2012 Euro Champs: Lavillenie clears 5.92m, 5.97m for World Leader in pv, by Alfons Juck, note by Larry Eder


Renaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Renaud Lavillenie cleared 5.92m and 5.97 at the 2012 European championships, to take title and world leader. We shall see him in London definitely, and perhaps in Paris this weekend? Wallace Spearmon just won the 200 meters in 19.81 to end the Trials. Morgan Uceny wins the women's 1,500m in 4:04.59. Leo Manzano wins the men's 1,500m in 3:35.75, with Brittany Reese winning Long Jump, her fifth straight champs in 7.15m, or 23-10.25. Congrats to Micheal Tinsley winning 400m hurdles in 48.33 and Lashinda Demus winning Trials 400m in 53.98!

"I got really scared, but I managed to avoid the collision," 1500 m winner Ingebrigtsen.

Renaud Lavillenie clearing world lead twice 592 and 597, it is also second best mark in the history of European Championships.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen winning the 1500 m for Norway and Netherlands men in 4x100 m.

Ladji Doucoure leading his semifinal in the 110h, then after 9th hurdle stumbled. Ukraine did not pass the baton as top favorite in women 4x100 m, Great Britain did not finish men 4x100 m, Turkish Ilham Tanui Ozbilen (former Kenyan William Biwott) disqualified for obstruction in the 1500 m, was later reinstated.

SPECTATORS (official figures) : in total 162 532

WEDNESDAY: 17 353 morning, 22 063 evening

THURSDAY: 12 999 morning, 22 825 evening (javelin men final)

FRIDAY: 13 748 morning, 19 473 evening

SATURDAY: 13 308 morning, 21 104 evening
SUNDAY:  19 659


 1. GER 6-6-4, 2. RUS 5-4-6, 3. FRA 5-4-5, 4. UKR 4-7-6, 5. TUR 4-2-1, 6. GBR 3-3-1, 7. CZE 3-1-1, 8. NED 2-3-0, 9. ESP and NOR 1-1-2, 27 countries won medals.


 1. GER 198, 2. RUS 155, 3. UKR 144, 4. FRA 140, 5. GBR 94, 6. TUR 68, 7. CZE 68, 8. ESP 61, 9. NED 60, 10. ITA 60, 35 countries had athletes in top 8.

AGENTS BY GOLD MEDALS (38 individual events)

Pavel Voronkov 4, Rene Auguin 3, Ricky Simms, Alfonz Juck, Daniel Wessfeldt and Vera Michallek 2, Linda Ferga-Khodadin, Chris Layne, Julia Garcia, Rachid Esmouni, Olga Nazarova, Vera Michallek, Kerstin Pohlers, Lars Kristiansson, Valentina Fedyushina, Andrey Baranov, Zdenek Lubensky, Aivar Karotamm, Alibey Shukurov, Attila Spiriev, Enrico Dionisi, Oder Ozbilen, Caroline Feith, Czeslaw Zapala, Esther Koelmel, Hugo Sousa, Jasper Buitink each 1. Pascal Behrenbruch, Gulcan Mingir and Asli Cakir without agent.



7 Barcelona winners defended their tiles (Lemaitre, Farah, Lavillenie, Mekhissi, Yanit, Saladuha, Perkovic)

3 World leads added by 8 European leads 2012

Fastest 4x400 m relay splits women: 50.52 Pyhyda, 50.59 Rosolova, 50.4 Zemlyak

Fastest 4x400 m relay splits men: 44.22 K. Borlee, 44.3 J. Borlee, 44.5 Maslak

Multiple medalists: Churandy Martina 2-2-0, Patrick Van Luijk 1-1-0, Christophe Lemaitre, Polat Kemboi 1-0-1. Best woman: no one gold medalist got a second medal, only multiple Denisa Rosolova 0-1-1.

MORE STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

W1500m: It was first gold and silver for TUR at W1500m in European Championships;
First medal for UKR at W1500m in European Championshps

110mH semi : 13.09 is the fastest non-Colin Jackson time at 110mH in European Championships

w4x100mR : 42.51 ties 8th fastest time at w4x100m relays in European Championships

WHT74.29 is the second longest throw in Helsinki

W10000m Skrypak won first medal for UKR in W10000m in European Championships

4x100mR: 38.34 is the 6th fastest time at 4x100mR in European Championships

1500m : 3:46.20 is the slowest (auto) winning time at 1500m in European Championships;

LJ :8.34 is the third longest legal winning jump in European Championships, 8.34 is the longest Jump in Helsinki by European

DT: Perkovic became fifth WDiscus thrower to successfully defended the European Championships

110mH : Shubenkov won first gold (in fact medal of any kind) at 110mH for RUS (not counting URS)
at European Championships

W4x400mRelay : UKR won first gold (in fact medal of any kind) at 4x400m Relays in European Championships.

4x400mRelays BEL first gold in 4x400 m at Eurochamps
At 800m RUS (Borzakovskiy &  Arzhkakova) & SP GER (Storl & Kleinert) 
athletes from same nation won gold in European Championships

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