Doug Logan vs USA Track & Field: Settlement (Finally) reached, from story by Gene Cherry , note by Larry Eder

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In a story, released on by long time sports correspondent Gene Cherry, Doug Logan, former CEO of USA Track & Field and USA Track & Field, have reached a settlement in the wrongful termination filing made by Logan last Fall. The story was posted in past few hours.

The story, which can be read in its entirety on the and websites:  (, quotes a settlement filed in US courts noting that either party had the right to file a response within the next 30 days. The filing is part of the public record and available to anyone researching the category. 

Doug Logan replaced Craig Masback as CEO, after a several month search process that was questioned forensically, in July 2008. Less than two months before his termination, Logan received a substantial raise, which sources within USATF, while defending, noted that the raise was regrettable, considering the circumstances.

In September 2010, Doug Logan was not renewed as CEO of USA Track & Field. This began a series of actions, from the lawsuit by Logan, to a settlement offer of $500,000 to Logan from USA Track & Field (as noted in the story), which was refused.

While the Reuters story does not suggest the amount of the settlement (such is the normal procedures in such legal affairs), educated conjecture would suggest that Mr. Logan will, after paying his legal support, walk away with approximately one million dollars for his time and issues.

The settlement, which happened earlier this week, has been confirmed by several sources and met with complete quiet from USA Track & Field and Mr. Logan, per Reuters.

Hopefully, the issue of USATF leadership will now be able to be addressed and a CEO named in the not so distant future. The settlement obviously was run by the USOC and large sponsors, so that this should be a done deal.

One wonders, however,  if the CEO announcement will follow only after Mr. Logan signs the settlement and collects the settlement check. It is imperative, for the success of the future CEO and the presentation of the brand that is USA Track & Field, that this settlement is final and goes far, far away into the world that is search engines.

Stay tuned for further updates.....

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