RBR Interview: Mikal Peveto, adidas Director of Running, North America, speaks about the adidas ClimaCool Seduction, by Larry Eder

Mikal Peveto talks shoes, photo courtesy of adidas communications

We asked Mikal Peveto, adidas director of running, North America, to fill us in on the new adidas ClimaCool Seduction, one of adidas' newest launches. Here is what he had to say about adidas newest launch:
RBR, #1: The ClimaCool has been a popular product line for adidas, tell us about the ClimaCool Seduction?

Mikal Peveto: The next generation of ClimaCool blends a dramatic new 3D layered mesh design with 360 degrees of ventilation in the all-new ClimaCool Seduction running shoe that helps you stay cool and sweat nothing - literally.

 Ventilation channels reminiscent of wind tunnels across the outsole and strategically designed perforations along the midsole provide breathability from all sides.  The ClimaCool design helps reduce foot temperature and in-shoe moisture for maximum comfort during warm workouts.

Moisture wicking ClimaCool material on the shoe's upper helps evaporate sweat in isolated heat zones along the foot bed and mid-foot.  COOLEVER lining, a special clover-shaped yarn, keeps the foot cool, dry and comfortable during your run.  The TORSION SYSTEM
allows for better surface adaption and stability while the adiWEAR outsole improves traction and durability, and a flexible midsole provides maximum comfort and cushioning.

adidas looked to nature for inspiration of the minimal upper construction that traces air circulation lines around the foot.  Designers perforated, cut holes and drilled the shoe to shed
material it didn't need, resulting in organic shapes that looked like they had been created by wind.    Allowing for increased air flow through the midfoot, a unique branding of the three stripes was designed within the midsole.


RBR, #2: Is this, like the adizero Rush, an example of adidas taking running tech to the masses?

Mikal Peveto: In a word, yes. Our goal is help athletes perform better - lighter, faster and cooler. We want all athletes who run for sport to benefit from our product and just as the adizero platform enhances speed, ClimaCool keeps your feet cool
during your run.


RBR, #3: Who is the user?

Mikal Peveto: The high school kid who wants a carefree run, but also a stylish shoe that
looks cool.


RBR, #4: Looks like a great summer mileage shoe to me, what do you think?

Mikal Peveto: Yes, the ClimaCool Seduction is the perfect summer running shoe.  
It gives an amazing performance in hot weather.  Seventy-five percent of the body's energy is used to keep from overheating, so the ClimaCool is designed to keep your feet cool by providing as much ventilation as possible.


RBR, #5: adidas America seems to be doing quite well at the big boxes, and giving run specialty some time to reconsider the brand, care to comment?

Mikal Peveto: We are actually doing better in all channels of distribution, including running specialty. We were gearing our selection to their core consumer. Supernova and adizero drive
our specialty business and will continue to do so, but we cannot afford to be
complacent in any of our product creation efforts.

RBR, #6: Using Katy Perry and Mr. Soccer will generate some interest, tell us about the marketing campaign?

Mikal Peveto: We're really excited to introduce the next generation of ClimaCool with
the help of adidas' iconic athletes and artists - David Beckham, Katy Perry, Derrick Rose
and Lionel Messi.  The spot celebrates running and brings to life the ultra-breathable benefits of the shoe.  The TV spot is running for 5 weeks on ESPN, MTV and Adult Swim.


RBR, #7: Among the Next Gen bloggers and twitter feeds, adidas is getting high marks on hits most recent commercials and videos, how much of a role does digital media play with adidas?

Mikal Peveto: Yes, it plays a huge role in our communication.  We know that's where the high school kid is - online and on Facebook.


RBR, #8: Okay, here is your chance. What do you want to tell running consumers about the adidas Climacool Seduction?

Mikal Peveto: The ClimaCool Seduction is designed to look hot but be cool through tons
of ventilation. Adidas running will continue to innovate high performance footwear with easy to understand benefits to help athletes of every level get faster and better for their sport.

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