2011 AVIVA Birmingham Grand Prix Diamond League: LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, by Larry Eder

Asafa Powell, 2011 Shanghai DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Welcome to RBR live coverage of the 2011 AVIVA Birmingham Grand Prix Diamond League! We will provide quick notes on each event, as we can, and live twitter major results from each event as well! If you have questions, twitter us! twitter.com/runblogrun.

Live coverage of 2011 AVIVA Birmingham Grand Prix Diamond League:

Nadine Muller, Germany, 2009 World Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

Women's Discus:

Nadine Muller of Germany took the lead early, with her throw of 65.24m.

Nadine Muller of Germany won this competition. Her series was 65.24m, 59.24m, 61.83m, 61.53m, 65.75m, and 65.19m. Her fifth round of 65.75m was the winner.

Aretha Thurmond of US was second. Her series was 62.65m, 60.36m, 59.29m, 59.58m, 60.92m, and 61.82m.

Dani Samuels of Australia, 2009 World champ, was third. Her series was 59.80m, 59.88m, foul, 60.18m, 59.09m, 62.33m.

Stefanie Brown Trafton of the US, the 2008 Olympic champ, finished fifth. Her series was foul, 53.69m, 54.03m,59.36m, 60.25m, and foul!

Women's 100m hurdles

Carruthers_DaniellePC1a-Lausanne11.jpgDanielle Carruthers, 2011 Lausanne, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sally Pearson won the first heat, equaling the meet record in 12.57. Ginny Crawford was second in 12.83, and Tiffany-Ofili-Porter was third in 12.83.

Wells_KellieR-Doha11.jpgKellie Wells, 2011 Doha DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Battling in the middle of the track, Danielle Carruthers got the lead, but Kellie Wells came up onside of her, and Wells and Carruthers, duked it out, with Danielle Carruthers taking the win in 12.61, with Wells in 12.62, and Christina Vukicevic in 12.85!

Wells-Powell-Jones-Carruthers-Doha11.jpg Wells, Powell, Jones, Carruthers, 2011 Doha DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

This race final, to be held at 7 pm, will be between Sally Pearson, Kellie Wells and Danielle Carruthers. If it is close, and it will be, watch Wells and Carruthers. Carruthers is a fighter, she knows how to lean at the tape like none of them. Her specialty tis year has been close, close finishes! 

Men's 100 meters

Powell_AsafaPC-Lausanne11.jpgAsafa Powell, 2011 Lausanne, photo by PhotoRun.net

Heat 1

Michael Frater of Jamaica got out well. Jaysuma Saidy Ndure of Norway moved well, and Mike Rodgers sitting in the blocks, but got out and ran middle of race very fast. Frater held on for 10.09 win. Saidy Ndure was in second in 10.10 and Rodgers in third in 10.13. Marion Devonish of Great Britain in 10.19 SB.

Heat 2

Asafa Powell got out well, and was one meter ahead of the field by the mid point of the race. Relaxing over the last fifteen-twenty meters, Powell ran 9.95, his 69th time under ten seconds! Nesta Carter of Jamaica was second in 10.08 and Richard Thompson was third in 10.09. Keston Bledman was fourth in 10.09.

Should be a fine 100 meter final!

400m hurdles

Greene_DavidSFFV-Euros10.jpg Dai Greene, 2010 European Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

Showing why he will be quite dangerous in Daegu, Korea, Dai Greene, 2010 European champ, 2010 Commonwealth champs came out of the blocks like a man on fire! Dai Greene came on the final turn with Javier Culson and Bershawn Jackson on different sides of him. Greene came through and was leading over the final hurdle and held off Jackson and Culson in the final sprint, to run 48.20, for his seasonal best and to break the stadium record of one Edwin Moses!

In second was Bershawn Jackson, who ran well, but missed the win, in 48.22. In third was Javier Culson of Puerto Rico, who ran 48.34, his seasonal best. Jack Green of Great Britian, all of 19, was fourth in 48.98, his personal best. Note that this was rainy, cold conditions.

Women's Long Jump

DeLoach_Janay-USind11.JPGJanay DeLoach, 2011 USA Indoor champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

Janay DeLoach wins the long jump, here, marred a bit by rain, with longest jump of 6.78m. Her series was 6.54m, 6.41m, 6.49m, 6.78m, 6.30m, foul.

Reese_Brittney-Rome11.jpg Brittney Reese, 2011 Compeed Golden Gala, Roma, photo by PhotoRun.net

Brittney Reese, the US champion, took a while to warm up and moved into second on her last jump of 6.67m. Her series: foul, 6.39m, 6.41m, foul, foul, 6.67m.

Darya Klishina of Russia was third, with a jump of 6.64m. Her series: 6.22m, 6.57m, 6.45m, foul, 6.64m, 6.55m.

Funmi Jimoh of US was fifth with best of 6.55m, and Brianna Glenn was eighth in 6.40m.

Men's Shot Put

Armstrong_Dylan-Rome11.jpgDylan Armstrong, 2011 Compeed Golden Gala, Roma, photo by PhotoRun.net

Oh Canada!

