2012 Euros: Borzakovskiy Wins 800m, by Alfons Juck, note by Larry Eder

Yuriy Borzakovskiy, photo by PhotoRun.net

Yuriy Bozakovskiy won the European 800 meter title earlier today, as he prepares for London 2012. Some strong performances in Helsinki. Several sprint races decided in the hundredths, with a quick poke at the US Trials decision on the women's 100 meters.



„This was good olympic preparation," Yuriy Borzakovskiy finally getting European outdoor title in the 800  m.

„The only thing I didn´t plan was to win the race," Yelena Arzhakova after getting the women 800 m.



Two world leads by Irina Davydova 53.77 at 400 m Hurdles and Olha Saladuha in Triple jump 14.99.



Betty Heidler out in hammer qualification as current world record holder and title defender, two fouls and one throw not impressive at al. Also Pavel Maslak and Denisa Rosolova medalled in first serious seasons in their events. Moa Hjelmer winning the 400 m and national record and also javelin by Vira Rebryk is another surprise (with NR).



Tomlinson and Shalin out of men´s long jump. Zuzana Hejnova without a medal at 400m hurdles, javelin throwers from Germany lost (Obergfoll and Storl) but with more than solid results.



THURSDAY: 12 999 morning, 22 825 evening (official figures)

FRIDAY: 13 748 morning, 19 473 evening (official figures)


MEDALS (20 events)

RUS 4-3-4, GER 3-2-1, FRA 3-1-3, GBR 3-1-0, UKR 2-3-3, CZE 2-1-0, already 20 countries with medals.


POINTS (20 events)

RUS 92, GER 75, UKR 74, FRA 73, GBR 58, CZE 42, already 31 countries with points.



Pavel Voronkov 3, Ricky Simms and Alfonz Juck 2, Rene Auguin, Linda Ferga-Khodadin, Chris Layne, Julia Garcia, Rachid Esmouni, Olga Nazarova, Vera Michallek, Kerstin Pohlers, Lars Kristiansson, Daniel Wessfeldt, Valentina Fedyushina each 1. Olga Golovkina and Pascal Behrenbruch without agent.



IAAF: Strong IAAF presence in Helsinki. Vice Presidents Sebastian Coe and Sergey Bubka arrived. Both from top home activities. London 2012 Games and Euro Soccer 2012. Also in Finland IAAF General Secretary Essar Gabriel.

ROSOLOVA: Denisa Rosolova not only improved from her first serious race at the distance on May 27 56.42 to 54.24 in Helsinki but also got many questions about her former husband Lukas Rosol who beat in Wimbledon Rafael Nadal. „I m happy he won, but we live no longer together, that is all I can say. I was following the game, but before the last set I went to sleep," said Rosolova who still will run here the relay.

THOUSANDS: Unlike at US Trials, thousands decided in Helsinki. In women 100 m final in favor of Olesya Povkh 11.315 over Lina Grincikaite 11.320. And in the 400 m heats when deciding who will advance into the final Marcin Marciniszyn 45.871 and Janis Leitis 45.875.


STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

SP: 19.18 is the shortest winning distance at WSP in the European Championships since 1966.

3000mSC: 8:33.24 is the slowest winning since 1958.

800 m: It was first gold medal for RUS (excluding USSR) at 800m in European Championships. Borzakovsky became the second to win both Euro Junior and Euro.

WJT: Rebryk won first gold (or medal of any kind for that matter) for UKR at WJT in European Championships

WTJ: 14.99 is the fourth longest WTJ in European Championships

400m: Maslak won first gold for CZE at 400m in European Championships

SP : The winning margin of 1.03m is the second largest at SP in European Championships;

400mH: Rhys Williams won third medal at 400mH in European Championships tying the medal count

by Schmid, Nylander and Lituyev.

W400m: Hjelmer won first gold (in fact medal of any kind) for SWE at W400m in European Championships

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