Athletissima Lausanne Interviews:Kirani James, 2012 Olympic 400 meters Champ, courtesy of Athletissima, note by Larry Eder

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Kirani James, 2012 London Olympics, 400 meters, gold medal, 
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Kirani James now has the 2011 World Championship gold medal and the 2012 London Olympics gold medal for the 400 meters, and he has not turned 20. His run in London was excellent, and he treated the 80,000 fans cheering him on to the fastest 400 meters ever run in Great Britain-43.97 to be exact. 

The following humorous interview was conducted this morning by the press team at the Athletissima Lausanne this morning. Here are the excerpts: 

Kirani James - 22.08.2012 - 11:00 - 11:20 (English)

Qu: Is it easy to manage everything?

A :I always get that question, it is easy to manage, with a very strong family base and right people around you.

Qu : Could you run faster and under 44 seconds?

A: It is possible, and there is always room to run faster.

Qu : Is it easy to recover after a race because you look fresh? How would it be once home ?

A :   The secret is the fish I eat (laugh), It will be a lot a fun once home

Qu : When you celebrate, are you drinking, dancing ?

A : I dont drink, I like to go out with friends, but prefer to stay quiet, rest with family.

Qu : Are you still motivate after the Olympics games ?

A : Of course I am, as long as I am running and represent my country, I will do it with a lot of fun.

Qu : Are you nervous before a race ?

A : Not really

Qu : Tell us about the pleasure to run the 400m because it is a hard event ?

A : I have a lot of pleasure and enjoyed running the 400m, becausde it is sophisticate race, that is what I do best and there is where I am the best

Qu: I saw you exchanged your jerseys with Oscar Pistorius

A: He is a great athlete, courageous and a real guy, the way he behave on the pitch is the same out of the pitch.

Qu : Do you have apprehension about competing in Lausanne, and what about the soft curves ?

A : I dont worry about anything, the 400m is the same eveywhere.

Qu : What are you going to receive once home, house, money ?

A : I expect a lot of fish (laugh). Money would not replace happiness, seeing people happy and the country makes me happy.

Qu : Michael Johnson was fast at start, then slowing down and finishing fast, what is your strategy ?

A: I do not have a specific strategy, I run fast the all time.

Qu :  We are seeing a lot of caraibian athletes competing at a high level, what caused that?

A : The emergence of caraibian athletes is due to the development in infrastructures, and we will see even more very soon.

Qu : What are you going to eat today ?

A : Of course fish.

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