2012 adidas Grand Prix: Just how good is Yohan Blake? By Larry Eder

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Photos of Yohan Blake from PhotoRun.net

Last year, when Usain Bolt was disqualified in the 100 meters, I felt a bit of vomit coming up my throat. When the final actually happened, and Kim Collins was winning at 60 meters, I thought that, just perhaps, the Mayans were right and the world would end in 2012.

Then, Yohan Blake just cruised on by Kim Collins (followed by Walter Dix), and I was surprised, but not overwhelmed. 

When Yohan Blake ran 19.26, the world went, "Yohan who?"

Not anymore.

Yohan has started 2012 off quite well. First, he ran 9.84 for 100 meters. That was less than five days after his 19.91 for 200 meters.

Just how good is Yohan Blake?

We shall see on June 9 at the adidas Grand Prix NYC.  Yohan Blake is obviously very fit. He has some pressure, but it pales in comparison to said pressure on his training partner, Usain Bolt. 

So, make sure you get to adidas GP New York, if you want to see the next generation of Jamaican sprint stars, among others.

To buy tickets at adidas grand Prix:

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