ASICS Digital theatre: Lite-Show, deep thoughts by Larry Eder

After viewing the videos presented by ASICS America, I determined to categorize them as digital theatre. ASICS America, after a slow start on the digital culture, gets it. 

Theater was the way most people, in the middle ages and renaissance, learnt about the happenings in the world, took their entertainment, and learnt about their local world. The digital world has provided a plethora of sound bites, and information, much of it worthless, but still shoved in our face at an alarming rate and with much fanfare. 
To engage the consumer, or potential consumer in a conversation, one must provide them with something of interest, or something that catches the eye. A consistent approach to media, or giving the consumer some time to absorb  or  to see the aforementioned digital messaging, helps create not only a habitual behavior, but also, gives the consumer a chance to absorb the messaging. Fascinating how so many media experts and agencies think shoving a message down a consumer's throat is going to get the desired effect. 

Too many brands in our business are treating the consumer, or potential consumer as lemmings. Lemmings, as some may know, a tiny mammal who would jump over the proverbial cliff when nature or nurture provoked them, due to over population, lack of food, a bad reality TV show, etc.

In this day of multi-platform branding, it still comes down to the classic Mad men precepts: Keep the messaging clear, engage the consumer, and give them time to develop a comfort zone. 

In the thirty-five years I have been in this business, advertising comes down to three themes: the loneliness of the long distance runner, making running shoes sexy, or how enlightened one is when they run. 

Minimalism was not only a reaction to footwear that may have been too much, it was also a critique of the messaging and the branding of running footwear in particular. Don't believe that? Then, grab a copy of Run Simple, see the message--to truly enjoy the sport, keep it as simple as possible, from the feet up. 

At this time, the Running Network reviews over 45 brands of running footwear, broken down to trail, performance running and minimalist, among others. How does one stand out? As most brands do no advertising, or marketing, it comes down to the top 15 brands or so to distinguish themselves with their messaging. 

ASICS America has taken three videos, made them interesting, thought provoking, and then allowed, you, the consumer to consider the brand.  

This first video is fun, light, but gets the point across. The ASICS Light reflective gear can be seen. You are seeing it. How will it make you feel when you run at night, worrying about the driver near you, on the phone and telling his kids to quiet down in the back seat? Will that extra bit of reflective technology make the difference? 

That is the message. You think, you engage, you get it. An inventive way to get across a technology message that could save your life. 

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