Find Your Strong: Gary Muhrcke Tours Central Park, courtesy of, note by Larry Eder


 The video is two minutes and thirty seconds long. Don't let that fool you. The music, the voice-over, but most of all, the stunning video, and of course, Gary Muhrcke, who is at his best in this video, make the time go by quickly . In fact, the length is perfect, as this viewer wanted the experience to last longer. 

The voice-over, done as a gentle conversation as we view Gary Muhrcke, a man who has run over 150,000 miles in his life, continue to
traverse the world's greatest city park.  

The happiness of the long distance runner is the theme of Muhrcke, a man who ran 2:31.29 to win the first NYC marathon, and went on to build, with his wife Jane, one of the most influential run specialty chains in the country. Muhrcke gives the viewer a personal tour of his Park, where he has run, in rain, snow, sun. Treadmills? Not for Gary Muhrcke. Gary finds his strong, to use the Saucony vernacular, in Central Park.  

The music, the quick interviews of the two other runners, just show Central Park for what it was built for: an oasis in the urban jungle that is the wonderfully vibrant and crazy city of New York. The video also shows one of the more iconic characters in our sport as the cheerful road warrior, and will put a smile on those who know Mr. Muhrcke. Those who don't know Mr. Muhrcke, will, after this video, want to run in Central Park with him.

The video is part of the Saucony Find Your Strong Project, encouraging people to run, to move and to find the currency (Find Your Strong) that
makes running a viable way to exercise for them. 

We are looking forward to more videos from the Saucony team.

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