Dylan Armstrong of Canada won here, with a fourth throw of 21.55m. His series was 20.70m, 20.45m, 21.34m, 21.55m.

Tomasz Majewski, the 2008 Olympic champion, was second with a throw of 20.90m. His series was 20.15m, 20.35m, 20.44m, 20.90m.

Christian Cantwell of the US was third. The 2009 WC threw 20.86m. His series was 20.17m, foul, 20.06 and a final throw of 20.86m.

Fourth was Ryan Whiting, who had a best of 20.55m.  Adam Nelson was sixth in 20.15m, Reese Hoffa in seventh in 20.09m.


Women's 200 meters

Knight_Blanka-Rome11.jpgBianca Knight, 2011 Compeed Golden Gala, Roma, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bianca Knight got out the best, flying by Carmelita Jeter, with Marshavet Myers on the left of Knight. Coming off the turn, Biana Knight just churned down the track with Carmelita Jeter starting to move off the turn, and chewing up the lead of Knights. On Bianca's left, Marshevet Myers was running well and looked to be taking the lead.

Nope, that is not the story! Bianca Knight held on to win in a terribly close race, with Bianca Knight winning in 22.59 over Marshevet Myers, in second, also in 22.59. Carmelita Jeter was third in 22.62 and Alexandra Anderson was fourth in 22.87.

Women's steeplechase

Sofia Assefa of Ethiopia won this race in 9:25.87 for a new meet record. Alamz Ayana, who ran neck and neck with Assefa, finished in her seasonal best in 9:30.27. In third, Fionnula Britton of Ireland, just helf off Barbara Parker of Great Britain, 9:37.93 to 9:37.95. Delilah Decrescenzo of the US hada  nice pb in 9:40.63. In sixth Hanane Ouhaddou of Moroccoran 9:40.85. Birtukan Adamu of Ethiopia was seventh in 9:41.95. Sophie Duarte of France was eighth in 9:44.18. Ellish McColgan, daughter of Liz McColgan, had a nice pb today with her run of 9:47.03.

Women's 100m hurdle FINAL-Pearson runs 12.48!

Pearson_Sally-LondonDL10.JPGSally Pearson, 2010 AVIVA London GP, photo by PhotoRun.net

Well, I did not read that one well. Sally Pearson of Australia got out of the blocks well and just hurdled, and sprinted, hurdled and sprinted. Danielle Carruthers gutted herself up to Pearson's side, but that is all she wrote.

Sally Pearson ran 12.48, a new Meet Record, World Leader, and Area Record! Danielle Carruthers ran 12.52 for second, her personal best. Ginny Crawford was third in 12.79!

Pearson looks amazing for this time of the season and she has to be considered a contender for Daegu! 

Women's pole vault

Thumbnail image for Spiegelburg_Silke-WC09.jpgSilke Spiegelburg, 2009 WC, photo by PhotoRun.net

Silke Spiegelburg of Germany won the pole vault here with a fine 4.66m. Holly Bleasdale of Great Britain, the new British record holder, finished second here with 4.61m. Svetlana Feofanova of Russia, a women who has won gold, silver and bronze in World Champs, and silver and bronze medalists in Olympics, finished third here in 4.46m.

Men's 800 meters

Kaki_Abubaker-Pre11.JPGAbubaker Kaki, 2011 Nike Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Abubaker Kaki, following Matt Scherer through 49.41, took the lead, and hit the 600 meters in 1:16.66, and ran all the way through the tape in 1:44.54. Marcin Lewandowski of Poland took second in 1:45.47. Amine Laalou, who won the 1,500m on Friday in AREVA Paris, took third here in 1:45.77. Muhktar  Mohammed was fourth in 1:46.66. And James Shane of Great Britain was fifth in 1:46.70, his personal best. Nick Willis, who was fourth in AREVA Paris 1,500m on Friday night, ran a nice 1:46.89.

Men's Javelin

Thorkildsen_Andreas-Lausanne11.jpgAndreas Thorkildsen, 2011 Lausanne, photo by PhotoRun.net

Andreas Thorkildsen came by this morning, as I was working on the computer and asked me what the Meet Record was. We found out that the Stadium record was 95.66 meters (Jan Zelezny, 23 Aug 1993). That gave us an indication of Andreas's thought process-he wanted a big one.

Andreas started out well, throwing 86.99m on his first throw. Then, there was an 83.23m, then the big one, 88.30m! Thorkildsen threw 85.99m, then 87.43m, then a foul.

Matthias De Zordo of Germany, was second with a throw of 83.42m. His series: 77.47m, 78.31m, 79.63m, 83.42m, 79.85m, 78.04m.

Jarrod Bannister of Australia was third with a throw of 82.01m. His series: 79.46m, 80.12m, 82.01m, foul, foul, 80.80m.

Stuart Farquhar of New Zealand was fourth with a sb of 81.47m.

Women's high jump

Vlasic_Blanka-Rome11.jpgBlanka Vlasic, 2011 Compeed Golden Gala, Roma, photo by PhotoRun.net

Showing that pout that has mesmerized the athletic world, Blanka Vlasic won tonight with a clearance of 1.99m on her second, and three close attempts at 2.01m.

