The Coaches Library: AW Series featuring Great British Runners, Great Marathon Runners & The Greatest Olympic Athletes-You Must Have these books, notes from AW, note by Larry Eder

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When the book shown above appeared in my post office box, I was transfixed. Total track geekdom from our friends at Athletics Weekly. The writing is excellent, the pictures are amazing, and all three titles help you capture the feel of our sport! More are on the way! Now they have three books, or zines out, and they are fantastic. If you are a track fan, coach, enthusiast, you need these books and they are quite inexpensive.

As a favor to readers, AW will sell the books to our readers for $18.50 each, including shipping to U.S! You must use code, RBR to insure that AW knows you are one of us. ( I would suggest a great gift for holiday, just put a card there, show your favorite geek this blog and wait for the books to arrive!)

The website to purchase from is

Great British Runners - Celebrates GB's great legacy in middle distance running- released November 2010 - Foreword by - Seb Coe

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Britain has had more mile record breakers than any other nation. The names of Bannister, Ibbotson, Coe, Ovett and Cram are etched into British athletics' history, a reminder of the time when Britain ruled the world's running tracks. At the longer distances, the success of tough-training Gordon Pirie, and his popularity with the British public, paved the way for the likes of Bedford, Foster and Moorcroft. Where would the current crop of British female middle distance runner be without the great Dame Kelly Holmes? This book details the careers of Britain's greatest track runners from 800m to 10,000m. Every one of the profiled athletes is either a world record breaker or Olympic gold medallist, or both. Tracking their careers using archive material from Athletics Weekly, the bible of British athletics, "Great British Runners" is a must-read for anyone who enjoys athletics, and wants to discover more about his or her idol. The book also features profiles of Britain's other top runners from recent history as well as looking at the successes and medal winning prospects of the next generation of Great British Runners. Packed full of statistics, insight and candid commentary, "Great British Runners" is an enlightening read for athletics' fans. "I'm delighted to be included in such a group of legendary athletes" - Lord Sebastian Coe. "I'm absolutely delighted to be featuring in this book alongside such runners as Gordon Pirie, Derek Ibbotson, Alf Shrubb and Chris Chataway" - Brendan Foster. "It's great that a special issue of Athletics Weekly has been brought out featuring British distance runners such as Seb Coe, Steve Cram, Steve Ovett, Brendan foster and Dave Bedford - as these athletes are superb role models for young runners like myself" - Mo Farah.

Great Marathon Runners - Celebrates not only the UK's greatest marathon runners but also the world's best - released March 2011 - Foreword by - Ron Hill

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The marathon is simply a unique event with more history and drama than any other. The story of Pheidippides running from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC to announce the defeat of the Persians, exclaiming "we have won" before collapsing and dying will forever be imbedded in legend. The marathon is the ultimate endurance event at championship level and has developed from paltry fields of around 12 competitors in the 1800's to well over 30,000 in the biggest city marathons in the world today. The distance is an enigma and stimulates interest among fun runners, joggers, celebrities, club runners and of course elite athletes worldwide. British runners have been instrumental in moving the event onwards and upwards over the years with world records from Jim Peters, Basil Heatley, Steve Jones and Paula Radcliffe. The event has had a true global effect with some of those best-ever times and athletes coming from every corner of the world including Asia, Oceania, the Americas, Europe and Africa. Great Marathon Runners is much more than a book charting success, it tells the story of how each athlete reached the pinnacle of their career. There are stories of joy and despair, laughter and tears, but they all lead to one thing - a definitive performance over 26 miles 385 yards. There are chapters on some of the best big city and championship events along with words on some of the best marathons races ever run throughout the world. Of course, like any good book, it finishes with in-depth statistics which tell a story in their own right. Athletics Weekly has been at most of the marathons over the last 65 years to record the passion, drama and the unexpected. We trust you enjoy the book and hope it gives you the motivation to get out there and achieve your goals whether they are covering the distance in two hours or four hours. As the great Emil Zatopek said: "If you want to win something, run 100 metres. If you want to experience something, run a marathon!


The Greatest Olympic Athletes - Reviews the greatest Olympic athletes since 1948 as voted for by the readers of AW - Released November 2011 - Foreword by - Lynn Davies

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Great British Runners and Great Marathon Runners has an appeal for everyone. The Greatest Olympic Athletes, 1948 to present day includes every event discipline and tells the fascinating stories of how the iconic gold medals were won. The list of athletes on show is extensive and whether you're a runner, jumper, thrower or all three combined, we have tried to capture the atmosphere, trials and tribulations of each Olympic champion. The book is full of interesting tales of how the elusive gold medals were won and how the superstars rose to fame. It is packed with a treasure-chest of images that tell a story in their own right from a time when black and white was the latest technology to present day interactive, 3D, hi-definition full colour. There's statistics too - an essential part of any Olympic who's who. Who is the best athlete to compete in an Olympic Games? Which performance has stood out above all others? Which have been the best Games? This is a debate that could literally run and run and perhaps in the pages of this publication you can make up your own mind. The Greatest Olympic Athletes is a must have for all athletics fans and those who just love the magic that an Olympic Games can conjure. We hope you enjoy the book and with the 2012 Games in London just around the corner and the excitement gradually building, we hope it puts you in the mood for the dramas that will unfold in the Olympic arena.

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