Athletissima Lausanne Interviews: Yohan Blake 2012 Olympic 100/200m silver medalist, courtesy of Athletissima, note by Larry Eder

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Yohan Blake is one of the top sprinters in the world. Truth is, next to his training partner, Usain Bolt, Blake is the second best sprinter in the world. A tough one to consider, but Blake seems to do well. Bolt credits Blake's defeat of Usain in the Jamaican Trials 100 and 200 meters as the wake up call for London 2012.

Athletissima Lausanne's press team asked Yohan the following questions....

Yohan Blake - 22.08.2012 - 11:30-11:45 (English)

Qu : You won 3 medals at the OG - which one is your favourite?

A: The 4x100m relay, because it is a team race and because of the world record.

Qu: Do you prefer to run in the curve or straight? 

A: We have an excellent coach who prepares us to run in all situations. I am fine in all of them.

Qu: You tend to run faster in relay as individually. Why? 

A: The relay is special, you give everything for the team, so yes, you sometimes run faster.

Qu: You will have some tough competitors next to you tomorrow. How will you react? 

A: I concentrate on the race, my technique, not so much who is around me.

Qu: What do you remember from your 100m at the OG? 

A: It was a great race! Only one man on the world - the fastest - beat me. Only 4 years ago, I was still in High School and watching the OG on TV, so it was amazing for me to be among these athletes in London.

Qu: What are your season's goals? 

A: Keep training and running well, improving, and not get hurt.

Qu: What about times / records? 

A: I am a man of surprises, can't tell you now ...

Qu: What kind of music do you listen to? 

A: Different types. Aggressive music when on the track (Dr Dre), to push up the adrenaline level.

Qu: What about running again against Usain Bolt? 

A: I leave it to my manager to decide. Usian is my training mate and I love to race with and against him.

Qu: What did you do after the OG? 

A: I went on one night, I trained, I was sick (headache/flu ... but I am a racing beast and that doesn't hinder me from training) ... and here I am in Lausanne!

Qu: 2011 and 2012 have been exceptional seasons for you. What's next, can you beat Bolt? 

A: My priorities are to always better myself and to defend my medals more than to beating Usain Bolt.

Qu: What are your expectations in Lausanne tomorrow? 

A: As I said, I am a man of surprises ... you will see.

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