Shoefitr: Use of Online Fitting application increases, rate of returns decreases, release from Shoefitr, note by Larry Eder


The RunningWarehouse is one of the most well respected and fastest growing run specialty digital stores in the country. That Joe Rubio, CEO, uses Shoefitr, tells you two things: Shoefitr must be providing great assistance to the consumer and that Joe Rubio rarely misses a beat.

It also gives me a chance to make a point about the conversation with the consumer. Hire a consultant and they will tell you to have a strong digital presence, one must have a conversation with the consumer. But, how do you do that?

Provide unique content is one. Provide it consistently is another. Make your site easy to spend time on is another. But, the most important, is to provide tools that allow a conversation to happen.

For brands, that means, giving the consumer a 24/7 opportunity to have a conversation, at their leisure. Brands like RunningWarehouse do that. Applications like Shoefitr give the consumer more information, and a recommendation on product that fills the needs of the consumer.

Remember, don't dictate to the consumer, be open to the conversation.




Running Warehouse's use of Shoefitr application proves that fit is the missing piece to a great e-commerce experience.

San Luis Obispo, CA May 15, 2012 - Ordering a properly fitting shoe online is a struggle shoppers have endured for years; however a new application that shows how a shoe will fit and recommends the correct size has delighted shoppers, reduced returns, and helped to increase sales for the retailers that use it. The findings were pulled from two years of on-going analysis between online running shoe retailer, Running Warehouse, and Shoefitr, a company that provides an online shoe fitting solution. 

According to Running Warehouse CEO, Joe Rubio,

"Anything that improves the shopping experience for the customer is a huge bonus.  Shoefitr increases the confidence customers have in ordering a product correctly, thus making the buying decision easier. It also has helped decrease our return rate which positively affects our bottom line. It's been a very positive addition to our site both from a consumer as well as an operations standpoint."

Running Warehouse began using Shoefitr's online shoe fitting application in June of 2010 when this type of product was new to the market. The online shoe retailer was attracted to Shoefitr's solution as a means to decrease the approximately 65% of all footwear returns that are related to improper fit. Since implementing Shoefitr, Running Warehouse's fit-related returns have fallen by 23% which resulted in a 2.5% increase in profit margins.

Adoption of the Shoefitr application continues to grow with 20% of all Running Warehouse purchases coming from shoppers who received a fitting recommendation. Running Warehouse also consistently receives positive feedback on the application, averaging about 250 messages a month from shoppers like these:

"This is the best fitting tool I have ever seen!" - Customer purchasing Brooks Men's Glycerin 9

"I am more confident in the size that I am buying and less likely to have to return it for a different size or fit." - Customer purchasing Women's New Balance 890

"I actually already wear both of the shoes that I have just compared and found the shoefitr to be accurate." - Customer purchasing Women's Saucony Kinvara 2

Shoefitr is a Pittsburgh, PA based company that creates software to help online shoe shoppers figure out what size to order. The company uses a database of internal shoe measurements, acquired using 3D imaging technology, to compare the size and shape of a shoe a shopper is currently wearing, to one she wants to buy. Shoefitr works with several companies in the athletic footwear space and is now moving into the dress/casual and Women's footwear markets. Visit to learn more about the benefits of online fitting technology.

If you'd like more information about this topic, please contact Running Warehouse at [email protected] or Shoefitr at [email protected]

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