Anna Chicherova of Russia was second, also clearing in 1.99m, but taking three attempts to do it.

Emma Green Tregaro of Sweden was third in 1.90m, and Melanie Melfort of France was fourth in 1.87m. Liz Patterson of the US was seventh in 1.83m.

Women's 1,500 meters

Uceny_MorganQ-USout11.JPGMorgan Uceny, 2011 USA Outdoor Champs, photo by PhotoRun.net

This was a classic 1,500 meters. Karen Shinkins of Ireland took the pack through the 400 meters in 64.76. Mimi Belete lead the pack at 800 meters, in 2:13.20 and 1,100 in 3:06, and 1,200 meters in 3:20.55.

Maryam Jamal faded, and Morgan Uceny, Helen Clitheroe waited, and waited. Uceny, perfectly positioned the entire race, used her superior speed to make a long move from the last 200 meters on, finally developing a nice enough lead and keeping Kalkidan Gezahegne, the 2010 World Indoor Champion, at bay.

Morgan Uceny won here in 4:05.64, with Kalkidan Gesahegne in second in 4:05.96, and Maryam Yusuf Jamal in third in 4:06.39. Helen Clitheroe finish fourth in 4:06.49.

Stacey Smith of the Great Britain finished fifth in a pb of 4:06.81. Ingvill Makestad of Norway was sixth in 4:06.82 and Hannah England was seventh in 4:07.79, a seasonal best. Christin Wurth Thomas, the women who made the US champs 1,500 meters, was eighth here in 4:08.10.

Women's 400 meters

Montsho_AmantleFV_Pre11.JpgAmantle Montsho, 2011 Nike Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Amantle Montsho went out hard, about 23 mid for the 200 meters, and just kept running! She won in 50.20 and she was going away. Rosemarie Whyte of Jamaica had a great last stretch taking second in 50.82. In third, Novlene Williams-Mills of Jamaica ran 50.85, and in fourth Sanya Richards-Ross, defending World Champ at 400 meters, ran 51.11. Debbie Dunn of the US was fifth in 51.28 and Francena McCorory was sixth in 51.46.

Montsho may be the 2011 odds on fave for the World Champs now.

Men's Triple Jump

philips_idowu_triple_jump.jpgPhillips Idowu, 2011 Compeed Golden Gala, Roma, photo by PhotoRun.net

Phillips Idowu told the crowd that he wanted to win here today, and he did.

Phillips Idowu, the 2009 World Champ, is not one to trifle with. His series, 17.06m, 17.13m, then BOOM!, 17.54m, 17.03m, a foul and 17.29m.

Alexis Copello of Cuba was second in 17.12m, and David Girat of Cuba, was third in 17.08.

World leader Teddy Tamgho, finished fifth tonight, with a hump oe 16.74m in his second jump, and three fouls!

Men's 5,000 meters

Farah_MoFV_Pre11.Jpg Mo Farah, 2011 Nike Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp now have a patented way to run 5,000 meters. David Krummenacker took the field through 1,000 meters in 2:36.75. Abera Kuma took the field, with Mo at back of pack and Galen mid pack, through the 2000 meters in 5:17.79. Imane Merga, the man over 5,000m in 2010 and 11, hit the 3,000 m mark in 8:00.76.

Mo Farah was moving through the pack. Collis Birmingham took the lead and held it through 4,000 meters, in 10:41.45.

Then, the race started. Mo Farah, with Imane Merga on his back and Galen Rupp just floating, started to move. Running 2:26 for the last 1,000 meters, and 54 over the last 400 meters, Mo Farah delighted the crowd and won here in 13:06.14!

Galen Rupp, running the fastest last 200 meters that he has done, outkicked, YES, Imane Mega, 13:06.86 to 13:07.63! It was Galen's personal best!

Yenew Alamirew of Ethiopia was fifth in 13:08.78. Jesus Espana of Spain ran his pb in sixth in 13:10.119. Craig Mottram, 2005 World bronze medalist ran 13:11.51. Alistair Cragg of Ireland, running as pacemaker for part of the race, ran 13:16.80 in ninth.

Afterwards, I watch Mo and Galen doing strideouts on the straightaways, and jogging the turns. Mo Farah looked a little stiff, and Galen, well he just floated, as always. Another day on the road to Daegu.....

Men's 100 meters

Powell_AsafaPC-Lausanne11.jpgAsafa Powell, 2011 Lausanne, photo by PhotoRun.net

Well, Asafa Powell ran the easiest 100 meters I have seen in a long time, after two false starts, in 9.91.

Nesta Carter was second in 9.93 and Michael Frater was 10.01 in third.

By that time, Jaysuma Saidy Ndure was dqed. Mike Rodgers had a hamstring strain, and he was seen wincing off the track.

Not sure what this says about US in Daegu, hope it says nothing.

So, I am tired, thanks for reading! More stuff to come tomorrow on this meet! Thanks for following! Goodnight from Birmingham, UK !






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