Important Links for the Discerning Track & Field Fan, Enthusiast, or Geek, by Larry Eder

All the works that I have listed below are the labors of love of the IAAF communications department. The IAAF team provides this gems to enhance your enjoyment of the London Olympics. I have linked to some of the best links on our sport. Check them out! And remember to check out our nearly live coverage of as well. 

2012 Opening Ceremony, London Olympics, photo by

Important Links

1/2,  IAAF Statistics Handbook for Athletics, London Olympics

The IAAF provides a handbook for media on the major championships. They are some of my most treasured publications. Now in pdf form, you can download this wonderful work, to geek out when you are watching the track & field portion on TV (and reading runblogrun on your mobile-just a slight promotion). 

2/2, IAAF Statistics Handbook for Athletics, London Olympics

Part two of the magnum opus, a must read. 

IAAF Previews of Olympic Events, Track & Field

Well written, great starting points for track discussions! 
IAAF media team does these in depth previews of all events track & field. It will enhance your enjoyment of the track & field in London! 

IAAF Focus on Athletics

This is another superb project from the IAAF. In an effort to help promote new players on the global stage, this series of biographies was developed. Learn about the newest stars in the sport. 

IAAF Timetable and Results for Track & Field at the London Olympics

Keep this link close by, nearly LIVE results and info, plus, mixed zone comments from the athletes actually making the news. However, if you are in Etas-Unis, watching NBC, and pretending what you see is LIVE, then do not read this. 

Standards for Olympic Track & Field, IAAF

If you want to see what A and B standards are, here you go! 

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