ASICS extends contract with Christophe Lemaitre for five years, note by Larry Eder

Christophe Lemaitre, photo by

ASICS and Christophe Lemaitre have extended their contract for five years, though London 2012 and Rio 2016. ASICS has worked with Lemaitre since 2007.

The following answers were translated from Lemaitre's original French answers in the press conference at the ASICS Casa Italia.

Q. Were you happy with your performance in the 100 meters?  

" I would have been happy a year ago with my performance the other night (in the 100 meters), but I will have other performances. " noted Lemaitre in regards to the 100 meter final which was held on Sunday night, August 28, 2011.

Q. Do the Jamaican sprinters and their performances make it tougher for you?

" In regards to the Jamaican sprinters, No, No, they are dominating since a few years, and if I am reducing the gap with the main ones, then, that is good.  I want to reduce this gap, even if Powell and Bolt are still ahead, I am reducing the lead step by step, and I am improving."  noted Lemaitre when inquired about the Jamaicans.

Q. You have said that the 200 meters is your main distance, is that still true?

" I feel very confident (about the 200 meters) about this distance because it is my main race. I had tough winds this season or I would be under 20 seconds this year. But it should be great conditions on Friday, so I am quite excited," noted Lemaitre.

Q. You said the 200 meters is the main race for you, so the 100 meters is less of a race? 

" No, because I said that it (the 100 meters), took the pressure off. My main chance is the 200 meters, but, no, I did the 100 meter strongly, and will do the 200 meters the very same we." noted Lemaitre.

Q. You have said that certain lanes are better for you in the 200 meters, what are the perfect lanes?

"I would say the best lanes for me are five to seven, the inside lanes are difficult for me because of the curve. The eighth lane means you are running blind, which means you can not race your competitions." noted Lemaitre.

Q. How did your 200 meter training session go yesterday?

"The first 200 meter training went well yesterday. I made a few mistakes, but can correct them." noted Lemaitre.

LeMaitre_ChristopheQ-World11.JPGChristophe Lemaitre, 2011 WC 100 meters, photo by

Pierre Carraz, the coach of Christophe Lemaitre, had a small bicycle accident, and injured his back. He is in France. Lemaitre and Carraz speak by SKYPE each day, about workouts, the World Champs, the regular things. This is first time Lemaitre has not traveled with his coach, who has been with him since he started the sport at the age of 15.

Carraz knew that Lemaitre was 'quite special" when he broke Ladji Doucoure's French record for the 200 meters at the age of 17.

Look for Lemaitre to run in the 200 meters on Friday night.

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