Building a Better Festival: Learning from Others, article from San Jose MetroActive, note by Larry Eder

Most of my waking hours, I spend doing something that I really love. I feel extremely lucky about that.

But, I learnt that from our parents, who instilled, in my three sisters, my brother and myself, the idea that we should follow our muse, and see where it leads us. As we were starting up various projects, hanging out at our parent's house, sharing our worries and our successes, would help us make it another week. 

If it did not work, you would get a good cry, a good laugh, but then, we were encouraged to try something else. I tried to be a Jesuit priest. Was not my calling. But I did like this running stuff, and I loved the written word. 

I have attached an article about my brother and his partner, who developed the SubZERO Festival in downtown San Jose, California. I know this downtown like the back of my hand, as I ran there, for fifteen years, every day, every night. Brian & Cherri have made downtown San Jose a fun place to hang out once again.

As I visit San Jose frequently, to see family and friends, I am taken by how much energy Brian and Cherri have added to the city and how amazing the artists, the art and the art culture that they make their lives in, parallels our own sport.

In the article, Brian & Cherri speak of failing gloriously. The notion is that we must take chances, and that we should consider the attitude that in taking a chance, sometimes, things just, well, don't work out.

For the SubZERO Festival, and for downtown San Jose, California, the festival has grown gloriously. Please read the article, and on your walk or run, consider how taking some chances could make your sport or event better.

Building a Better Street Festival
How SubZERO made downtown San Jose cool again

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