Miller 64: Love them Runners, commercial review by Larry Eder


Running has come mainstream. Next to walking, Running is the largest fitness activity in US, and has even grown during the recession in 2008-2010 (a recession is when your neighbor looses job, a depression is when you loose job-heard that somewhere). Miller is promoting Miller 64, their re-named light beer. In doing that, Miller 64 has focused on various fitness and outdoor activities, with a humorous bent. The running vignette is very good, the basketball one is hilarious. Humor does sell, especially in the US.

Beer companies have been supportive of the running business (race sponsorships, race sampling) since the late 1970's when road racing really took off. Among runners, light beers and imported beers seem to be the most popular. Again, though, nice to see a commercial touting running.

And as the commercials say, always drink responsibly.

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