adidas ClimaCool Ride,
photo courtesy of adidas Communications

Special thanks to Stephanie Von Allman, adidas communications & Mikal Peveto, for his time and consideration.

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