Athletissima Lausanne Interviews: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, 100m Olympic Champ, 2008/2012, courtesy of Athletissima, note by Larry Eder

Thanks to the press team at Athletissima Lausanne, who have provided us with several well done interviews of athletes who will compete tomorrow night, August 23. Here is the interview with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the 100m gold medalist in 2008 and 2012, and bronze medalist in 200m in 2012. After the 100 meters in London, Shelly-Ann relaxed and seem to really enjoy the other races in London. Let's see how fast the pocket rocket runs in Lausanne! 

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, London 2012, photo by

Qu: welcome to Lausanne, how do you feel after the OG?

A: I am very excited to be here. I was here in 2010 for the last time, left on a sore note, hope to leave a better impression this time. I am feeling good, not sore after the London OG.

Qu: You were here in 2008 and 2009 and ran both times in 11:03. Is it hard to run faster?

A: The situation is different in 2012, I am more mature and look forward to running fast tomorrow.

Qu: Was it hard to (re) motivate yourself after the OG?

A: very hard! You focus so much on the OG and then it's over. But I am here, ready and looking forward to compete!

Qu: Did you return home after the OG?

A: I wish! But no - I went directly to our base camp in Venice, Italy. The season is ongoing, I will return home when the season will be over.

Qu: will there be big celebrations for you in Jamaica?

A: There will be a lot to celebrate for me in 2012: (a) My OG title, (b) my graduation in November, (c) my birthday in December. My sponsors will probably organise something for me.

Qu: After the OG in Beijing and London, will we see you in Rio or do you plan to start a family?

A: After 2008 in Beijing I did focus on London. Now Rio (2016) seems far away. For the time being, I will focus for some time on being in the moment. As for starting a family, I am still young and don't plan it for the moment. When I'll be ready, we'll discuss it with my husband.

Qu: An Italian newspaper has already mentioned the name of your child ... quid?

A: Yes, true! When I'll have a child I would like to have a girl, with the name "Zalaty" (Shadow). Being a strong woman who overcame many difficult situations in life, I would like my child to follow on her mother's shadow.

Qu: What about nicknames, of which you have a few?

A: I like the « pocket rocket » one and have other ones, such as « Medusa » in my team (because of my personality). I am who I am, I like colors. I like nicknames for athletes, whether for me or for Usain (« lightning Bolt »), they are often very fitting.

Qu: How does the 200m help you for the 100m?

A: I don't like the 200m as much as the 100m, but it does help me for the 100m. In the 100m final in London for example, I didn't start too well but managed to make up for it, which I do owe to my 200m training.

Qu: How is it to (re)train after the OG?

A: There are 3 phases this year: (1) the pre-season training, (2) the OG and (3) the after OG. The season is not over until I return home. I continue to train and to better myself. 

Qu: The Athletissima Women's 100m record is by Marion Jones in 10.72. Quid?

A: I am here, passionate and in shape. I don't look at records, it only adds to the pressure. 

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